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Gokul ki galiyon ka gwaalaa

Posted on: August 31, 2021

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Hullo Atuldom

Today’s song is from the 1982 release “Raaste Pyaar Ke”. It was directed and produced by V B Rajendra Prasad; essentially meaning it was a South Indian production house. It was a remake of a Telugu hit of the ’70s. It had music by Laxmi-Pyare and songs were written by Anand Bakshi. Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, Usha Mangeshkar, Anuradha Paudwal, SP Balasubramanyam, Kishore Kumar were the singers used.

The movie had six songs of which the folllowing two are on the blog:

Song Date of posting
Ye waqt na kho jaaye 4 June 2012
Tedhe medhe oonche neeche lambe laambe raaste pyaar ke 10 October 2020

The cast had Shabana Azmi-Rekha-Jeetendra as the main protagonists and Utpal Dutt, Shaukat Kaifi (mother of Shyama- Shabana Azmi), Parikshit Sahni, Ashalata (bhaiyya and bhabhi to Mohan- Jeetendra), Dr. Shreeram Lagoo, Nadira (uncle and aunt of Mohan and Sohan). Then we had Om Puri (playing a good friend to Gauri- Rekha), Yunus Parvez, Mazhar Khan, Baby Khusboo (niece to Mohan) also in the movie. The post by Nahmji gives a general idea about the film’s story.

The festival season has begun with the arrival of the months of Aashaada, Shraavan and Bhadrapada. We had Raksha Bandhan, Nariyal Purnima and a few other festivals last weekend. This week it is Gokulashtami/ Krishnashtami/ Janmashtami; call it by any name but we are celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna who is said to have been born on the night of Ashtami (eighth day) after the full moon.

Lord Krishna was born when his parents were held captive by his uncle in Mathura. But at the particular hour, when the Lord was born, the guards, miraculously, were fast asleep. This gave time to Vasudev (the lord’s father) time to transport the new-born across the river Yamuna to Gokul to foster parents Nanda and Yashoda. It was raining heavily that night. He is said to have been transported in a wicker basket with the multiheaded serpent- Vasuki shielding the baby from the rain. So the next day after Janmashtami can be described as Gokulashtami. There are many legends of the lord which are related with great relish by generations of devotees. Stories about how he loved to play pranks on the Gopikas of Brindavan and played Raas-Leela with them, ate freshly churned butter with relish, his friendship with Sudama etc. and many more were bed-time stories that grandparents told their grandkids.

Coming back to the celebrations associated with the festival, different regions of the country celebrate it differently. Even the prasad (offerings to the lord) differs region to region. But the offerings will definitely have preparations of Poha (beaten rice), butter and curds. It is said that these three are most loved by the lord. Then there are devotees who keep whole night vigil praying and singing bhajans and distribute prasad around midnight. They bathe and decorate their idols of the lord, dress him up and put the Balgopal in tiny cradles and pull the cradles with ropes of flower garland.

Today’s multi-singer (Asha- Usha- Kishore) song has Mohan playing a KRISHNA with Shyama, Gauri and their friends; there are ropes of flower garland, flute, mor-mukkut etc. That is the reason for me presenting this song today where the words are for lord Krishna and sung for Mohan the bachpan ka friend (childhood friend) of Shyama and Gauri.

Song-Gokul ki galiyon ka gwaalaa (Raaste Pyaar Ke)(1982) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Usha Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal
Asha Bhonsle + Usha Mangeshkar


gokul ki galiyon ka gwaala aaa
natkhat bada nand lala aaa
gore se ho gaya kaala
gokul ki galiyon ka gwaala aa
natkhat bada nand laala aa
gore se ho gaya kaala

kaale ne sab ko ang lagaake
kaale rang mein rang dala aa aa

gokul ki galiyon ka gwala aaa
natkhat bada nand lala aa
gore se ho gaya kala

lo chandan ka tika lagaa do o o
lo chandan ka tika lagaa do
mohan ko manmohan
mor mukut iss ko pehna do
haathon mein murli pakda do
murli bana loon
munh se lagaa loon
aa tohe o brij ba..aa..ala aa

gokul ki galiyon ka gwala
natkhat bada nand lala
gore se ho gaya kala

jamna kinaare apna thhikaana
jamna kinaare apna thhikaana
paniya bharan tu pangat pe aana
ghunghat mein phir yeh

mukhdha chhupaana
chhedega tujhko saara zamaana
dhamkee deta hai
deta hai dhamkee
todke matki
maakhan churaane waala aa
gokul ki galiyon ka gwaala aa
natkhat bada nand laala aa
gore se ho gaya kaala

pakda gaya chhaliya sab dekhe ae ae
bhaagega kaise ye ab dekhen
ho pakda gaya chhaliya sab dekhen
bhaagega kaise ye ab dekhen
mera dhang mera sab dekhen
aaj tamasha sab dekhen
kisi jatan se
nahin kisi ke
haath mein aane aa

gokol ki galiyon ka gwala
natkhat bada nand laala
gore se ho gaya kaala

hey kaale ne sab ko ang lagaake
kaale rang mein rang daala aa

gokol ki galiyon ka gwaala aa
natkhat bada nand laala aa
gore se ho gaya kaala

1 Response to "Gokul ki galiyon ka gwaalaa"

Nice post Peevesie’s Mom ji. I was not remembering the song, its tune actually so listened it and got it now 🙂
I think I have not watched this movie. Not remembering about it.
Thanks for the post.

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