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Kalkatte se aaya jahaaz

Posted on: September 3, 2021

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Today’s song is from the film Actor-1951.

Four songs of this film are already discussed here, however I liked this funny song, so I selected this song for today’s post. The film made under the banner of Sarosh Pictures, Bombay was produced by H.M.Kerawala and Bhojani. The film was directed by Ramjibhai Arya. He came to Talkie films from silent films. After working as an assistant to a few directors he first directed film Hind ke laal-40, then came Manthan-41, Jungle ki Pukar-46, Bhedi Dushman-46, Sher-E-Bengal-47 and his last film was Actor 51.

The music was by Aziz Khan and Ibrahim. In my last post, I had given Asha Bhosle’s song from the film ‘ Andhon ki Duniya’-1947 as an example how the film industry history adapts itself to make corrections in its earlier information. By sheer coincidence, even in this post also a film industry history adaptation example is present.

Ibrahim, the joint MD in this film as well as two other films- Utho Jaago-1947 and Bachelor Husband-1950 was considered to be the brother of Ghulam Mohd. MD. This Ibrahim worked as assistant to Naushad for a long time, after Ghulam Mohd. expired. For many years these 3 films were credited to his name. Even author Pankaj Raag, in his book ” Dhunon ki Yatra’ Mentioned the same thing.

However while working on the book on the Clarinet Expert Master Ibrahim, Dr. Surjit Singh ji had interviewed Iqbal Ajmeri-Master Ibrahim’s son, who had confirmed that the MD for these 3 films was Master Ibrahim and not Ibrahim, brother of Ghulam Mohd. After reading this in that book, just to confirm this, I wrote to shri Harmandir Hamraaz ji about my doubt. He promptly replied that he too had met and interviewed Iqbal Ajmeri- who was an expert in Music history of the Hindi films, had also confirmed that these films had music by Master Ibrahim only. Thus, one more correction in the history pages !

A lot has been written about Aziz khan on this Blog, by me as well as Sadanand Kamath ji, so I will not go into that again here. Instead, here is a note on Master Ibrahim, the expert Clarinet player who was the joint MD for today’s film.

Film critics and those who wrote in glossy magazines ignored stunt and action films, but a certain portion of the Indian audience was a firm supporter of such films. Master Vithal, Master Bhagwan, Baburao pehelwan, John Cavas, kamran etc were their Heroes. Usually the Music Directors and Directors of these films were unknown and those available on minimum fees were always hired.

The Music Director of this type of film was also one such person – Master Ibrahim, who did only 2 films as independent MD. He, however, gave music, along with Aziz Khan to film “ Utho Jaago-1947″, Bachelor Husband-1950 with Sarswati Devi and film Actor-1951, with Aziz Hindi. In the 50s and the 60s decade, there used to be a programme on Radio Ceylon, titled “Saaz aur Awaz”, at 7 am everyday. In this programme, film songs on different Musical Instruments were played-like Van Shipley on Guitar, Bismilla Khan on Shehnayi,Master Ibrahim on Clarinet. After this programme, there was ” Ek hi filmon ke geet” and at 7.30 the evergreen “Purane filmon ke geet” was scheduled.

For many years, I used to wonder as to who this Master Ibrahim was. I had read about Van Shipley and others, but information on Master Ibrahim was not seen anywhere. Finally, when my friend Javed Hamid ji from Delhi, sent me his book copies, published in Hindi, I found an article on Ibrahim, in one of his books,” Hindi cinema ke sadabahar Sangeetkar “.

His name was Ibrahim Rehmat Ali ( or E.R.Ali or Master Ajmeri, on some Record labels). He was born in 1915 at Ajmer and by his 11th year itself, he achieved expertise in playing a difficult musical instrument like Clarinet. he also learnt classical music from Banne khan, Jere khan and Dinkar Rao. From 1934 to 1936, he worked in Ranjit Movietone’s Music department. Then he joined All India Radio, for the next 6 years. In 1942, he joined H.M.V. and served there for the next 25 years.

In these 25 years, Master Ibrahim played his Clarinet in more than 6000 songs, recorded at HMV. He was also the Pioneer in presenting film songs on Musical Instruments. Even during his service. A.I.R. Bombay used to arrange his Clarinet Mehfil every month. He used to present different Ragas on Clarinet as per time of the day or night.

He gave music to only two films. Both were C grade,in the 40s decade. These films were Parbat Ki Rani-1948 and Bigde Dil-1949. He worked as assistant to many Music Directors like Ghulam Hyder, V K Naidu, Shyam Sundar, Fateh Ali Khan, Gulshan Sufi and Firoz Nizami.

He played not just the Clarinet, but also played the Xylophone, Vibraphone, Alto saxophone, Supranophone and a few others. After his film songs on Clarinet became popular, different artistes like Van Shipley on Hawaiian Guitar, Enoch Daniels, Goodi Seervai, Hazara Singhand Sunil Ganguly on Piano Accordion and Brian Silas on Piano also became famous and popular, with their performances.

Master Ibrahim died on 20th September 1980, due to a Heart attack. The work of preserving his music on CDs started by HMV from 2015 and so far 4 CDs are published. His contribution in songs of films like Mughal E Azam, C.I.D., Mere Mehboob, Basant Bahar, Madhumati, Maya, Goonj uthi Shehnai etc is remembered even today. Every year Radio Ceylon pays tributes to him on his death anniversary on 20th September by playing only his records.

He had 3 sons, who all are in the Music industry. They are experts in Vibraphones. Its use is very frequent in films nowadays.

Recently, Dr.Surjit Singh ji has published an exclusive book on Master ibrahim.

( I thank Javed Hamid ji for his article in his book ” Hindi Cinema ke Sadabahar Sangeetkar” हिंदी सिनेमा के सदाबहार संगीतकार ).

The cast of the film Actor-51 was Ramola, Bhagwan, Indumati, Sundar, Murad,Sulochana Cuckoo and many others. It is a notable coincidence that in 1951, in just One year alone, there were 3 films with almost the same story and Bhagwan was the Hero in all 3 films – Actor-51, Damad-51 and Albela-51. The basic story was that a poor man, without any help, tries to become a Singer or an Actor and how Luck helps him to become a famous artiste.

Film Daamaad was censored on 8-2-51, film Actor was censored on 1-5-51 and Albela was censored on 13-12-51 and released immediately on the next day i.e. 14-12-51. Earlier it was felt by me that film Actor was a failed copy of film Albela. That was before I got the HFGK. Now I know that I was wrong in my assumption. The fact is actually different. Both C Ramchandra and Raj kapoor were after Bhagwan to start a Social film, instead of making only stunt/action films. After working in these two films, Bhagwan became aware that this story was a winning one, if made into film wisely and if C Ramchandra gives his best music.

Bhagwan started making a draft and writing the story of Albela. Due to his image of a stunt film maker, no mainstream Heroine was ready to work in his film and he could not afford their fees also. He thought of Geeta Bali. When he narrated the story to her, smart as she was, she understood its potential to become a Hit film, and she agreed to work in Albela as a Heroine. The rest, as they say, is History !

The Lyricist of all the 10 songs was Nazim Panipati, who was the brother of Wali Saheb, a producer and Director of the 40’s. Wali Saheb was the husband of actress Mumtaz Shanti. They both migrated to Pakistan, but Nazim Panipati stayed in India. In the cast one name Indumati is there. This is a less known name for most readers, I feel. INDUMATI LELE (Born 18 December 1927 – Died 11 September 2013), forgotten Yesteryears Indian Theatre and Film Actress turned Folk Artiste.

Indumati and Kumudini Lele who were once famous as ‘Lele Sisters’ in Hindi and Marathi Theatre and Cinema fields, have been forgotten today. Indumati Lele, died at the age of 86, when she was still working as an examiner for the television program ‘Dum Damadam’.

Kumud and Indumati, were both known as ‘Lele Sisters” in the fifties. Both of them originally hailed from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. Their father Girdhar Lele was in Government job as Director of Agriculture, at Indore. From an early age, the two sisters loved acting and dancing. Both were involved in dance and dance related activities in their school. Prithviraj Kapoor saw the two at one of the school events and talked to their father and brought them straight to Mumbai. For the next two years, both sisters worked as artists in Prithviraj Kapoor’s ‘Prithvi Theatres” until the company closed. They played different roles in several of his Plays and had the fortune of touring India all along with Prithviraj Kapoor.

While Kumudini acted in Bimal Roy’s ‘Parivar’, ‘Bandini’ etc. and in few Marathi films like ‘Ram Ram Pauna’ etc., Indumati Lele acted in Prithviraj Kapoor’s Shakuntala’ and other plays. She also acted in some films while working in ‘Prithvi Theaters’, like Mazdoor-45, ‘Shehnai’ (1947), ‘Aag’ (1948), ‘Sunahare Din’ (1949), ‘Gauna’ (1950), Actor-(1951), ‘Chaudhwin ka Chand’ (1960), ‘Budtameez’ (1966), ‘Man Mandir’ (1971), to name a few. In Raj Kapoor’s ‘Aag’ (1948), she acted as his mother. She also appeared in two English films, ‘Householder’ with Leela Naidu and ‘Shakespearewallah” both with Shashi Kapoor.

Today’s song is a good one, sung by Sulochana Kadam and Chorus.

Song-Kalkatte se aaya jahaaz haay sakhi mere balam nahin aaye re (Actor)(1951) Singer- Sulochana Kadam, Lyricist- Nazim Panipati, MD- Aziz Hindi and Ibrahim


kalkatte se
ae ji
kalkatte se aaya jahaaz
sakhi mere
haay sakhi mere balam nahin aaye re
ho kalkatte se aaya jahaaz
sakhi mere
haaye sakhi mere balam nahin aaye re
ho kalkatte se aaya jahaaz

sabke balam aaye
mere na aaye
mere na aaye
ek ek se poochha sakhi
koi na bataaye
koi na bataaye
? ho ae ji
? ho mere mijaaz(?)
sakhi mere
haaye sakhi mere balam nahin aaye re
ho kalkatte se aaya jahaaz

baalam jo aate to laate wo mundri
laate wo mundri
baalam jo aate to laate wo mundri
laate wo mundri
aur saath laate wo resham ki chundri
haaye resham ki chundri
mujhe sakhiyon mein
ae ji mujhe sakhiyon mein aati hai laaj
sakhi mere
haay sakhi mere balam nahin aaye re
ho kalkatte se aaya jahaaz

kahaan chhod aaye ho mere sanam ko
mere sanam ko
o o o
kahaan chhod aaye ho mere sanam ko
mere sanam ko
o o o
kaise bhulaaungi kaise bhulaaaungi
main unke gham ko
haaye main unke gham ko
mere dil pe hai
ae ji mere dil pe hai beeta hai aaj
sakhi mere
haay sakhi mere balam nahin aaye re
ho kalkatte se
ae ji kalkatte se aaya jahaaz

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