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Tum Ho Dil Ke Chor, Kare Dil Shor

Posted on: December 26, 2021

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in other sites without the knowledge and consent of the web administrator of, then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Blog Day:

4909 Post No. : 16723

This Week, That Year – 8
07Nov – 13Nov, 2011

OK yes, the tag line is correct, but the date is definitely out of sequence. Sincere apologies for this parallax effect. This is not the week of 7th Nov. This post should have come at least 6 weeks ago. And truly, the post template and lyrics and all the tag stuff was ready then, but the words to compose the post were trapped behind some real and imagined ‘constraints’.

Ah but you will say, why pitch in with the week of 7th Nov now, six weeks later. Well surely, for a special reason. That was a special week, with a very special milestone reached by the blog. On Saturday, the 13th November, 2011, we reached the 5000th post. That day, the blog had been in existence for 1,213 days – exactly 3 years, 3 months and 26 days. And we completed 5,000 posts, at a simple daily average of 4+ songs – day on day.

Superlatives have become repetitive on this blog now, as we have written time and again about the blog’s progress over the years. But the wonder is that the wonder simply does not cease to amaze – the wonder of the blog itself, of being on the blog, of being part of the bandwagon. Whether the pace is slow or fast, we have never been without steam.

Looking back then, from this 13+ years vantage point, it seems like just a speck on the past time line. But just think about it – about the feelings then, on arriving at the 5000th station of this journey. And I am sure, as we looked ahead at the future, this 16,700+ post compendium, was not even visible on the time line. And probably not even in the minds of the bandwagoneers. Some member or members did mention 10,000, maybe. But going beyond that, then crossing the 15,000 mark, and still continue to merrily chug along – probably that thought did not even cross anyone’s mind. The ambience has changed so much since those days 10 years ago. Now, the feeling is that nothing is impossible for this bandwagon and its fearless leader.

It was a dhamaaka celebration. A celebration that store the hearts of everyone – literally. The blog ne loot liya mil ke gaana sun’ne waalon ko. . .

It was a calculated and a planned choice – the song I mean. Lyrics from the pen of Shewan Rizvi, music composed by Bulo C Rani and rendered with such zest and fervor by Ismail Azaad Qawwaal. And on screen, a name that we had some hard time digging up and confirming – Sheikh, the comedian. Yes, the qawwaali “Hamen To Loot Liya Mil Ke Husn Waalon Ne”. The qawwali that merits to be counted amongs the top 5 iconic qawaalis in Hindi films. That was the choice for the 5000th milestone song for the blog. The write up that day was a shared effort by Atul ji, Raja ji and yours truly. It truly is an honor to be part of that write up.

Ten years later, as we look back, it surely is a major joy that we picked this song for the 5000th milestone.

Now let’s play the numbers game for the week that was – from 7th to 13th November. A whopping 50 songs were posted that week, for an average of little above 7 songs per day. Quite a prolific week that was. Total number films showcased were 43. The film ‘Khel’ of 1950 made four appearances, the film ‘Mayur Pankh’ of 1956 made 3 appearances and ‘Anurodh’ from 1977 made two. The film name ‘Taqdeer’ appeared twice in that week, albeit from different years – 1943 and 1967.

The decade of 1941-50 was represented by 11 songs, the decade of 1951-60 by 12 songs, the decade of 1961-70 by 17 songs, the decade of 1971-80 by eight songs, and the 80s and 90s were represented by one song each. And so 1960s was the prominent decade with almost 30% songs posted that week.

As many as 13 films made their debut this week, and yes, 3 films also got Yippeee’d already. All three films are from 1970s – ‘Amar Prem’ (1971), ‘Mili’ (1975) and ‘Anurodh’ (1977). Since that week was done, 18 more films that appeared in that week are Yippeee’d by now.

We had two major artist milestone also come up that week. Hasrat Jaipuri completed 300 appearances on the blog, on 12th November with the song “Tu Kyun Mujhko Pukaare” from the film ‘Mayur Pankh’. And then on the 13th, the 5000th post also celebrated the century of songs composed by Bulo C Rani.

Here is the week’s data in table form.

Blog Ten Year Challenge (2011-2021) Series
Sl.No. Movie Name Year HFGK NoS ASAD NoS Possible UT Deb/Yip Milestone Film Status Pending
1 Khel 1950 9 9 Yippeee’d
2 Stree 1961 11 8 1 Pending-c 2+ 1 UT
3 Hum Deewaane 1965 8 3 1 D Pending-c 4+ 1 UT
4 Paalki 1967 10 9 Pending 1
5 Chhoti Si Mulaaqaat 1967 7 7 Yippeee’d
6 Pyaar Ki Baazi 1967 5 2 1 D Pending-c 2+ 1 UT
7 Anurodh 1977 6 6 Yippeee’d
8 Rudaali 1993 8 4 Pending 4
1 Dharam 1945 10 4 3 D Pending-c 3+ 3 UT
2 Patanga 1949 10 10 Yippeee’d
3 Hum Matwaale Naujawaan 1961 7 6 Pending 1
4 Samson 1964 5 5 Yippeee’d
5 Dara Singh, The Iron Man 1964 6 3 Pending 3
6 Mere Sanam 1965 9 9 Yippeee’d
7 Mom Ki Gudiya 1972 5 5 Yippeee’d
8 Kinaara 1977 8 6 Pending 2
1 Village Girl 1945 12 11 3 Yc 3 UT
2 Khel 1950 9 9 Yippeee’d
3 Mastaana 1954 8 9 Yippeee’d
4 Doctor Z 1959 8 5 2 D Pending-c 1+ 2 UT
5 Raaz 1967 8 7 1 Yc 1 UT
6 Sachcha Jhootha 1970 6 5 Pending 1
7 Mili 1975 3 3 Y Yippeee’d
8 Kotwal Sahab 1977 3 3 D Yippeee’d
1 Lahore 1949 10 9 Pending 1
2 Nageena 1951 8 8 Yippeee’d
3 Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi 1958 8 8 Yippeee’d
4 Aas Ka Panchhi 1961 7 7 Yippeee’d
5 Asli Naqli 1962 7 7 Yippeee’d
6 Watan Se Door 1968 5 3 D Pending 2
7 Shubh Chintak 1989 3 1 D Pending 2
8 Man Jeete Jag Jeet 1973 10 2 D Pending 8
1 Namoona 1949 9 7 Pending 2
2 Taqdeer 1967 8 8 Yippeee’d
3 Duniya 1968 6 7 Yippeee’d
4 Inquilaab 1956 8 8 Yippeee’d
5 Mayur Pankh 1953 6 6 D Yippeee’d
6 Anurodh 1977 6 6 Y Yippeee’d
1 Khel 1950 9 9 Yippeee’d
2 Bhai Saahab 1954 10 6 2 D Pending-c 2+ 2 UT
3 Mayur Pankh 1953 6 6 AC – 300 (Hasrat Jaipuri) Yippeee’d
4 Kavi Kaalidas 1959 9 10 Yippeee’d
5 Mulzim 1963 7 5 5 Yc 5 UT
6 Amar Prem 1971 6 6 Y Yippeee’d
1 Taqdeer 1943 10 4 2 D Pending-c 4+ 2 UT
2 Jagbeeti 1946 9 4 5 D Yc 5 UT
3 Khel 1950 9 9 Yippeee’d
4 Mayur Pankh 1953 6 6 Yippeee’d
5 Miss Coca Cola 1955 8 8 Yippeee’d
6 Al Hi Laal 1958 8 2 2 D BC – 5000/AC – 100 (Bulo C Rani) Pending-c 4+ 2 UT

Since 13th November of 2011, after this iconic qawwaali was posted, just one more song from the film ‘Al Hi Lal’ has appeared on the blog. That song is “Amma Main Bada Hoke Bahut Kaam Karoongaa” which appeared on the blog on 29th July, 2017. Here is one more song from this film – a duet sung by Manna Dey and Suman Kalyanpur. This is a lilting melodious song af a lovers’ tete-a-tete – a typical running-around-the-tree love song. On screen, this song is lip synced by Mahipal and Shakila.

The song is written by Shewan Rizvi, music composed by Bulo C Rani. The lovers are complaining about stolen hearts, and are naming each other as the thief responsible for it. Apparently it seems that once the qawwaali became the big hit that it is, somehow the remaining songs got very little attention from the listeners. This song is a wonderful one in its own right, but not so well known. I too got to hear it for the first time as I was searching for other songs of this film.

Listen to this lovely duet, I am sure you will like it.


Song – Tum Ho Dil Ke Chor, Kare Dil Shor  (Al Hi Laal) (1958) Singer – Manna Dey, Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics – Shewan Rizvi, MD – Bulo C Rani
Manna Dey + Suman Kalyanpur


tum ho dil ke chor
kare dil shor
tumhen pehchaan liya. . .
o ho ho haan
aaj khula ye raaz
hamaara raaz
kisi ne jaan liya

aa haan
tum ho dil ke chor
kare dil shor
tumhen pehchaan liya
aaj khula ye raaz
hamaara raaz
kisi ne jaan liya

bedard ne deke dard
kiya dil sard
nigaahen pher ke
teri chaah ne
dil ki aah ne loota
raah mein hamko gher ke
laakh bachaaya
bach nahin paaya
dil ye hamaara
tum par aaya
o ho ho haan
tum ho dil ke chor
kare dil shor
tumhen pehchaan liya
aaj khula ye raaz
hamaara raaz
kisi ne jaan liya

o mast nazar
jaata hai kidhar
ik teer sa dil pe maar ke
badnaam na ho
badnaam na kar
ilzaam na de bekaar ke
raaz hamaara
tu ne jaana
jaan na le
bedard zamaana
o ho ho haan
tum ho dil ke chor
kare dil shor
tumhen pehchaan liya
aaj khula ye raaz
hamaara raaz
kisi ne jaan liya

sharma ke na ja
tadpa ke na ja
iqraar to kar le pyaar ka
jab aankh jhuke
aur lab na hiley
ye matlab hai iqraar ka
neechi nigaahen
dil ki kahaani
pyaar ki hai ye
khaas nishaani
o ho ho haan
tum ho dil ke chor
kare dil shor
tumhen pehchaan liya
aaj khula ye raaz
hamaara raaz
kisi ne jaan liya

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir Kapur)
तुम हो दिल के चोर
करे दिल शोर
तुम्हें पहचान लिया॰ ॰ ॰
ओ हो हो हाँ
आज खुला ये राज़
हमारा राज़
किसी ने जान लिया

आ हाँ
तुम हो दिल के चोर
करे दिल शोर
तुम्हें पहचान लिया
आज खुला ये राज़
हमारा राज़
किसी ने जान लिया

बेदर्द ने देके दर्द
किया दिल सर्द
निगाहें फेर के
तेरी चाह ने
दिल की आह ने लूटा
राह में हमको घेर के
लाख बचाया
बच नहीं पाया
दिल ये हमारा
तुम पे आया
ओ हो हो हाँ
तुम हो दिल के चोर
करे दिल शोर
तुम्हें पहचान लिया
आज खुला ये राज़
हमारा राज़
किसी ने जान लिया

ओ मस्त नज़र
जाता है किधर
इक तीर सा दिल पे मार के
बदनाम ना हो
बदनाम ना कर
इल्ज़ाम ना दे बेकार के
राज़ हमारा
तू ने जाना
जान ना ले
बेदर्द ज़माना
ओ हो हो हाँ
तुम हो दिल के चोर
करे दिल शोर
तुम्हें पहचान लिया
आज खुला ये राज़
हमारा राज़
किसी ने जान लिया

शर्मा के ना जा
तड़पा के ना जा
इक़रार तो कर ले प्यार का
जब आँख झुके
और लब ना हिले
ये मतलब है इक़रार का
नीची निगाहें
दिल की कहानी
प्यार की है ये
खास निशानी
ओ हो हो हाँ
तुम हो दिल के चोर
करे दिल शोर
तुम्हें पहचान लिया
आज खुला ये राज़
हमारा राज़
किसी ने जान लिया



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