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Chanda loriyaan sunaaye hawaa jhoolna jhulaaye

Posted on: October 14, 2021

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When I saw this song on You Tube, a few days ago, I was very happy. This was one of the most popular Lories in those days – and naturally so, because it was composed by the melody King Chitragupt and was sung by the melody Queen Lata Mangeshkar. In one of her interviews to Film fare, she had said ” I like to sing songs of Chitragupt ji and I particularly liked the lori ‘ Chanda loriyan sunaaye’ from film Naya Sansar-1959.”

I was pleasantly surprised to know that this famous Lori was yet to be posted on our Blog. Surely, it fits into the song category of “How I forgot to post this song earlier”. I believe, this song was waiting for me only !

Lories have been a part of many films, where a family life is the main plank of the film story. The earliest famous Lori was the one sung by K L Saigal – “So ja Raajkumari so jaa”, from film Zindagi-1940. Earlier to that also there were many- as many as 15- Lories in the films right from film Radhe Shyam aka Zulm E Kans-1932, in which Devki (Phool kumari) sings a Lori for her child (Shri krishna), asking him not to cry loudly, lest Kans will come and kill him. -” so ja tu mere lal chu ke se, voh Paapi aa jaye”. Then there was ” Dheere dheere aa re Badal” sung by Amirbai and Arunkumar in film Kismet-1943. Many more Lories subsequently became popular, but today’s Lori was more popular and famous.

Film Naya Sansar was produced by Darshan Malhotra for his own banner Shri krishna Films. It was directed by Nanabhai Bhatt. This was a rare occasion when Nanabhai Bhatt directed a Social film. Normally he was equated with B and C grade action and Mythological films only.

Director Nanabhai Bhatt ( 12-6-1915 to 24-4-1999). He was a director in many films.He directed mostly Mythological and stunt films only. Nanabhai was born as Yashwant ( pet name – Batuk) at Porbandar. Since he was the younger one he was called Nanabhai ( opposite to Motabhai-elder brother). This name continued till the end. His father was a doctor. After matriculation, he went to Mumbai in 1934, where his elder brother Balwant Bhatt was working. Balwant started with Imperial,shifted to Sagar and now was with Prakash pictures of Vijay and Shankar Bhatt. He got Nanabhai a job as Sound Recordist.Soon he graduated as Production Executive.He also wrote several screenplays.

In 1942 he directed “Muqabala”, for Homi Wadia, as Batuk Bhatt. Homi Wadia became his good friend. When Homi established his own Basant Pictures, Nanabhai joined him and directed his “Hunterwali ki Beti”-43, with Nadia again. He also did mauj, Jee Haan, Chaalis Karod etc. He directed about 50 films of various genres like Stunts, Mythologicals,crime, social, costume etc.

Nanabhai’s first wife was Hemlata. He also married Shirin banu, his Heroine of few films. To circumvent the Bigamy law, he married her in a Temple and that too in the presence of Hemlata ! He had 3 children from Hemlata and 6 from Shirin. Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt are from Shirin. His children and grandchildren married in different religions.Thus his big family was an example of Secularism ! In addition to 9 children Nanabhai also produced 20 films under his own Deepak Pics and Gautam Chitra !

FILMOGRAPHY OF NANABHAI BHATT: 1942: Muqabala; 1943:Hunterwali Ki Beti; Mauj; 1945: Chalis Karod; 1946: Maa Baap Ki Laaj; 1947: Meerabai; 1949: Shaukeen; Veer Ghatotkach; Sudhaar; 1950: Hamara Ghar; Janmashthami; Veer Babruwahan; 1951: Lakshmi Narayan; Daman; Lav Kush; Ram Janma; 1952: Apni Izzat; Baghdad; Sinbad the Sailor; 1954: Toote Khilone; Watan; 1956: Kismet; 1957: Mr X; Ustad; 1958: Chaalbaaz; Son of Sinbad; 1959: Bazigar; Daaka; Kangan; Madam XYZ; Naya Sansar; 1960: Lal Qila; Police Detective; Zimbo Comes to Town; 1961: Teen Ustad; 1962: Baghdad Ki Raatein; Rocket Girl; 1963: Alapiranthavan; Bhootnath; Cobra Girl; 1964: Samson; 1965: Adhi Raat Ke Baad; Bekhabar; 1966: Shankar Khan; 1967: Arabian Nights; 1968: Jung Aur Aman; 1974: Jeevan Rekha; 1975: Balak Aur Jaanwar; 1976: Dharti Mata; 1981: Gajara Maru; 1982: Jaya Parvati Vrat.( Thanks to Harish Raghuwanshi ji and Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema for some information.).

The music was by Chitragupt and the film cast was Jayashree Gadkar, pradeep kumar, nanda dhumal, Tuntun, Sundar, Shammi, majnu and dancers Sheila Vaz, Sai Subbulakshmi and Kamla Laxman. The heroine Jayashree Gadkar was a very popular and busy actress in marathi cinema. I was surprised to learn that she had acted in 73 hindi films. Despite this number, she was not famous in Hindi films because she got only B and C grade action and Mythological films in Hindi.

Jayshree Gadkar (21 February 1942 – 29 August 2008) was a noted Marathi and Hindi movie actress and a star of Marathi cinema from the 1950s up to the 1980s.

Jayshree was born into a Konkani-speaking family at Kanasgiri (Sadashivgad) near Karwar in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, India. She married Bal Dhuri, a theatre actor best known for his portrayal of Dashratha in Ramanand Sagar’s TV serial, Ramayana (where Jayashree herself played his wife, Kaushalya). She also published an autobiography, Ashi Mi Jayshri.

She began her career as a child dance artist. She entered films as a tamasha dancer in movies. Her first role was that of a group dancer in V. Shantaram’s Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje in 1955, which featured Sandhya as the leading lady. Later, well known Marathi film Director Dinkar D Patil cast her in a small role with dance in his Marathi film Disat Tasa Nasat, opposite Raja Gosavi. This was followed by Sangtye Aika, a tamasha-based movie which was the first in which she played a leading role. This helped her gain fame and recognition and she started doing heroine roles. She eventually became one of the most successful and prolific heriones in the history of the Marathi film industry.

Many remember her for the famous song Bugdi mazi saandli ga jata sataryala. But Jayshree Gadkar was much more than that. She was not only a versatile and accomplished actress but the face of Marathi cinema in its golden era. This paved her way into mainstream Marathi cinema.

Later, both Raja Gosavi and Jayshree gave many hits as a pair, like Aaliya Bhogasi [her first film], Utavla Navara, Yala Jeevan Aise Nav, Awaghachi Sansar and Paishacha Paus. Gath Padli Thakathaka was her first major role. Jayashree got a lot of success as a heroine in movies based on tamasha and lavni, the trend at the time.

Her film Saangtye (1959) ran for 132 weeks in a theater. Her terrific dance performance in Bugdi mazi saandli ga became a craze among Marathi viewers. She was paired with the most popular heroes of the time like Suryakant (Pancharati, Rangpanchmi, Vaijayanta) and Arun Sarnike (Sawal Maza Aika, Ek Gav baara Bhangadi, Gangaulan).

Manini was a turning point in her career. She was paired with Chandrakant Gokhle. She went on to act with his son Vikram Gokhle too, in films like Utavla Navra and Subhdra Haran.

Gadkar also acted in historical movies like Mohityaanchi Manjula and Shahir Parshuram. She won many accolades and awards at the national and state level. She was also felicitated with the state government’s V Shantaram Purskar, Gadima Purskar, P Savlaram Purskar and many more. She married co-star Bal Dhuri in 1975, and directed two films, Sasar Maher and Ashi Asavi Saasu.

Jayshree acted in about 250 films over a period of four decades. Her filmography was varied and included a rich repertoire of tamasha stories as also mythologicals in addition to socials and love stories.

In later years, Jayshree turned film director. Her directorial efforts include Saasar Maher and Ashi Asavi Saasu. She also acted in Ramanand Sagar’s TV Series Ramayana, as Kaushalya (mother of Rama) along with her husband Bal Dhuri, who was Dasharath (father of Rama). Her home is adorned with the photo of both in Ramayana costume. Her Autobiography Ashi Me Jayshree was published in 1986. Gadkar had received awards for her part in the films Manini, Vaijantha, Sawaal Majha Aika! and Saadhi Mansa.

Surprisingly, Jayashree Gadkar had acted in as many as 73 Hindi films. Her first film was Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baje-55 and the last film was Lav kush-97. However another film which was delayed came in 2009 was Jai jai Santoshi Maa. (Thanks to wiki,, muVyz, HFGK and my notes).

Let us now enjoy the sweet lori from this film.

Song- Chanda Loriyan sunaaye hawa jhoolna jhulaaye(Naya Sansaar)(1959) Singer- Lata Mangeshkar, Lyricist- Rajindra Krishan, MD- Chitragupta


chanda loriyaan sunaaye hawa jhoolna jhulaye
raani nindiya sulaaye mere laal ko
raani nindiya sulaaye mere laal ko
chanda loriyaan sunaaye hawa jhoolna jhulaaye
raani nindiya sulaye mere laal ko
raani nindiya sulaye mere laal ko

barson shaam savere maa ne roya dil ka dukhda
barson shaam savere maa ne roya dil ka dukhda
tab ja ke bhagwaan ne baksha ik chaand ka tukda
chanda loriyaan sunaaye hawa jhoolna jhulaaye
raani nindiya sulaaye mere laal ko
raani nindiya sulaaye mere laal ko

khelega jab mere angna khel ye pyaare pyaare
khelega jab mere angna khel ye pyaare pyaare
khelan ko tab laayegi maa neel gagan ke taare
chanda loriyaan sunaaye hawa jhoolna jhulaaye
raani nindiya sulaaye mere laal ko
raani nindiya sulaaye mere laal ko

baandh ka sehra banega jis din dulha mera raaja
baandh ka sehra banega jis din dulha mera raaja
khushiyon ki baaraat sajegi armaanon ka baaja
chanda loriyaan sunaaye hawa jhoolna jhulaaye
raani nindiya sulaaye mere laal ko
raani nindiya sulaaye mere laal ko

14 Responses to "Chanda loriyaan sunaaye hawaa jhoolna jhulaaye"


Thanks Arun ji for the rare information………..

Liked by 1 person

Thanks, Prakash ji.


Today’s film is a 1959 film, but the picture on this audio song is that of Naya Sansar-1941 featuring Ashok Kumar and Renuka Devi. This is how careless the people are !


Wonderfull Lori really. Thanks a lot. Jayashri GAdkar was really unfortunate. After getting a Film like Saranga as start up, she could not get break in Hindi.


Deepak Patwardhan ji,
Yes, it is a very good Lori.
You are right about JG. For a new entrant and that too from regional films into Hindi, one needed right connections. Many Marathi actors and actresses, due to their false prestige ideas, could not prosper in Hindi as they failed to develop proper connections. Suryakant, Kashinath Ghanekar and many others are such examples.
However, JG had achieved a Top position in Marathi cinema.


Thank you for the information on Jayshree Gadkar. I knew Bal dhuri played Dashrath in the serial but thank you for teaching that Dashath and that real-life couple played reel-life couple.

Additionally Iiked this statement too:- “In addition to 9 children Nanabhai also produced 20 films under his own Deepak Pics and Gautam Chitra!”

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Thanks for your comments.
You are one of those very few who caught the subtle humour in describing Nanabhai Bhatt’s ‘ productions ‘ !

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(para 15 “Her film Saangtye (1959) ran for 132 weeks ….
movie name is “Saangtye Aika” (सांगत्ये ऐका)

Thanks and regards,


Yes, you are right. This is a Typo.
Sorry for this error.


This song tune reminds me another beautiful duet from Sapera (1961), Raat Ne Gesu Bikharaye..” by Suman & Manna De composed by Ajit Merchant.


gandhivp ji,
Thanks for this information. Indeed the tune resembles.

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This song is on the same tune as a Gujarat song ‘Taaro aankh na afini’, composed by the doyen of Gujarati music, Ajit Merchant, and sung by Dilip Dholakia. The song has become some kind of Gujarati cultural landmark.


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AK ji,
Thanks for bringing this to my notice. It did not strike me earlier. Yes,indeed. The tune is same.
But I am surprised, because Chitragupt is not known to use others’ tunes. There must be some story behind this, like insistence of the producer etc. May be , may not be !

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Golden era of Indian cinema saw the release of some of the excellent and memorable cinemas in Bollywood. The outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 shifted the spotlight to the actors who were not only heavily paid but also as a result started their own companies. The directors like Mehboob, Bimal Roy, Guru Dutt and Raj Kapoor entered the film industry during the 1930s and 1940s, which were traumatic years for the Indian people.


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