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Kaho Ji Kaho Ji Kaho Ji, Kahin Tumse Hui Hai Mulaqaat

Posted on: June 18, 2022

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This is the 1,100th post by Arunkumar Deshmukh.

Blog Day :

5083 Post No. : 17006

POST NO. 1100  !!!!

Today, I have mixed feelings in my mind. One way, I am happy that I am posting my 1,100th article here and on the other way, I am wondering how did I achieve this all? My first post came up here on 1-10-2012, though I had been posting my comments on the Blog’s other posts since the end of 2010. That time I had not even dreamt that I would ever write 1100 articles here or that I would remain connected with this Blog for almost 10 years continuously.
A habit of seeing old films and jotting down all the film details in my diary later that day turned into almost a career of writing articles on old films, its people, songs and anecdotes etc, in the last part of my life. Not many people start a second inning after retiring from a job of 35 years – that too absolutely unconnected to what one did in the last so many years !
That way my life has been taking unexpected turns at every stage, unconnected with what I did earlier. After coming in the merit list of 12th standard, I joined Medical College. Midway through the first year of M.B.B.S. I left it and joined Agriculture college. I won the All India Best Cadet N.C.C. Trophy at Delhi, as a Senior Under Officer. After graduating in Agriculture, I declined the Govt. Officer’s post in the department and became a Medical Representative in Glaxo, then All India No. 1 company. After 35 years in this field, I retired as General Manager-Marketing !
During this period I excelled in Astrology and won the ‘Jyotish Praveen’ title from Poona Mahasabha. I also earned a Brown Belt in Judo, besides acting in dramas etc. I traveled all over India, Pakistan. Nepal and Sri Lanka, U.K. and USA. After retirement I visited Europe, Switzerland and Australia with my wife.
With all this done, I turned to my original love – old films and music. I learnt how to use a Computer at the age of 71 years and  using old surviving diaries started writing articles on this Blog. I interviewed close relatives of a few old-time artistes and published them on the internet. I have written on Marathi films, Telugu films and even Kannada films on different blogs. There was a time when I wrote on 5 to 6 different Blogs at a time on different topics like history of films and film songs etc. But my first love has always been AtulSongADay. I honestly believe that I could do all this in this field due to the encouragement of Atul Ji. My heartfelt thanks to him. I must also mention the name of Sudhir ji, who has always supported and helped me. We have been very good friends and are in constant touch. Thanks, Sudhir ji.
In this Blog, I got good company from friends, many I have been able to meet also BUT I HAVE YET TO MEET ATUL JI. I have never even talked to him on phone anytime ! I wish that before I end all this game, we meet at least ONCE !
At this juncture, I did some self assessment. I have kept all the logbooks wherein I first hand-write my articles, before typing them. I have 27 such log books chronicling all my 1100 posts as well as interviews, lined up serially with dates of writing, date of posting on the Blog, serial number, film,song and year details of each post. I found out some statistics.
In these 1,100 articles, I have written on songs from films of 1930-40 (152), 1941-50 (417), 1951-60 (412), 1961-70 (46), 1971-80 (27), 1981-90 (8), 1991-2000 (5), 2000-2010(1) 2011-20 (3)  and NFS – 29 = Total 1,100 articles. This works out to 89% posts on films from 1932 to 1960 and only 11%  after 1961. So the fact remains that less than 100 posts are done for films of the post 1961 period, contrary to my estimate of about 200 such posts. This makes me ‘The Grand Old Man’ (पुराण पुरुष) in true sense.
Coming to today’s film, ‘Jhamela’ (1953) was a film made by Master Bhagwan after his colossal hit film ‘Albela’ of 1951. Prior to ‘Albela’, Bhagwan was making and directing only stunt films. The making of ‘Jhamela’ has an interesting history. After ‘Albela’, Bhagwan wanted to make a film called ‘Beta Laadla’ with Raj Kapoor and Nargis. He had talked to Raj and he had accepted it for Rs. 55,000 only. Bhagwan had kept RK’s cheque also ready. Meanwhile there was a party to celebrate the ‘Albela’ success, at Sai Prasad, CR’s house.
During the party, there was a discussion about Bhagwan’s next social film and PL Santoshi announced ‘Jhamela’ as his next film. Bhagwan was surprised and said,”What jhamela ? There is no story, nothing.” Santoshi said “The story can come later. First you make an announcement. The name is catchy and CR will give music”. Due to pressure from guests like S Mukherjee, CR, Santoshi and other guests, Bhagwan made the official announcement.
However, in spite of the success of ‘Albela’, Bhagwan’s luck started going down and down. Though he made many films like ‘Jhamela’, ‘Rangeela’, ‘Bhagam Bhag’, ‘Bhala Admi’, ‘Pyara Dushman’, ‘Kar Bhala’, ‘Shola Jo Bhadke’, ‘Sachche Ka Bolbala’, ‘Hum Deewane’, ‘La Bela’ etc., he did not see same luck again. ‘Bhagam Bhag’, ‘Pyara Dushman’, and ‘Shola Jo Bhadke’ did somewhat better.
It was from the film ‘Albela’ that CR gave music to Bhagwan’s film in his real name. Prior to this, he gave music to his stunt films as ‘Annasaheb’.This type of use of pen names was followed by many MDs. GM Durrani gave music as Gunjan, SD Batish gave music as Nirmal Kumar. Snehal Bhatkar used several names like Vasudev, B Vasudev, VG Bhatkar and Snehal, before taking up another pen name Snehal Bhatkar for the rest of his career. Actually his name was Vasudeo and Snehal was his daughter’s name. These are well known, but today I will tell you 2 pen names FIRST time on the internet – on this Blog! Hardly anybody knows that Anil Biswas gave music to film ‘Begunah’ (1949) in the name of Haribhai. His co-MD in this film was Shyamu – none other than C Ramchandra. This information is given in the Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema by Rajadhyaksha on pages 67 and 190.
Although the team for ‘Jhamela’ was the same as Albela and they tried their best, still ‘Jhamela’ was not successful. Somebody had told Bhagwan that titles ending with ‘la‘ were lucky for him. Bhagwan tried this even, but he did not succeed in films like ‘Jhamela’, ‘Rangeela’, ‘Kar Bhala’, ‘Sachche Ka Bolbala’ and ‘La-Bela’. All this led to Bhagwan’s downfall to rock bottom. He had to sell his houses, cars etc and go back to the chawl where he had started from in his career. Bhagwan is a real case of ‘Rags to Riches to Rags‘.
Today’s song is a duet of Lata and Chitalkar.  I like duets of 2 pairs – Hemant Kumar – Lata, and Chitalkar – Lata, in that order. Even for my 1000th post on 18-8-2021  I had selected a CR song, but it was a chorus of Amirbai, Rajkumari, Durrani, Khan Mastana and CR. Today is 18-6-2022 – a gap of 10 months and 100 songs…an average of 10 posts every month for the last 10 months !
I once again thank all those who helped me in this fruitful journey. Enjoy the CR-Lata duet.
[Author’s Note – Some information is used from book ‘EK ALBELA’ by Isak Mujawar-with thanks. and my notes.]

Song- Kaho Ji Kaho Ji Kaho Ji, Kahin Tumse Hui Hai Mulaqaat (Jhamela) (1953) Singers – Lata Mangeshkar, Chitalkar, Lyricist – Rajendra Krishan, MD- C Ramchandra
Lata Mangeshkar + Chitalkar


kaho ji kaho ji kaho ji
kahin tumse hui hai mulaqaat
suno ji suno ji suno ji
hamen yaad nahin hai ye baat
kaho ji
kaho ji
kaho ji

jhoothe bahaane banaana
ye hai mardon ki aadat puraani
h h
aurat pe bharosa na karna
sun rakhi hai hamne kahaani
hato ji hato ji hato ji
mardon ki jhoothi hai zaat
suno ji suno ji suno ji
hamen yaad nahin hai ye baat
kaho ji
kaho ji
kaho ji

seekha kahan se ye tumne
raah chalte galey pad jaana
tum aise kahaan ke haseen ho
zara dho ke suratiya aana
achchha ji achchha ji achhha ji
tum to din ko bhi kehte ho raat
ja ja
suno ji suno ji suno ji
hamen yaad nahin hai ye baat
kaho ji
kaho ji
kaho ji

jaao bade tum wo ho
pachhtaaye tumhen munh laga ke
parvaah bhi yahan hai kisi ko
jaate ho to meri balaa se
aji bolo ji bolo ji bolo ji
ab kiski hui hai maat
suno ji suno ji suno ji
hamen yaad nahin hai ye baat
kaho ji
kaho ji
kaho ji

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir Kapur)

कहो जी कहो जी कहो जी
कहीं तुमसे हुई है मुलाक़ात
सुनो जी सुनो जी सुनो जी
हमें याद नहीं है ये बात
कहो जी
कहो जी
कहो जी

झूठे बहाने बनाना
ये मर्दों की आदत पुरानी
ह ह
औरत पे भरोसा ना करना
सुन रखी है हमने कहानी
हटो जी हटो जी हटो जी
मर्दों की झूठी है ज़ात
सुनो जी सुनो जी सुनो जी
हमें याद नहीं है ये बात
कहो जी
कहो जी
कहो जी

सीखा कहाँ से ये तुमने
राह चलते गले पड़ जाना
तुम ऐसे कहाँ के हसीं हो
ज़रा धो के सुरतिया आना
अच्छा जी अच्छा जी अच्छा जी
तुम दिन को भी कहते हो रात
जा जा
सुनो जी सुनो जी सुनो जी
हमें याद नहीं है ये बात
कहो जी
कहो जी
कहो जी

जाओ बड़े तुम वो हो
पछताए तुम्हें मुंह लगा के
परवाह भी यहाँ है किसी को
जाते हो तो मेरी बला से
अजी बोलो जी बोलो जी बोलो जी
अब किसकी हुई है मात
सुनो जी सुनो जी सुनो जी
हमें याद नहीं है ये बात
कहो जी
कहो जी
कहो जी


25 Responses to "Kaho Ji Kaho Ji Kaho Ji, Kahin Tumse Hui Hai Mulaqaat"

Dear Arun ji

Many many hearty congratulations on reaching this milestone.

‘Grand Old Man’ – Yes
But as long as there is music in the heart
one is always young

Many more centuries to come, I am sure.

Sincere regards


Sudhir ji,
Thanks a million.
It is this love and feeling of togetherness that is a major factor of Motivation for me to continue writing.
This Blog is Unique and Atulites are Uniquer !
You have given a bright start to my day.
Thanks again.


Arun ji Congratulations & best wishes on another milestone


Congratulations Dear Sir


Thank you, Arvindersharma ji.


Thank you, Prakash ji.


Hearty congratulations and All the best Arunji!
You achieved yet another milestone..
The article has your life journey as well. Very interesting. I didn’t know it. Thank you gor sharing your inspiring journey.
And as usual the article is full of information. Loved it.
Congratulations again!
And thanks a tone for helping me in my posts on my blog.



Dr. Anup ji,
Thanks for your appreciation. I gave my life journey only to stress how one’s life takes unexpected turns.
It is my pleasure to be of use to you for your Blog.

Liked by 1 person

Respected Arun ji ,
Congratulations for the 1100th post
Hats off to you for your great nd grand work .
Thanks a lot for all your write- ups …
Looking forward for many more interesting posts from your कलम .

With best regards ,
Pramod Godbole .


Thanks, Pramod ji, for your appreciation. This is what a writer looks up to.


Heartiest Congratulations Sir ji. You always have been and will remain an ‘inspiration’ for all of us. It was very interesting to know more about your personal journey today and to know more facts of your ‘multi-faceted’ personality.
We salute the ‘The Grand Old Man’ (पुराण पुरुष) of our blog !!!
I have always been a great fan of music by CR. Enjoyed the today’s song, write-up and all interesting information presented in your ‘inimitable style’ on the blog.
I feel myself very fortunate to have meet you in this lifetime and read your articles on the blog, and to have you with us !!!
All the best wishes from us and looking forward to new chapters of the ‘journey down memory lane of golden years of ‘Hindi Cinema’ through your articles.
Thanks and Regards,


Dear Avinash ji,
Thanks for your kind words.
It is always a pleasure to meet an Atulite, because we are a Team here.
Glad that you liked today’s post so much.


I enjoyed reading the article on Jhamela and also on your careers.It was a fascinating reading.
I am too very fond of old film songs and I developed this liking by reading articles in Filmfare by Raju Bhartan who was co editor of the magazine. I am sure you must have read him.
I am also a retired Chartered Accountant by profession based at Delhi.
I am too fond of Atul ji who founded this blog.
I love reading the daily articles.
You may not have met or spoken to him(Atul ji ) but
I would like to talk to you if you provide your phone number and your permission to use it.And why I want to talk is that
I have never been able to talk to any one about film songs with as much knowledge as you have.And I love to talk on old songs as a passionate music lover.
Ashok Mehta
Mobile : 8447770133


Ashok Mehta ji,
I have been reading your occasional comments on this Blog from time to time, since many years and I know you too are a fan of Old films and Old music.
It will be a pleasure to talk to you anytime except between 12 to 4 pm, as these are my lunch and afternoon siesta timings. I sleep at 10.30 pm.
Thanks for your appreciation.


Arun ji,
Hearty congratulations for yet another milestone of 1100 posts.

A large numbers of the readers of the Blog are the beneficiaries of the rare information about the film artists you shared in 1100 posts. I am also the beneficiary of some of the rare information which I came to know for the first time through your posts and comments.

You made the readers richer in their knowledge about the film artists of yore. Your greatness lies in sharing such rare information unstintedly during the last one decade or so on the Blog. With this, you have also rendered yeoman service to the fraternity of unsung film artists.

Keep it up.


Sadanand Kamath ji,

Thanks for your appreciation.
A pat on the back for the work, by an authority of the same kind of hobby, is a reward in itself !
I strongly believe that one must share all the knowledge one has in this field, because it is not his creation , but a collection from existing sources.
यहाँ का ज्ञान यहीं बाट के जाओ l One must die empty…be it earthy riches or knowledge.
I do not bother if credit is not given to me for my writings, used by someone….जो मेरा है ही नहीं उस पर मेरा अधिकार क्या ?. I feel strange when people fight for credit of such a knowledge.
These are my thoughts, which not everyone agrees, I know. They are entitled for their opinions surely.
Thanks again.

Liked by 1 person

Dear Arun ji,

Got a glimpse of your momentous life journey. The meticulous record keeping is praiseworthy.

Congratulations on another milestone. Many more to follow. We ,the Atulites are the beneficiaries. Thank you.

1100/17006…almost 7 % of the total!
Good health, peace of mind, great music and your tireless spirit be with you for at least 2 decades more.


Dear Dr. Shetty ji,
Thanks for your appreciation.
I think the quality of maintaining details-which matter for future- and discipline have helped me to lead a very planned and disciplined life.
The latent liking for old films and songs was awakened by the stimulus given by the accidental discovery of Atul ji’s Blog in 2010 and the rest is history as they say !
Thanks for your wishes.


Superly written.. My wife is big fan of you.she iasking me at 63 to take a leaf from your life. 🙏🙏.. God bless u


Peearkay ji,
Replying to you feels like hitting an arrow in darkness-not knowing who the recipient will be !
We would have been happier to know the real name. Anyway your choice.
Thanks to both of you for your appreciation.


First and foremost : A BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your post number 1100. (I was having my eye on the post count, but as usual missed the moment)
I am going to say Ditto to all that Avinashji, Sadanandji, Doctor babu and other fans of yours have said before me.
Personally I like your habit of sharing your knowledge.
And ‘The Grand Old Man’ (पुराण पुरुष) HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
but you are young at heart that is important.
Hope that we get to meet Atulji someday (have spoken to him a number of times)


Peevesie’s Mom ji,
Thanks for your appreciation. It is comments like this by friends like you that keep me going, really !
We are all like rivers. Originating in different places and merging into the same ocean called the Blog- atulsongaday. The ocean embraces us and we lose our individual identity making us a fan of the music universally !
‘AMEN’ (तथास्तु ) to your hope in the last sentence.


Sir, Congratulations on your latest achievement of 1100th post. Wishing you all the very best for future long term aims and ‘khwaahishen’ too.

Your posts are always full of interesting information and trivia related to lesser or better known film personalities. Your immense contribution in making this blog a place to go to for genuine information about old hindi films is immeasurable.

Thanks and regards.


Mrs.Nahm ji,
Thanks for your very kind words.
Such comments really act like motivation to continue doing what I am doing. Receiving praise from colleagues is soothing and confirms that everyone is watching.
Thanks for wishing me good luck for future.


There is so much to unpack in this wonderful post of yours.
First of all, congratulations on your 1100th – it is testimony to your discipline in writing, and of course, your love for this blog.
May the hundreds keep rolling by.
Then, the amazing life journey which says a lot about your all-round capabilities and interests. Tried different things, never held back from any challenge (including your post-retirement pursuits, for which we are all extremely thankful. :-))
Amazed at how meticulously you have kept your archives, and used them to write posts(mostly by hand first, if I am not mistaken).
And then, categorizing these posts, equally meticulously.
Your discipline is just exemplary – there is a LOT we can all learn from you.
I have always enjoyed reading your posts – they give me so much more information than what is routinely available out there (and often not reliable).
When I read your posts, I am transported to that particular era (whether 1930s or 40s or 50s), because there is always a human story involved, whether of success or failure. Some of these stories are not even necessarily related to a film – they are a reflection of the times.
And it is often behind the scenes, which most people are not aware of.
Your posts are absolutely priceless as a repository of film history – I am SO happy Atul started this blog and it became a platform for your immense knowledge to be recorded here.
Wishing you many more posts, and a lot of good health, Arunji.
Finally, one more thing.
You might refer to yourself as a Grand Old Man, but like Sudhirji has commented, as long as there’s music in your heart, it will always remain young. 🙂

Liked by 1 person

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