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Tedhe medhe oonche neeche lambe lambe raaste pyaar ke

Posted on: October 10, 2020

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10/10/2020 – 66th birthday of Rekha

Today it is the birthday of Rekha, full name Bhanurekha Ganeshan. Some do refer to her as indian “Greta Garbo” for being elusive. However in this era of snooping social media and swooping television media, if someone of her status and lifetime experiences, wants to be a recluse, thumbs up to her. In her time she has been called “Jane Fonda” of India as well for her efforts to resurrect herself as the style icon of the industry. She is remembered for her many memorable characters enacted on the screen.

Back in the 80’s, we the impressionable teenagers, used to hang on to her photos and interviews in magazines. The new generation hasn’t heard of magazines, and google will probably say ‘bullets’, the ones needed to put in the guns, so they can fire. I know about my children, they haven’t experienced the passion and craze for magazines like we did, be it film, sports, politics or finance. I can report that I have spent my hard earned money on all the categories, fortnightly, monthly and weekly.

Yes, back to Rekha and magazine covers. I recall her on one such cover holding the black lady in her hand. Now that I checked, she has 4 filmfare awards of best actress for Khoobsurat & Khoon Bhari Maang, supporting actress in Khilaadiyon ke Khilaadi and last Life time achievement award in 2003. The “K” factor seems to have worked well for her. She used to appear in all the Filmfare award functions as the style icon, often wearing the hyderabadi “Khada dupatta” in its different avatars.

This is the Wikipedia pageWikipedia page on Rekha for more information about her. As per imdb site she has worked in 190 films between 1966 & 2018, having started as a child artist.

The song I have chosen to post today is ‘Raaste pyar ke” 1982, where she was a part of a love triangle with Shabana Azmi and Jeetendra. The gist of the story is Shabana and Rekha are best friends and they both fall in love with Jeetendra. Rekha decides to sacrifice her love for her friend, but then Shabana also finds out about the sacrificial intentions of Rekha and takes measures so that she falls sick and dies in the end, I am not sure. The measure is not a suicide attempt, but eating a lot of ‘green challis”. Jeetenda has not much say in these proceedings.

One song from the film is already posted.

The song under discussion is a nice solo by Lata Mangeshkar, also the title song. The team of Laxmikant-Pyarelal and Anand Bakshi do a job in this situational song.

Audio :

Video :

Song-Tedhe medhe oonche neeche lambe lambe raaste pyaar ke (Raaste Pyaar Ke)(1982) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


Mit gayeen hazaaron jawaaniyan
mit gayeen hazaaron jawaniyan
deni padi jinhen qurbaniyan
jinhe qurbaniyan
yaad aati hain unn ki kahaaniyan
zindagi ne jinhe
chhoda maar ke
maar ke
tedhe medhe oonche neeche lambe lambe
raaste pyaar ke ae
raaste pyaar ke
tedhe medhe oonche neeche lambe lambe
raaste pyaar ke
raaste pyaar ke
kya pataa kaun kab kahaan
baitth jaaye thhak haar ke
tedhe medhe oonche neeche lambe lambe
raaste pyaar ke
raaste pyaar ke

zakhmon ke nishaan silte nahin
silte nahin
zakhmon ke nishaan silte nahin
yaadon ke chaman khilte nahin
bichhde to phir kahin milte nahin
do panchhi kabhi ik daar ke ae
ik daar ke
tedhe medhe oonche neeche lambe lambe
raaste pyaar ke
raaste pyaar ke

faisla ye hamen manzoor hai
faisla ye hamen manzoor hai
faasla ye hamen manzoor hai
apni manzil bahot hi door hai
bahot hi door hai
ruk gaye ham kisi ko pukaar ke ae
pukaar ke
tedhe medhe oonche neeche lambe lambe
raaste pyaar ke ae
raaste pyaar ke

iss muhobbat ke qaabil ham nahin
iss muhobbat ke qaabil ham nahin
ham nahin
ham ko apnaa zara bhi gham nahin
koyi khush ho khushi yeh kam nahin
ham chale raat gham ki guzaar ke
guzaar ke
tedhe medhe oonche neeche lambe lambe
raaste pyaar ke
raaste pyaar ke
kya pataa kaun kab kahaan
baithh jaaye thak haar ke
thhak haar ke ae
thhak haar ke

6 Responses to "Tedhe medhe oonche neeche lambe lambe raaste pyaar ke"

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working video


longer audio ?


I have seen this movie on television a long time ago. Shabana Azmi didn’t have to work hard to get out of Rekha and Jeetendra’s way (in the movie). She has it all easy as she is diagnosed with cancer and is forbidden from eating anything spicy and so she eats fried green chillies which is shown to be Rekha’s best kitchen output (in the movie). The three are shown to be childhood friends. Shaukat Azmi played Shabana’s mother in this.


Seeing “Gokul ki galiyon ka gwala” the friendship of the three central characters is clear. I knew of the cancer, bit too. Was not aware of Shaukat Azmi’s role. May be the ‘prayojit karyakram” on vividh bharati is my source of information.


Nahm ji, thanks for the post and nice song too.
I have not watched this movie so can’t say much about it.
‘Magazines’ reminded me of childhood days how we use to read them voraciously, though regular magazines are not in routine now but thanks , the passion for books that I have is continued by my daughters and they are same crazy like me for buying and reading books.

Thanks and regards,


Good to know that your daughters have the craze for reading books.

Thank you for reading the posts.


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