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Bano sudeshi bano sudeshi

Posted on: October 26, 2021

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Today’s song is from an absolutely obscure film called Vijay Laxmi-1943. The film’s song are not available on social media like YT etc, but I had 4 songs of this film and I found that this film is yet to make a Debut on our Blog.

If 100 films are made in one year, only about 10% of films are Hits or popular. About 10 to 20 % of films do an average business on Box office, but the rest number of films either flop or disappear from the theatres quickly. That means the majority of the films are not worth remembering. Why does this happen when so much money is poured into the films ? No one wants to waste his money on making a film.

Filmmaking is like playing on a Race Course. 100 people buy tickets and put their money on different horses. Only a few win. The rest lose their money, but then everybody can’t win. It is a matter of Luck, because there is no fixed formula for success. When a producer puts his money into making a film, he has all the hopes to earn profit by making the film a Hit. However, not every film can become a Hit. In Spite of this uncertainty in races, films and other such matters, people take chances again and again by changing their strategies.

Let us now take a look at what the Film scenario was in the year 1943….

1943 was a year in which the II world war was in full swing. Both sides were almost equal. The effects of the war on India were… it faced the infamous Bengal Famine, caused by the war profiteering. Controls on film production were tightened by the Government. I.P.T.A. became operative with its first staged p0lay ‘ Nibanna’. Film Kismet became one of the biggests Hits ever. V.Shantaram’s Rajkamal Kalamandir debuted with Shakuntala, as did Mehboob with his film Najma. Government made showing of Newsreel before any film mandatory. Film Raj Nartaki’s english version The Court Dancer was exhibited in the USA, first time for an Indian film.

1943 produced 105 Hindi films, the highest number during the war years, 1939 to 1945. Many landmark and musical films appeared in this year giving a respite to the war torn audience of Indian Cinema. Let us take a look at some of these films.

Film Bhaichara had music by the only other ” Sursagar” musician – Himangshu Dutt ( the more well known being the singer Jagmohan Sursagar).

C.Ramchandra had his first musical hit with the film Bhakta Raj, made by Jayant Desai productions.

Film Gauri from Ranjit became Monica Desai’s first Hindi film in Bombay. It was a very successful film with songs by Khemchand Prakash, based on Bangla Folk tunes.

Kanan Devi gave some sweet songs in the film Hospital, under Kamal Dasgupta’s baton.

Bombay Talkies film Hamari Baat was the last film in which Devika Rani acted. Anil Biswas was the composer.

Music Director Khurshid Anwar brought Gauhar Sultana from Lucknow to sing some songs in the film Ishara. Naushad'[s musical film Kanoon had some good Suraiya and Shyam duets.

Film Kashinath was Nitin Bose’s last film in New Theatres, after he developed differences with B.N.Sircar.

Anil Biswas gave his career best musical Hit film ” Kismet”- the longest running film from Bombay Talkies.

Nurjehan’s musical film Nadaan was popular with songs from composer K.Datta. Director Mehboob made his first film Najma, under his own banner Mehboob productions.

Yet one more musical from Naushad- film Namaste.

At last a musical hit for composer S.N.Tripathi- Panghat from prakash Pictures. Rajkumari Shukla sang her only Hindi song in this film;. (the film was remade as Chitchor-1976).

Film Paraya Dhan had music by Bengal’s famous musician Gyan Prakash Ghosh. Deena Pathak sang her only 2 songs in this film as Deena Sanghavi.

Ghulam Haider makes merry again with Shamshad hit songs in the film Poonji from Pancholi, Lahore.

One more superhit film – Ram Rajya from Prakash Pictures had very good songs from composer Shankar Rao Vyas. Saraswati Rane gave 2 melodious songs. Yashwant joshi and Yashwant Nikam sang the famous song ” Bharat ki ek Sannari ki katha”. Ram Rajya had also a distinction as the only Hindi film that was seen by Mahatma Gandhi, on 2-6-1944.
( before this Gandhi had seen ” Mission to Moscow-43′ an English film, in Wardha, according to The Hindu (Kathmandu Ed.) dt.8-2-2010). The film had early songs by Manna Dey also.

Naushad in full swing with his 3rd Musical Sanjog, where Suraiya gave playback to Mehtab, the Heroine.

Vasant Desai gave excellent songs in the hit film Shakuntala by V.Shantaram.

Hospital- excellent songs by kanan Devi.

Kanoon- another hit from Naushad.

Mera Khwab- MD Ghulam Mohammed’s Debut film

Najma- Mehboob khan’s first film, on Muslim society.

Nurse- Gyan Dutt gave an excellent song of Rajkumari-‘ Vo gaye nahin’

Prithvi Vallabh- A big budget costume drama made by Minerva, based on story of K.M.Munshi. It had songs by Minakshi Shirodkar.

Tansen- Saigal’s first film in Bombay. Khurshid matches him song by song.

Taqdeer- Nargis aka Baby Fatima debuted as an adult. However her name comes third in the credits, after Motilal and Chandramohan.

Besides these films, the following films were also made but their names are not even known to most people. These films just came and went into oblivion !
Andhera, Angoothi, Ashirwad, Bhalai, Chhed Chhad, Daawat, Duniya Deewani, Jangi jawan, Kurbani,Mohabbat, mauj, Pati pooja, prem sangeet, Rekha, Sahara, Salma, Sawaal, Tasweer, Vijay laxmi and Zameen etc etc. These are only sample names. I have not counted C grade and stunt or costume films, which were plenty in numbers.

Today’s film Vijay Laxmi was made by Indian Art Pictures and was directed by one G.S.Kashyap. I find that his name appears as a Director only for this film in the HFGK. Possibly he was a one film director like many in the war period ( who would provide finance also for the film to become a director ). The music was composed by G.M.Durrani, who was basically a singer but had a strong desire to also be a composer. While he sang 305 songs in 168 films, he also composed music in 8 films and acted in 16 films. He even wrote 1 song in film Nazare-1949.

The cast of the film was Shobhana Samarth, Motilal, Yashodhara katju, Gope, David, Meher Bano (actress Purnima, in adult life),Bhudo Advani, Leela Mishra and many others. In this film even Leela Mishra’s husband Ram Prasad Mishra had also done a small role and his name appears in the credits too.

Leela Mishra (1 January 1908 – 17 January 1988) was a Hindi film actress. She worked as a character actor in over 300 Hindi films for five decades, and is best remembered for playing stock characters such as aunts (Chachi or Mausi). She is best known for her role of “mausi” in the blockbuster Sholay (1975), Dil Se Mile Dil (1978), Baton Baton Mein (1979), Rajesh Khanna films such as Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein, Aanchal, Mehbooba, Amar Prem and Rajshri Productions hits such as Geet Gaata Chal (1975), Nadiya Ke Paar (1982) and Abodh (1984). Her career’s best performance was in Naani Maa in 1981, for which she received the Best Actress award at the age of 73.

Leela Mishra was married to Ram Prasad Mishra, who was a character artist, then working in silent films. She got married at the very young age of 12. By the time she was 17, she had two daughters. She hailed from Jais, Raebareli, and she and her husband were from zamindar (landowners) families.

Leela Mishra was discovered by a man called Mama Shinde, who was working for Dadasaheb Phalke’s Nasik Cinetone. He persuaded her husband to make her work in films. During those days there was a severe scarcity of women actors in films; this was evident in the paychecks that the Mishras received when they went to Nasik for the shooting. While Ram Prasad Mishra was hired on a salary of Rs. 150 per month, Leela Mishra was offered Rs. 500 per month. However, as they fared poorly in front of the camera, their contracts were cancelled.

The next opportunity that came their way was an offer to work in the movie Bhikarin, which was being produced by a company owned by the Maharaja of Kolhapur. However, Leela Mishra lost out on this opportunity too, as the role required her to put her arms round the actor (who was not her husband) while delivering a dialogue, which she point-blank refused to do.

Their next film was Gangavataran-37, directed by Dadasaheb Phalke. This was his only and the last Talkie film. In this film Leela did the role of Parvati. This became her first film.

She faced a similar problem while working in another film titled Honhaar. She was cast opposite Shahu Modak as a heroine, and was supposed to hug and embrace him, which she again refused steadfastly. Since the company was legally in a weak position, they couldn’t turn her out of the film, which proved to be a blessing in disguise for her. She was offered Modak’s mother’s role in the film and it clicked instantly. This opened the doors for her to play mother roles at the young age of 18.

Early on in her career she acted in notable films such as the musical hit Anmol Ghadi (1946), Raj Kapoor’s Awaara (1951) and Nargis-Balraj Sahni starrer Lajwanti (1958), which was nominated for the Palme d’Or for Best Film at 1959 Cannes Film Festival.

She acted in the first Bhojpuri film, Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo (1962), which also starred Kumkum, Helen and Nasir Hussain.

Her roles varied from mothers, benign or evil aunts, to comic roles.

She acted in 344 films. Her last released film was Aatank-96. 8 films were released after her death. ( Thanks to wiki, Ateet ke sitare, muVyz, HFGK and my notes).

I have no idea about the film’s story or other details. The song was given to me by friend Abhay Jain (USA) and was uploaded by our Sadanand Kamath ji. Thanks to both.

Editor’s note:_Readers are request to suggest correction to the lyrics wherever applicable.

Song- Bano sudeshi bano Sudeshi (Vijay Laxmi)(1943) Singers- G M Durrani, Lyricist- Not known, MD- G M Durrani


Bano sudeshi
Bano sudeshi
Bano sudeshi
Bano sudeshi
?? bhayo ??
?? bhayo ??
?? bhayo ??

tan sudeshi man sudeshi
maal ?? deshwaalon
kyun nahin lete sudeshi
desh hai kangaal
desh hai kangaal

?? bhayo ??
?? bhayo ??
?? bhayo ??
bano sudeshi
bano sudeshi
bano sudeshi
bano sudeshi

laakhon hamaare bhai
zinda hi mar rahe hain
roti ka nahin tukda
faakon se mar rahe hain
aanten hain unki bhookhi
aanten hain unki bhookhin
bachche hain unke bhookhe
maayen hain unki bhookhi

kapdon ko mohtaaj
dhaanp nahin saktin
maa behnen
apne tan ki laaj
apne tan ki laaj
unki roti aatma ka
unse hai sawaal
unse hai sawaal
unki roti aatma ka
unse hai sawaal
unse hai sawaal
?? bhayo ??
?? bhayo ??
bano sudeshi
bano sudeshi
bano sudeshi
bano sudeshi

jo desh pe urbaan
achche wahi insaan
desh laakhon mit gaye
zinda hai Hindustan
zinda hai Hindustan

Desh apna bemisaal
uska tum se hai sawaal
Desh apna bemisaal
uska tum se hai sawaal
?? bhayo ??
?? bhayo ??
marte dam Bhagwaan
de yahi vardaan
har har janam humko miley
ye pyaara Hindustaan
har har janam humko miley
ye pyaara Hindustaan
pyaara Hindustaan
pyaara Hindustaan
pyaara Hindustaaaan

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