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Tera gham mera gham ek jaisa sanam

Posted on: October 26, 2021

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Hullo Atuldom

26th Ocotober is a day when we wish the first Follower of the blog Rajaji on turning a year younger. He is the ‘yaaron-ka-yaar’ who is currently off the radar. Hope he marks his presence on the blog and reads this post. He is not a kanjoos (and I have a whole set of the followers of the blog who will endorse my statement) and will not shy away from giving us a treat by saying a “Hello”. Actually, I sincerely hope he is fine, the last post by him, as a guest contributor, was on 8th March 2021- for the birth centenary of his favourite lyricist/ poet Sahir Ludhianvi.

Our Rajaji was one of the first to see posts on Atulsongaday. One of the first to post his Farmaish to Atulji. And if I am not wrong, one of the first guest contributors as lyrics contributor in April 2009 with this post of a song from ‘Bin Baadal Barsaat’ . His first full-length post was Teri umar naadaan hai on 26 june 2010 from “Aankhon Aankhon Mein”(1972) and since then he has been a regular contributor and loves to write about Rajesh Khanna, Mohd. Rafi, Kishore Kumar and of course Sahir Ludhianvi. In the interim he has also written posts on some artistes whose work he appreciates. Here is wishing this friendly Atulite all health and happiness and waiting for his next post- essay, novel or short story anything but in your unique style Rajaji.

26th October also happens to be the birth date of an actress (don’t like to use the adjective yesteryear for this one, too young for that) who was known to be cast in the roles of typical heroine i.e. one emotional scene, two haughty scenes, three or four duets or solos and that is about it. There is a period in every actress’s career when she reaches the top-spot doing this kind of inane roles. Then she tires of it and tries to break the shackles and get cast in some roles that gives her chance to show her emoting and acting capabilities.

Today’s birthday girl made her Bollywood debut as Salman Khan’s heroine in ‘Patthar Ke Phool’ went on to co-star with all the biggies of that era and reaching heights of popularity as the ‘mast mast’ girl in ‘Mohra’ She was ready to give it all up sometime in 1995 for the sake of family and marriage. But when things didn’t work out the way she expected them to, she made a successful comeback with movies opposite Govinda which were from the David Dhawan stable. She played meaningful or non-glamourous characters in movies like “Shool” (1999) “Daman” (2002) “Satta” (2005) and “Jaago” in 2004 where she played the mother of a ten-year-old gang-rape-victim who dies in front of her.
Do I need mention the name of the actress- Raveena Tandon? She finally took a hiatus from acting after marriage and kids (as per her original plan for life) and has four children two of whom she adopted when the girls were 11 and 8 and she herself was only 21.

I may not call myself her fan but I like this actress for her sprightly acting, Today’s song is from the 1997 crime -drama “Ghulam-e-Mustafa” which was directed by Partho Ghosh and had a cast headed by Nana Patekar and Raveena Tandon played a night club dancer who falls in love with Mustafa (Nana Patekar) on hearing his life story. They even get married and have a happy life, which is short lived as Kavitha (Raveena) gets killed in a car bomb explosion which was meant for Abba (Paresh Rawal). The cast also included Ravi Behl, Aruna Irani, Keerthi Chawla, Shivaji Satam, Sulabha Deshpande, Mohan Joshi, Mohnish Bahl etc. Rajesh Roshan and Amar Haldipur were the music directors, and the song with this post has been credited to Anand Bakshi. says that Amar Haldipur was responsible for the background score.

This songs sees our birthday girl Raveena Tandon as a new bride out for a joy trip when their Gypsy breaks down, of course I need not explain the visuals of the song and will just say that she dies after this.

I would also like to wish the daughter of an Atulite on her birthday today. Hope this message is conveyed to your little girl and wish her all the best for her future.
Once more wishing all the best and happy birthday to our Rajaji, the little one of our Atulite and Raveena Tandon.



Song-Tera gham mera gham ek jaisa sanam(Ghulam e Mustafa)(1997) Singers-Kavita Krisnamurthy, Hariharan, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Rajesh Roshan


Happy version

hmmmm hmmm
tera gham mera gham ek jaisa sanam
tera gham mera gham ek jaisa sanam
ham donon ki ek kahaani
aaja lag ja gale dil
tera gham mera gham ek jaisa sanam
ham dono ki ek kahaani
aaja lag ja gale dil

tera gham mera gham ek jaisa sanam

main achchi buri jaisi bhi hoon
tu achha bura jaisa bhi hain
main teri hoon kaisi bhi hoon
tu mera hai kaisa bhi hai
tu mera hai kaisa bhi hai

tera gham mera gham ek jaisa sanam
tera gham mera gham ek jaisa sanam
ham donon ki ek kahaani
aaja lag ja gale dil
tera gham mera gham ek jaisa sanam

toote huye dil ki kashti ko
toofan mein kinaara mil jaaye
aaa aaaaaa
tu tham le mera haath agar
donon ko sahaara mil jaaye
donon ko sahaara mil jaaye
tera gham mera gham ek jaisa sanam
tera gham mera gham ek jaisa sanam
ham donon ki ek kahaani
aaja lag ja gale dil

tera gham mera gham ek jaisa sanam

Sad version
tera gham mera gham ek jaisa sanam
ham donon ki ek kahaani
aaja lag ja gale dil
tera gham mera gham ek jaisa sanam
ham donon ki ek kahaani
aaja lag ja gale dil

4 Responses to "Tera gham mera gham ek jaisa sanam"

Nalini ji,

Many Thanks for this post and wishes for the birthdays.

Yes, Raja ji’s marathon posts are being missed. Hope he comes out soon with more of them.

Liked by 1 person

Hope u liked my song selection


Thank you SO much for this, PM.
It is very thoughtful of you to write so kindly about me on my birthday, especially considering I’ve been away from this space for such a long time.
Like I was telling Avinashji the other day (couple of days before Sahir’s death anniversary), I’m just not able to string together words any more, let along a complete post.
I’ll try to come up with something soon – though it might be very short and very bland. But it’s something at least.
Heard this song for the first time, though I’ve heard of the movie.
Nice song.
Throughout the song I was waiting for the explosion to happen, since you gave a background of the movie. 🙂
Thanks once again.
I’m touched.


Thank you for your birthday greetings, Maheshji.


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