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Ho meri sun le deendayaal

Posted on: July 28, 2021

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# Superstar Child Artist – Junior Mehmood # 11

Welcome all to this today’s post which is the final post in this series.

And, before moving to this post, first, I would like to thank Atul ji and Sudhir ji for giving me this opportunity to present this series.

So far, we had the following ten posts in this series earlier.

1) Lagey koi lottery koi jackpot lagey
2) Na koi paisa na ilm banaao bambai mein film
3) Mera naam hai Mehmood
4) Birha ki rain sooni sooni sejariya
5) Aisa banoonga actor main yaaron
6) Ham hi jaanen ek torey manwa ki peer
7) Janamdin tujhko mubaarak ho
8) Parda uthhne waala hai tamaasha honewaala hai
9) Hamne dekhi hai honewaali bhaabhi
10) Kaan mein jhumkaa, chaal mein thhumkaa

So far, we have enjoyed the above ten songs in this series.

Today’s song is from the ‘1974’ movie ‘Thokar’.

But before that let us have a recap on this series.

I had watched The movie ‘Rivaaz-1972’ during my childhood in my childhood days. One of its songs ‘jalaa do jalaa do duniya ko jalaa do’ had a lasting impression on my mind.

When I became a contributor to our blog, I shared this song and one other song a Rafi-Asha duet from this movie ‘Rivaaj-1972’. During preparation for these songs, I came across the song ‘lagey koi lottery’ lip synced by Junior Mehmood on screen and sung by Rafi Saab.

That made me curious to know if there were more such songs where Rafi Saab’s voice was used for Junior Mehmood. To know more about it I searched for the contact number of Junior Mehmood and on one fine day I had the chance to speak to him in person. And what a memorable day it was for me!!

I was excited and very happy on that day when I got this opportunity to speak to him. I have already shared about my discussion with him and the songs of Rafi Saab for him, which he himself noted to me, in this post here.

So, initially it started with ‘Rafi sings for Junior Mehmood’, and further got included songs by other singers for Junior Mehmood. I also had my memories of Junior Mehmood movies and his ‘stage programs’ in those years of my childhood.

After I spoke to him, it became a routine for me to send birthday wishes to him on his birthday every year and send him greetings on festivals.
I also spoke to him a few times in between these years. I will never forget the way he responds to my calls always and how humble and down to earth he is. He always generously shares information whenever I speak to him.

When I spoke to him about the song ‘aisa banoonga actor main yaaron’, I asked him how he felt when he was doing mimicry of all those great actors?

He said that though he did not exactly remember many thingsbut overall, it was an exciting experience to get positive response from people all over and that they showered appreciation and love on him.

In one of my earlier posts in this series I had given the list of his filmography from 1967 to 1970 in this post here. That time I had written that I plan to present the list of his movies from 1971 and onwards in future posts to come.

I am presenting this list for 1971 and onwards up to 1980 here today. I have noted and compiled the details with the help of HFGK Vol-V (1971-1980).

(Details of filmography of Junior Mehmood)

(1967 – 1970)

Sno Movie Name Year
1 Naunihaal 1967
2 Gunehgaar 1967
3 Parivaar 1967
4 Brahmachari 1968
5 Farishta 1968
6 Sangharsh 1968
7 Suhaag Raat 1968
8 Vaasna 1968
9 Anjaana 1969
10 Baalak 1969
11 Chanda Aur Bijli 1969
12 Do Raaste 1969
13 Nateeja 1969
14 Pyaar Hi Pyaar 1969
15 Raja Saab 1969
16 Simla Road 1969
17 Vishwas 1969
18 Aan Milo Sajna 1970
19 Bachpan 1970
20 Ghar Ghar Ki Kahaani 1970
21 Harishchandra Taramati 1970
22 Kati Patang 1970
23 Yaadgaar 1970

(1971 – 1980) –

Sno Movie Name Year
1 Behroopia 1971
2 Caaravaan 1971
3 Chhoti Bahu 1971
4 Dost Aur Dushman 1971
5 Haathi Mere Saathi 1971
6 Hangaamaa 1971
7 Hare Raama Hare Krishna 1971
8 Johar Mehmood in Hongkong 1971
9 Khoj 1971
10 Ladki Pasand Hai 1971
11 Raamu Ustaad 1971
12 Ustaad Pedro 1971
13 Bansi Birju 1972
14 Bharat Ke Shaheed 1972
15 Bijli 1972/td>
16 Bombay To Goa 1972
17 Do Bachche Dus Haath 1972
18 Ek Khilaadi Baawan Patte 1972
19 Hari Darshan 1972
20 Munimji 1972
21 Rivaaj 1972
22 Sazaa 1972
23 Sharaarat 1972
24 Taangewaalaa 1972
25 Tanhaai 1972
26 Archanaa* 1973
27 Dhamkee 1973
28 Ek Naari Do Roop 1973
29 Guru Aur Chela 1973
30 Jheel Ke Us Paar 1973
31 Koraa Aanchal 1973
32 Meraa Shikaar 1973
33 Nirdosh 1973
34 Aap Ki Qasam 1974
35 Ameer Ghareeb 1974
36 Geeta Meraa Naam 1974
37 Thokar 1974
38 Ujaalaa Hi Ujaalaa 1974
39 Aag Aur Toofaan 1975
40 Geet Gaataa Chal 1975
41 Romeo In Sikkim 1975
42 Aap Beetee 1976
43 Deewaangee 1976
44 Do Ladkiyaan 1976
45 Koi Jeeta Koi Haaraa 1976
46 Ladki Bholi Bhaali 1976
47 Qasam 1976
48 Sangraam 1976
49 Daakoo Aur Mahaatmaa 1977
50 Jaadoo Tonaa 1977
51 Jaagriti 1977
52 Khel Khilaadi Ka 1977
53 Taxi Taxi 1977
54 Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se 1978
55 Atithi 1978
56 Ek Baap Chhe Bete 1978
57 Khoon Ka Badlaa Khoon 1978
58 Bagulaa Bhagat 1979
59 Bin Maa Ke Bachche 1979
60 Jaan-e-Bahaar 1979
61 Jaayen To Jaayen Kahaan 1980
62 Aahat (UR) UR
63 Chingaari 1989
64 Ek Aurat Do Joote UR
65 Insaaf Kahaan Hai UR

(I have compiled the above list by checking the movie details in HFGK Vol-V for the years 1971-1980. For the movie ‘Archana-1973’ the details in HFGK does not mention the name of Junior Mehmood in the star-cast, however since I have presented a song from this movie, I was aware of Junior Mehmood’s appearance in this movie.
The above lists are open for correction/addition, if any, and scrutiny by knowledgeable readers.
(List of movies for 1981 and onwards needs to be compiled I will try to bring that here in future as and when I get the opportunity to present an article here.)

Coming back to the ‘series’ ‘Superstar Child Artist – Junior Mehmood’, we started this series by discussing a song on ‘lottery’ and incidentally we are finishing up this series with a song related to ‘lottery’ 😊.

Today’s song is from the movie ‘Thokar-1974’.

“Thokar-1974” was directed by Dilip Bose for ‘Movie Temple’. It was produced by Swarn Singh. It had Baldev Khosa, Alka, Jr. Mehmood, Joginder, Surekha, Brahmchari and Shivkumar with Sunder, Tun Tun, Rajan Haksar, Ram, S.K. Prem, Mumtaz Begum, Ravikant, Lolita Chatterjee, Ketty, Panna Kapur, Shefali, Inder Khosla, Dharmesh, Jai Kishan, Mona, Pt. Amar, Kamal, Manjit, Malini. Ravi Kapur, Paul Sharma, Sabeena, Sharat Rao, J.N. Batra, Darshan, Minoo Mehtab, Maruti, and Sudhir.

Zeb Rahman made a special appearance in this movie, and this movie introduced Poonam Vaidya.

Story Idea of this movie was by Baldev (I do not know if it is Baldev Khosa). Screenplay and dialogues were written by Qamar Jalalabadi. Editing of this movie was done by P.S. Wagle.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 11.01.1974.

This movie had five songs in it. Lyrics for four songs were written by Sajan Dehlvi and Kulwant Jani was the lyricist for one song.

Music was composed by Shamji Ghanshamji. Mohd Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur, Mukesh, Krishan Kalle had given their voices to the songs in this movie.

Today’s song is sung by Mohd Rafi. Sundar lip-syncs on screen. Junior Mehmood is not lip syncing the song (except couple of words) but he is present in this song performing with Sundar and another actor (I am unable to identify him). Many other artists are also seen in the picturisation..

Let us now enjoy today’s song …

Lyrics are by Sajan Dehlvi and music is composed by Shamji Ghanshamji.

With this post we also conclude this series ‘Superstar Child Artist – Junior Mehmood’.



Song-Ho meri sun le deendayaal (Thokar)(1974) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Sajan Dehalvi, MD-Shamji Ghanshamji


pathhar dil hai ae ae
ye duniya aa
yahaan khudgarzi
byopaar hai
mujh ghareeb ka
tu hi daataa
tu hi paalanhaar hai

ho meri sun le deendayaal
kar de mujhko maalaamaal
meri lottery nikaal
murliwaale nandlaal
meri sun le deendayaal
kar de mujhko maalaamaal
meri lottery nikaal
murliwaale nandlaal
meri sun le deendayaal

sotaa hoon footpath pe daataa
paas nahin hai bistar
he prabhuji
sotaa hoon footpath pe daataa
paas nahin hai bistar
bibi banglaa car dilaa de
jag de prime minister
main to
ho main to
karoon bhookh hadtaal
tere dar pe ho nandlaal
meri lottery nikaal
murliwaale nandlaal
meri sun le deendayaal

haryana mysore udisaa
ya nikle madras
he krishnammaa
haryana mysore udisaa
ya nikle madras
dilli UP ki rehti hai
mujhko hardam aas
ho phirtaa
ho phirtaa hoon dar dar behaal
ud gaye mere sar ke baal
meri lottery nikaal
murliwaale nandlaal
meri sun le deendayaal/em>

he prabhuji ee

paanch laakh ki aaye lottery
phir dhoondhoon gharwaali
ahaa ahaa aa
waah waah
paanch laakh ki aaye lottery
phir dhoondhoon gharwaali
ho gori ya kaali
ho aisaa
ho aisaa chakkar chalaa jagpaal
main bhi chaloon seth ki chaal
meri lottery nikaal
murliwaale nandlaal
meri sun le deendayaal
kar de mujhko maalaamaal
meri lottery nikaal
murliwaale nandlaal
meri sun le deendayaal

murliwaale ae ae
murliwaale ae ae


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