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Ye Zaalim Nigaahon Ki Ghaat

Posted on: November 14, 2021

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Today, November 14, 2021 is the 4th Remembrance Day of Shyama (real name – Khurshid Akhtar) who enthralled the Hindi film buffs with her blinks and smiles in her Hindi films of 1950s. There was a spontaneity and energy in her performances reflecting, what I guess, her joie de vivre nature.

My earliest memory of watching Shyama was in ‘Aar Paar’ (1954) on its repeat release sometime in 1974 as a part of Guru Dutt’s Film Perspectives. I became familiar with her face when some of the songs picturised on her from the films like my all-time favourite, ‘Aar Paar’ (1954), ‘Bhai Bhai’ (1956), ‘Bhaabhi’ (1957), ‘Sharda’ (1957), ‘Mr Qartoon MA’ (1959), ‘Barsaat Ki Raat’ (1960) and many more, used to be telecast on Mumbai Doordarshan’s  ‘Chhaaya Geet’ programme. Some of her songs have remained in the limelight even today. I can never get tired of watching those songs pictuirsed on Shyama.

Shyama (07 Jun, 1935 – 14 Nov, 2017) was born in Lahore but her family had shifted to Mumbai in early 1940s. She did her schooling in Anjuman-E-Islam High School in South Mumbai. Shyama’s foray into her first Hindi film, ‘Zeenat’ (1945) was an accidental one. When she was on a visit to watch the film’s shooting along with her school friends, the film’s director, Shaukat Hussain Rizvi invited her to be the part of the chorus singers for the picturization of the qawwali song, “Aahen Na Bhari Shiqwe Na Kiye”. At that time, she was 9. Thereafter, she did small roles as a child actor and side roles as a teenager in around 35 films. At a young age, she had become the bread-earner for her large family. Her screen name, Shyama was given by Prakash Pictures’ Vijay Bhatt when working in his film, ‘Nai Maa’ (1946) as a child artist.

Everything was not roses on the way to reach the stardom for Shyama. She had to struggle very hard to get roles during the early stage of her life when she was growing from her childhood to a teenager. Her struggling days got over when she bagged her first lead role in Filmistan’s ‘Shrimati ji’ (1952) with Nasir Khan. Thereafter, there was no dearth of work for her in the films.

During her filmy career of over 4 decades, Shyama worked in around 175 films. Some of her notable films are ‘Hum Log’ (1951), ‘Sazaa’ (1951), ‘Dil-E-Naadan’ (1953), ‘Shart’ (1954), ‘Aar Paar’ (1954), ‘Musaafirkhaana’ (1955), ‘Chhoo Mantar’ (1956), ‘Bhai Bhai’ (1956), ‘Shaarda’ (1957), ‘Bhaabhi’ (1957), ‘Johnny Walker’ (1957), ‘Mr. Qartoon MA’ (1958), ‘Laala Rukh’ (1958), ‘Chhoti Bahen’ (1959), ‘Barsaat Ki Raat’ (1960), ‘Zabak’ (1961), ‘Bahurani’ (1963). From 1960’s onwards, Shayma switched over to character roles. She was active till the end of 1970s. However, after the death of her husband in 1979, she virtually took retirement from the films. Shyama faced the camera for the last time in ‘Hathyaar’ (1989).

I was going through her filmography from 1952 when she started getting lead actor’s roles to 1960 when her career was in the waning stage as a lead actor. It is amazing to note that during 1952-60, she worked in as many as 84 films making an average of nearly 10 films per year. I do not recall any other actress of her time achieved this distinction. The main reason for her large number films was that she accepted both the lead as well as supporting actor’s roles. Her films covered a variety of genres with a large assortments of lead actors like Motilal, Ashok Kumar, Premnath, Shammi Kapoor, Bharat Bhushan, Karan Diwan, Guru Dutt, Balraj Sahni, Sunil Dutt, Kishore Kumar, Johnny Walker, Ranjan, Mahipal, Talat Mehmood etc.

Shyama faced her worst financial and emotional turmoil in 1953 when she decided to marry director and cinematographer Fali Mistry. They fell in love  on the sets of ‘Sazaa’ (1951). The marriage was opposed by her father and her brothers. She had revealed her agony in her article in the Urdu film magazine ‘Shama’, published in November 1954, the English translation of which is available in Yasir Abbasi’s book ‘Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai’ (2018).

According to Shyama, apparently the problem for her large family was that having got used to living lavishly on her earnings, they feared that her marriage with Fali Mistry would strip them off comforts and luxuries. When she decided to go ahead with the marriage, she was forced to leave her own house without her money and jewelry as her father and brothers confiscated all her assets including the bank balances. She and her supporting mother had to stay with the family of producer-director M Sadiq for a month before she could buy her own house by arranging money. It took another six months for Shyama and Fali Mistry to get married. But the marriage was not revealed in public for a long time for fear of film producers avoiding her to sign the new films.

Shyama spent her financially secured retired life, socializing with her close friends like Nanda, Shakeela, Waheeda Rehman, Jabeen Jaleel etc. Just about 5 years before her death, she got a paralysis attack making her movements restricted. However, she majorly recovered from the paralysis. She breathed her last on November 14, 2017 due to lung infections, leaving behind her two sons and a daughter. Her elder son, Faroukh Mistry is a Cinematographer in Hindi feature films and has directed many documentary and advertising films. The second son, Rohinton Mistry is settled in London as a businessman. Both her elder son and her daughter, Shirin were with her while she breathed her last.

As a tribute to Shyama on the occasion of her 4th Remembrance Day, I have chosen a song pictuirsed on her in the film ‘Khota Paisa’ (1958). This film was among four films in which Shyama acted opposite Johnny Walker in lead role. The other three films in this combination were ‘Chhoo Mantar’ (1956), ‘Johnny Walker’ (1957) and ‘Mr Qartoon MA (1958). Incidentally, all these three films had OP Nayyar as the music director.

‘Khota Paisa’ (1958) had 7 songs of which 5 songs have been covered on the Blog. All the songs were written by Rajinder Krishan which were set to music by Madan Mohan. I am presenting the 6th song, “Ye Zaalim Nighaaon Ki Ghaat” which is sung by Asha Bhosle. It is a club song during which NA Ansari, the menacing pipe smoking villain, is present along with his henchmen.

It is interesting to note that in the record version there is some changes in wordings of the song as under:

Film Sound Track Version Record Version
ye zaalim NIGHAAON ki GHAAT
badi tikhi badi NATKHATI
ye zaalim MOHABBAT ki CHAAT
badi tikhi badi CHATPATI
GAA le ZARA jahaan mein
NAGMA to aashiqi kaajo NAYE pyaar ki RAT RATI
LE le MAZA jahaan mein
DAM BHAR LO aashiqi kaajo NA THHI pyaar ki PHATPATI
KATNE bhi de khushi se
ye BAHAAR ke zamaane
LOOTNE bhi de khushi se
ye PYAAR ke zamaane

Other features of this song is that Asha Bhosle seems to imitate the style of Geeta Dutt  and Madan Mohan’s musical composition of the song closely resembles that of OP Nayyar.



Song – Ye Zaalim Nigaahon Ki Ghaat (Khota Paisa) (1958) Singer – Asha Bhosle, Lyrics – Rajinder Krishan, MD – Madan Mohan


ye zaalim nighaaon ki ghaat
badi teekhi badi natkhati
apne apne muqaddar ki baat
kiske hisse mein kitni bati
ye zaalim nighaaon ki ghaat
badi teekhi badi natkhati
jo nazar na milaayi
na jigar pe chot khaayi
us dil kaa faayda kya
jo kisi pe aa na jaaye
hai wo zindagi bhi koi zindagi
jo mohobbat kiye bin kati
ye zaalim nighaaon ki ghaat
badi teekhi badi natkhati
jo huwa na kisi ka
dushman hai zindagi ka
gaa le zara jahaan mein
nagma to aashiqi ka
tu jiya bhi to kya
do ghadi ke liye
jo na ye pyaar ki rat rati
ye zaalim nigaahon ki ghaat
badi teekhi badi natkhati
ye dil kaun jaane
lut jaaye kis bahaane
katne bhi de khushi se
hain bahaar ke zamaane
lut gaye dil kai
mit gaye dil kai
par mohobbat kabhi na ghati
ye zaalim nigaahon ki ghaat
badi teekhi badi natkhati
apne apne muqaddar ki baat
kiske hisse mein kitni bati

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir Kapur)
ये ज़ालिम निगाहों की घात
बड़ी तीखी बड़ी नटखटी
अपने अपने मुकद्दर की बात
किसके हिस्से में कितनी बटी
ये ज़ालिम निगाहों की घात
बड़ी तीखी बड़ी नटखटी

जो नज़र ना मिलाई
ना जिगर पे चोट खाई
उस दिल का फायदा क्या
जो किसी पे आ ना जाए
है वो ज़िंदगी भी कोई ज़िंदगी
जो मोहब्बत किए बिन कटी
ये ज़ालिम निगाहों की घात
बड़ी तीखी बड़ी नटखटी

जो हुआ ना किसी का
दुश्मन है ज़िंदगी का
गा ले ज़रा जहां में
नग़मा तो आशिक़ी का
तू जिआ भी तो क्या दो घड़ी के लिए
जो ना ये प्यार की रट रटी
ये ज़ालिम निगाहों की घात
बड़ी तीखी बड़ी नटखटी

ये दिल कौन जाने
लुट जाये किस बहाने
कटने भी दे खुशी से
हैं बहार के जमाने
लुट गए दिल कई
मिट गए दिल कई
पर मोहब्बत कभी ना घटी
ये ज़ालिम निगाहों की घात
बड़ी तीखी बड़ी नटखटी
अपने अपने मुकद्दर की बात
किसके हिस्से में कितनी बटी

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I have sent the lyrics of Last 2 remaining songs to be posted from the movie Khota Paisa on 23rd June , 2020,(which includes Lyrics of this song)


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