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Pyaar hamen kis mod pe le aaya

Posted on: September 3, 2021

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Hullo Atuldom

2015 was the first time I wrote a post for this celebrity’s birthday. I will not say that I am a huge fan of his but I definitely like is work. He is one of the many actors who are in the film industry due to the legendary Pransaab i.e. this celebrity is inspired by or may even be a fan of Pransaab and has enacted a variety of characters on-screen much like the legend Pransaab.

Today’s celebrity began by doing inconsequential roles from 1975 after arriving in MAYANAGARI Bombay from New Delhi where Kirorimal College was his Alma-mater and is also trained from Pune’s FTII. He may have been in blink-and-miss roles in some Dara Singh and Arjun Hingorani films before Sunil Dutt cast him in the role of an antagonist in his son’s (Sanjay Dutt) launch movie ‘Rocky’ and also the named him Shakti Kapoor, his birthname was Sunil Sikanderlal Kapoor. His next two big movies were Feroz Khan’s ‘Qurbani’ (1980) which released before ‘Rocky’ (1981) and Subhash Ghai’s ‘Hero’ (1983). 1983 also had him appear in Sridevi’s Bollywood debut ‘Himmatwala’. 1981 saw him in big and small roles in ‘Naseeb’, ‘Poonam’, ‘Kaatilon Ke kaatil’, ‘Wardaat’, ‘Dhanwaan”, ‘Aapas Ki Baat’ etc. But the standout or big films of his initial days are definitely ‘Rocky’, ‘Qurbani’, ‘Hero’ and ‘Himmatwala’. But even in that period we do recall him as Kadar Khan’s younger son in ‘Naseeb’, the free-loading Portuguese Captain Gomes in ‘Armaan’ (1981), the totla (lisping) Mangal in ‘Satte Pe Satta’ (1982), and then there were more.

Post ‘Himmatwala’ he was a permanent fixture in many South Indian productions which had him team up with Kadar Khan, Asrani and Aruna Irani in movies like ‘Mawaali'(1983), ‘Tohfa’ (1984), ‘Maqsad’ (1984) etc. He was seen in comic characters in ‘Chaalbaaz’ (1989), ‘Andaz Apna Apna’ (1994) etc. He is one of the few actors whose looks could pass him off as a ‘good guy’ before the main characters of the movie realise that he was up to ‘no-good’, he is and was extremely good-looking. He was a decent enough dancer too as we have witnessed in ‘Rocky’, ‘Hero’, ‘Dance Dance’ (alongside Mithun Chakraborty), ‘Inquilaab’ (alongside Amitabh Bachchan in a guest appearance), and all the ‘n’ number of Govinda movies of the early ’90s starting with ‘Raja Babu’ (1994).

The trigger for today’s song is a social media app. There is a group dedicated to (what else) Bollywood music where the host sets some theme and group members post song-links of the songs they remember, the only condition being that particular song should not have been already posted by another member. Bollywood music treasure-pot being what it is, many songs will be common on multiple themes, but that is allowed. The theme over the last two days was songs whose lyrics include words and phrases related to STARS ( तारा, तारे, सितारा, सितारे etc.) One member posted the song which I am presenting here, today. I was looking for the word related to ‘stars’ in the the song, through the song, considering it is one of my all-time loved song. So I asked the person who posted it: “where are the stars in the song?” And he replied “at the absolute beginning”. Silly me!!! forgot the start of the song itself!!Emoji
This song is an all-male chorus by Bhupinder, R D Burman, Sapan Chakravarthy, Gulshan Bawra and The Kishore Kumar. Except for Amitabh Bachchan lip syncing mostly to Kishore Kumar all other singers are used randomly for the various actors with RDB doing all the extra vocals and Gulshan Bawra doing the “Haaye”. It is written by Gulshan Bawra and tuned by R D Burman It is filmed on a set of characters who are called Ravi, Som, Mangal, Budh, Guru, Shukra and Shani (usually addressed in a modern way as Sunny). The characters are all brothers who are living by themselves on a large farm; if the story was set in any part of the US of A then it may have been called a Ranch. An elegant lady enters the life of these bachelors as their Bhabhi (eldest wife’s brother of course) and is shocked to see the condition that the brothers live in. She first transforms their Huliya (appearance), teaches them etiquette ands also how to be good and cordial to ladies. Promptly, all the younger brothers also find beautiful girls and cupid strikes. The result of cupid striking is today’s song. After writing all this do I need to name the movie ?

I shall simply add why I love Shakti Kapoor in this song:- he gives a different expression to each “Haay”. I have heard or read an anecdote by Sachin (Pilgaonkar who played Shani a.k.a Sunny in the movie) that the large jeep used in this song had its bonnet open and Paintal (played Budh sometimes addressed as Buddhu) nearly fell onto the bonnet as shown in the song. I will also identify the other brothers- Ravi was Amitabh Bachchan, Som was Sudhir, Guru was Kanwaljit Singh, and Shukra was Vikram Sahu (also credited as Vimal Sahu in some places, was son of yesteryear actor/producer/director Kishore Sahu).

Let us listen to this lively song and wish Shakti Kapoor on his birthday.



Song-Pyaar hamen kis mod pe le aaya(Satte Pe Satta)(1982) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Bhupinder Singh, R D Burman, Sapan Chakravarthy, Gulshan Bawra, Lyrics-Gulshan Bawra, MD-R D Burman


tumne woh kya dekha
jo kaha deewaana aaa aa
hamko nahin kuchh
samajh zara samjhaana

pyaar mein jab bhi aankh kahin lad jaaye
tab dhadkan aur bechaini badh jaaye
ru ru ooo
jab koi ginta hai raaton ko taare ae ae
ru ru oooo
tab samjho usey pyaar ho gaya pyaare

pyaar tumhen kis mod pe le aaya aaaa aa
ke dil kare haaye
koi yeh bataaye kya hoga
ru ru ru ru ru
pyaar humein kis mod pe le aaya aa
ke dil kare haaye
koi yeh bataaye kya hoga
ru ru ru ru ru

battiyaan bujha do
arre batti toh bujha de yaar

battiyaan bujha do ke neend nahin aati hai ae
ru ru oo
battiyaan bujhaane se bhi neend nahin aayegi
ru ru ru ru ru ru oo
battiyaan bujhaane waali jaane kab aayegi
ssh ssh ssh
shor na machaao warna bhaabhi jaag jaayegi

pyaar tumhen kis mod pe le aaya aaa a
ke dil kare haaye
koi to bataye, kya hoga
ru ru ru ru
pyaar hamen kis mod pe le aaya
ke dil kare haaye
koi toh bataye, kya hogaaa

hai hai hai
pyaar tumhe kis mod pe le aaya aa aaa
ke dil kare haaye
koi yeh bataaye kya hoga
di da da da doo
pyar hume kis mod pe le aaya aa aaa
ke dil kare haaye
koi yeh bataaye kya hoga

aakhir kya hai aisi bhi majboori
arre mil gaye dil phir bhi kyon hai ye doori
arre dam hai toh unse chheen ke le aayenge ae ae
arre di na gharwaalon ne agar manjoori
di ra di ra di
dam hai toh unse cheen ke le aayenge ae ae
arre di na gharwaalon ne agar manjoori
di ra di ra di
pyaar hamen kis mod pe le aaya aa
ke dil kare haaye
koi yeh bataaye kya hoga
da ra pa da ra pa da ra pa da ra pa
pyaar hame kis mod pe le aaya aa
ke dil kare haaye
koi yeh bataaye kya hoga
aaaa aaaa ha

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Two songs from this film have been used for big occasions earlier. But, this one had escaped attention. Well, its here finally.

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