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Kaale kaale baadal mein gora gora chaand

Posted on: May 27, 2022

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Today’s song is from the film Mulaqat-1947.

The film was made by Taj mahal pictures.It’s all 11 songs were written by Munshi Dil Lucknowi and the film was directed by the Lyricist himself. Actually, ” Munshi ” means a Clerk, a writer, a literary assistant or a Language Teacher. How this Munshi directed the movie is a wonder. But then in the Hindi film industry, you find many such odd, unimaginable things. This was not his first directorial venture. He had already tried his hand at film-“Abla ki Shakti’-1940 and after this film, he again directed a film “Do Bhai”-1954. As a Lyricst, he write 126 songs in 16 film which included films like Iqrar-42,Naqgad narayan-43 ( a remake of Marathi film ” पैसा बोलतो आहे”), Sohni Mahiwal-46 and Laila-54. After this he migrated to Pakistan.

In Hindi, films are repeated in different ways like….

1. Same Titles – Commonest type, but not necessary that the film content will be the same. Hundreds of titles are repeated from Twice to more than 5 times. The maximum repetitions’ honour goes to the title ” INSAF “. Films with this title were made as many as 7 times. Funnily, there was at least one “Insaf” movie in each decade for 70 continuous
years ! They were made in 1937, 1946,1956, 1966,1973, 1987 and 1997. What Luck !

2. Same story – Different Titles…like Actor, Damaad and Albela – all made in 1951. Aurat teri yehi kahani-1954 and Aurat Teri kahani-1988. Many others.

3.Remakes….a) Hindi to Hindi – Aurat and Mother India, Abodh and Uphaar, Panghat-Chitchor and Main Prem ki diwani hoon, Hamare Tumhare and Khatta Meetha, Mala and Amar, Grihasthi and Ghar Basake dekho, Malkin and Biradari etc.

b) Other languages to Hindi like Marathi, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu etc. Chandralekha, Bahar, Ladki, Many films from New Theatres, Calcutta.

c) Dubbed films like Jaisimha to Jaisingh. Many films fall in this category nowadays, especially from the south.

There are many such remakes and the lists would be too long. This only proves that a popular theme/story is worth remaking a film. Why does this happen? Are there a shortage of stories ?
In 2004, a book called “Why we tell stories’, written by Christopher Booker was published. It is a book having more than 700 pages-728 pages to be exact. The book says “There are only 7 (Seven) basic plots in the whole world. They are recycled again and again in Novels, movies, Plays and Operas. These are
1.Overcoming the Monster
2.Rags to riches
3.The quest
4.Voyage and return
5.Rebirth or identical persons.
6.Comedy and
7.Tragedy .

After this book was published, there was chaos and criticism started. ‘New York Times’ also jumped in. The author coolly replied to all points and stuck to his statements. If we look at Hindi films, I personally feel that what the author has said is true in our case. Only thing is that our film stories are always a clever mixture of all or some of the above themes.

Today’s movie Mulaqat-47 was also a repeat title film. Films on this title were made in 1947, 1993 and 2002. This was a film with Muslim social background. The cast of the film was Naseem Banu, Prem Adib, Rama Shukla, Mumtaz Ali, Majid, Najma, Shah Nawaz and many others. The story of the film was –

Nasir (Prem Adib) is a school teacher. He and Saeeda fall in love and think of getting married. Saeeda loses her father and orphan Saeeda has to live with her Uncle and Aunt, who ill-treat her. fed up os this treatment she wants to commit suicide under a train, but is saved by a passing by Nawab Saheb (Shah Nawaz). He takes her home and decides to keep her there with them. He has a daughter who is Nasir’s student. Through her, the lovers come together again and decide to get married soon.
Meanwhile Mukarram (Rama Shukla), the vagabond son of the Nawab returns home. promising to mend his ways, he stays there. Now he too wants to marry Saeeda. The Nawab asks her. Under the burden of his help, she can not say ‘No’. The marriage is fixed.
Just one day prior to marriage, the town Police come and arrest Mukarram for a murder, which he had committed and take him away. The nawab is heartbroken. His daughter tells him about Nasi and Saeeda’s love affair. Nawab immediately calls Nasir and arranges his marriage with Saeeda. The End.

Shahnawaz Khan, known only as Shahnawaz, was born on 18-9-1906 in Hyderabad Deccan. His father was a Major in Hyderabad’s Nizam Army. During his school education, he used to act in dramas. After Matriculation, he joined the Govt. Service in Hyderabad state. He was, however, keen on joining films and dramas. After 5 years, he left the job and started a Motor car business. In that connection, he would visit Bombay often and try his luck at different studios. Finally, his efforts bore fruit and he got a Villain’s role in film Bharat ka laal-36, in which he was listed as S.Nawaz. It was a stunt film made by the Kadam brothers (Harischandra rao and Chandra rao Kadam), with Master Bhagwan as the Hero.

After this, he never went back to Hyderabad. Then came his films Daulat-37, Toofani khazana-37, Rangila Mazdoor-38, Jungle king-39, Sardar 40 etc etc. In 1940, he joined Bombay Talkies and worked in films. He was apparently in Devika Rani’s camp. He was seen in Punarmilan-40,Bandhan-40, Jhoola-41, Naya Sansar-41, Kismet – 43 and Hamari Baat-43.He also worked in Masterji-43, Police,Parakh and Anban-44, Zeenat, Bhaijan and Humayun-45 and few more films. In all, he did 35 films in India. In 1948, Shahnawaz migrated to Pakistan. He was welcomed there. He did 41 films in Pakistan (32 Urdu and 9 Punjabi). Some of his films were quite famous, like Aansoo-50, Sassi-54, Ayyaz-60 etc.

Shahnawaz died in Karachi on 18-6-1971. His last released film was Nek Parween-75.

There are two small actors. Here is some information about them, since they migrated to Pakistan after this film.

Majid’s name was Abdul Majid Syed. He was born at Farrukhabad in U.P. in 1915. His father was an Overseer. After matric in 1929, he started his business of Leather in Akola, Maharashtra. in 1935, actor, director and producer Nazeer of Hind pictures, introduced him to S.K.Daryani and he got a small role in Sher ka Panja-36 and Sangdil samaj-36. However, from film Bulldog-37, he got side roles and lead roles in films like Gentleman daku-37, insaaf-37, Rajkumari-38, Masterman-38, Zamana-38, Mud-40, Saubhagya-40, Swami-41, Swaminath-42, he also acted in more films like Najma-43, Babar-44 and Zeenat-45.

In all he did over 100 films till 1947. After Partition, he migrated to Pakistan with Nazeer and Swarnalata. In Pakistan he did just 7 films. He died on 24-9-1959.

Najma was born at Lahore on 1-12-1928. Her father was a businessman. Her real name was Naseem. Since there was already one famous actress Naseem, she changed her name. She first worked in ‘Kunwaara baap’ (1942) and ‘Uljhan’ (1942) Then came ‘Nai Zindagi’ (1943), ‘Dr Kumar’ (1944), ‘Piya Milan’ (1945)’ ‘Naseeb’ (1945) and Mulaqat-1947. Then she got married, left films and migrated to Pakistan.

Today’s song is a duet by Arunkumar Mukherjee and Binapani Mukherjee. The music was by Khemchand Prakash. Enjoy….

Song- Kaale kaale baadal mein gora gora chaand (Mulaaqaat)(1947) Singers- Binapani Mukherjee, Arunkumar Mukherjee, Lyricist- Munshi Dil Lucknowi, MD- Khemchand Prakash


Kaale kaale baadal mein
Kaale kaale baadal mein
Kaale kaale baadal mein
gora gora chaand
jalwa dikhaa kar chala bhi gaya
jalwa dikhaa kar chala bhi gaya
haay chala bhi gaya
ho chala bhi gaya

Kaale kaale baadal mein
gora gora chaand
jalwa dikhaa kar chala bhi gaya
jalwa dikhaa kar chala bhi gaya
haay chala bhi gaya
ho chala bhi gaya

kuchh ro bhi gaya
kuchh gaa bhi gaya

kuchh ro bhi gaya
kuchh gaa bhi gaya
koi bijli giraa kar chala bhi gaya
haan koi bijli giraa kar chala bhi gaya
haay chala bhi gaya
ho chala bhi gaya

aaya thha koi ee ee ee ee
aaya thha koi
?????? liye huye
fariyaad lab par
aankhon mein
toofaan liye huye
mehfil ko phoonk dene ka
saamaan liye huye
apni mehfil ko

apni mehfil ko
apni mehfil to
gaati ki gaati rahi

apni mehfil to
gaati ki gaati rahi

koi aansoo bahaa kar chala bhi gaya
haan koi dukhda sunaa kar chala bhi gaya
haay chala bhi gaya
ho chala bhi gaya
Kaale kaale baadal mein
gora gora chaand
jalwa dikhaa kar chala bhi gaya
haay chala bhi gaya


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