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Jai jai jai Tripuraari

Posted on: August 16, 2021

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Today is the Second Shrawan Somvar of 2021, in this part of India. At the same time, for half of India, today is the Last Shrawan Somvar this year. For us here, still 3 more Mondays are in balance for this month of Shrawan. This is the beauty of India.

Our ancestors had achieved ” अनेकता में एकता “. The months, festivals,Tithis, Muhurtas and all other matters are the same all over India. Only counting the start of a month is different in different areas, depending on their geographical locations, rainfalls, crops, weather and daylight time variations. Not only this, but even adding an extra month every 33 to 35 months is also the same everywhere, unlike western method of adding extra days in some months every year and then adding an extra day every 4 years to match Solar year time frames. Ours is a Lunar based system of Calendar. So, based on the counting system there are 2 parts of India.

Hindu calendar, which ends the lunar month on no moon day, is known as Amanta or Amanta lunisolar calendar. This calendar is mainly followed in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Tripura.

Hindu calendar, which ends the lunar month on full moon day, is known as Purnimanta or Purnimanta lunisolar calendar. This calendar is mainly followed in the states of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.


It is very sad that because of intentional wrong education for the last 200 years, we were made to forget all the details of our cultural lifestyles. Thankfully, nowadays some awakening is observed. Hopefully, we should be once again getting all the lost benefits once again.

Sometime back I saw 3-4 videos on Whatsapp, wherein the surveyor asked some simple questions on our Mythology to some College students- girls and Boys. Their answers were pathetic. For example, his one question was ” whose brother was Kans ?” The young generation’s answers were Duryodhan, Ravan, Hanuman, Karna etc etc. They did not know the simple division of Ramayan and Mahabharat periods. There is no point in blaming them. Were they ever trained/ taught anything about it through their Textbooks ? No. Never ! Reading outside the Text books is non existent, especially after the arrival of Video games and Mobile phones.

Since childhood we have been hearing that there are 33 Koti (Karod) Gods in Heaven. Has anyone tried to know what is the truth ? KOTI in Sanskrit language means Level or Class. Like when you say, ” उच्च कोटी के विचार ” or ” उच्च कोटी का व्यवहार ” etc. Actually, Upnishads say that there are 33 levels of Gods or Gods are divided in 33 levels. Like this…

No. Class/Level
8 VASU means 8 Gods are at Vasu Level
11 Rudra
1 Indra
1 Prajapati
12 Adityas
Total 33 Koti/Levels

How many people know this ? It is a sad state of affairs that due to inadequate knowledge of basic concepts and matters of culture and religion, we cut a sorry figure when we are criticised on the matters of our Pride. To subscribe to the fashionable slogan ” Religion should be behind your house doors. It is a highly personal matter.” Nowadays nothing is Personal. If you are not aware of things which can protect your religion and culture you have to suffer many times. I do hope things may change in the future.

It is our belief that the Divine Trinity of Shri Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh run and control this Universe. Bramha- the Creator, Vishnu- the sustainer and Mahesh- the destroyer regulate our Birth, Life and Death. Since Bramha has a curse that He will not be worshipped in Kaliyug, the population is divided in 2 parts – those who worship any form of Vishnu (Vaishnav/Vaishnavite) and those who worship any form of Mahesh (Shaiv/Shaivite). You will find Mythological stories, films, dramas and books etc on either Vishnu or Mahesh in their different forms. For example – The Dashavtar or the 10 incarnations of Vishnu.

God Mahesh is usually depicted as constantly doing Tap (तप ), with Ash smeared all over his body. Even his Ganas (followers/assistants) have fearful appearances. The other side of Mahesh is one who promotes arts like Dancing. You must have seen his idol Natraj – he is Shiv ji !.

Since childhood, I have been fasting on Shrawan Somvar. I am quite a religious person mentally ( not by karmkand), but I do not show off. This religious trend has been passed on to me through generations, so its in the blood, I suppose. We are staunch Shiv-Bhakts and we like anything that is about Shiv ji…..including his films. I have rarely missed any films on Shiv ji.

Today’s bhajan is from the film Jai Mahadev-1955. It is sung by Bhajan Gayak of repute – shri Gopal Mishra ji. As far as I know, he has sung only this Bhajan in a Hindi film. His private records of Bhajans are available. The Lyricist is Bharat Vyas. The music Director was Manna Dey.

Manna Dey’s Biography is available at many places on the Internet and anyone can read it easily. So, I am not giving his Biodata, but here is a different look at him from another angle.

Manna Dey ( 1-5-1919 to 24-10-2013 ) was essentially a singer, but initially he wanted to become a Composer. So, by becoming assistant first to his uncle K.C.Dey and later to Khemchand Prakash, he managed to give music to 17 films, composing 129 songs in these films, in his career. None of his composed songs became a Hit or very popular.

In contrast, he sang in 839 Hindi films and sang 1370 songs ! This output clearly proves that he was a successful singer. The problem with many singers is that they want to become Music Directors or act in the films or do both or all three ( Like Mukesh), but they do not possess that mindset.

A Composer is a Planner and a singer is an implementer. You can either be this or that. In any case an implementer rarely has the Talent of a planner. Singers like Mukesh, Talat, S D Batish, Khan mastana and few others never became famous or popular or successful Composers or actors. Singers like Talat realised this too late and spoiled his singing career too.

When Manna Dey was interviewed by Chandan Mitra for The Pioneer, on 25-10-2013, he asked him this question….

“Many people say you are the film world’s most under-rated and under-recognised singers despite being so phenomenally talented. Does this bother you ?”

Manna Dey – “It used to. I would be very hurt at being overlooked when it came to singing for the hero. Some music directors, such as Naushad saab, never used me, always relying on Rafi for the male voice. As a result, I never sang for Dilip Kumar. In my days of struggle, some producers were positively indecent. I will tell you two incidents to explain what I have undergone and how God has been on my side.

Bharat Bhushan was a big hero in the 1950s, especially after his Baiju Bawra became a major hit. His brother Shashi Bhushan decided to produce Basant Bahar and hired Shankar-Jaikishan to score the music. Shankar was my mentor in the film world and always pushed my case especially if the tunes were classical-based or very fast. They had composed Sur Na Saje, a really beautiful number. Rehearsals were complete and we were about to record when Shashi Bhushan heard I was to sing it. He said, ‘Nothing doing, get Rafi.’ Shankar argued but the producer would not listen. I was feeling very humiliated when Bharat Bhushan walked in. He heard the debate and finally said, ‘let Manna sing now. We will see what to do later.’ As you know, the song became a very big hit. At stage shows, I am requested to sing it even now.

Another time, we were about to record Yeh Raat Bheegi Bheegi for the Raj Kapoor Nargis starrer, Chori Chori. It was a South Indian production by AVM, which was owned by Chettiar. He had just flown into Mumbai that day and drove straight to the studio to attend the recording. As he entered, he yelled, ‘I don’t see Mukesh. Where is Mukesh ji’ Shankar told him, ‘You don’t see Mukesh because Manna Dey is singing this number.’ Chettiar was very angry. ‘Cancel the recording,’ he ordered, turned to me and said, ‘You go home.’ At that point Raj saab really got annoyed. He told Chettiar, ‘Manna and Manna alone will sing this number whether you like it or not.’ Few people dared to talk to a big producer like that, but then, few producers had the guts to disobey Raj Kapoor. Reluctantly, Chettiar had to allow the recording to proceed. When I finished, the same Chettiar (he was quite fat) grabbed me and wouldn’t release me from his hug!

But you are right. I never got what I fully deserved. You see, I was born into a very proud family. We had no ego but we were proud of our talent. So, I couldn’t do the rounds of producers and music directors’ homes, get into Mumbai’s sharabi-kababi culture, or sit in the durbars of big heroes. Most struggling singers have to do that even now. I was a struggling singer in my early years in Mumbai and, thereafter, when I did gain acceptance, I got somewhat typecast. Only a few music directors would experiment with me as the hero’s voice. But I don’t hold a grudge on anybody or anything. I have sung my heart out, I have got people’s love in return, I love to sing even now; I have led a contented life. What more can a person ask for ? I am very happy the way I am.”

Let us now listen to this Bhajan by Gopal Mishra ji.

Song-Jai jai jai Tripurari (Jai Mahadev)(1955) Singer-Gopal Mishra, Lyricist- Bharat Vyas, MD- Manna Dey


jai jai jai Tripurari
jai jai jai Tripurari
jai jai jai Tripurari
jai jai jai Tripurari
jai trilochan (?)
jai dukhmochan
jai hey mangalkaari
jai jai jai Tripurari
jai jai jai Tripurari

mukhti saddaayak charan kamal mein
sheesh jata mein shobhit gange
mukhti daayak charan kamal mein
sheesh jata mein shobhit gange
ang bhabhoot ramaaye bhole
jai kailaash bihaari
jai jai jai Tripurari
jai jai jai Tripurari

gale rund ki maal
kati mein mrig khaal
bhasm taj saaje
?? chandr bhaal
dinak din
?? damroo baaje
?? hey
jai jagvandan hey
jai trishool kar dhaari
jai jai jai Tripurari
jai jai jai Tripurari
jai jai jai Tripurari
jai jai jai Tripurari

4 Responses to "Jai jai jai Tripuraari"

Dear Guruji,

Commenting on your Blog after a long interval – pl forgive the delay.

It would not be right to say that Naushad Saab NEVER used Manna Dey’s voice. Here is that melodious Bhajan from SHABAB (1954)

As far as the Bengali Calendar is concerned, we have read somewhere that the selection of First of Baiskah as the New Year’s Day was a decision of Emperor Akbar while adjudicating a dispute between the Mullahs and the Hindu Farmers.

Finally, from one SHIV BHAKT to another

ॐ त्र्य॑म्बकं यजामहे सु॒गन्धिं॑ पुष्टि॒वर्ध॑नम् ।
उ॒र्वा॒रु॒कमि॑व॒ बन्ध॑नान् मृ॒त्योर्मु॑क्षीय॒ माऽमृता॑॑त्

With warm regards



I think Manna Dey was referring to singing for Dilip Kumar or other heroes and in that connection, he said that Naushad never preferred/used him. At least I take it that way. And again, is one song out of 1370 worth counting ? What he said has to be , according to me, taken as an expression of his feelings, without hairsplitting or pointing out an unworthy error. This is strictly how I look at things.
Others can have their opinions and I have nothing to say about how others should express their thoughts.

As far as “what Akbar said ” is in accordance with what I have claimed in my post…”It is very sad that because of intentional wrong education for the last 200 years, we were made to forget all the details of our cultural lifestyles.”. We are tuned to accepting what outsiders did rather than what our scriptures have to say. This again is my view personally. When I say ” we are tuned”, it includes me too. But not anymore.

Thanks for your comments and the Maha Mrityunjay Mantra.


Arun ji,

Thanks for introducing to lovely voice of Gopal Mishra. Such soft & lovely voice. Will surely listen to his Bhajans!

Nice to read Manna da’s thoughts on being sidelined.

Warm Regards,



Thanks for your comments, Umesh ji.


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