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Zara hamse milo hamse milo hamse milo jaan

Posted on: July 5, 2022

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Today (5 July 2022) is the 5100th day for the blog.

Blog Day :

5100 Post No. : 17034

Regulars may have noticed lack of activity in the blog on my part for the last ten odd days. From June 25 till June 28, 7 posts were published and all these articles were posted by Sudhir jee. I had specifically requested him on 24 June 2022 that “it will be difficult for me to find time for publishing new posts from 24 june till 27 June. So I request you to uphold the blog flag for these four days.”

Sudhir jee had promised to do the needful, viz ensuring that we had at least one post on each of these days. He ended up publishing four posts on 27 June 2022, prompted by an over-enthusiastic Avinash Scrapwala, who sent many RD Burman write ups on that day for publication. 🙂

I was extremely busy from the evening of 23 June till noon of 28 June. I was journeying throughout these days, crisscrossing various places, never staying in one place for more than one day. I was in mission mode to achieve mission critical tasks where Icould not afford to fail.

What exactly were there mission critical tasks ?

Convocation ceremony of 2016 batch of MBBS students of LTMMC was to take place on 24 June. As proud parents of our daughter who was among the one hundred plus MBBS students successfully completing their course and internship from LTMMC (Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical college), I and my wife obviously had to be present in Mumbai on this occasion. I took an evening flight from Gorakhpur to Mumbai on 23 june and arrived Mumbai at around 9 PM. My wife, who was at Bhopal, took an evening train (Punjab Mail) at Rani Kamlapati and arrived Mumbai on the morning of 24 June.

The convocation ceremony took place at the iconic Shanmukhananda auditorium of Mumbai, which is located close to LTMMC in Sion, Mumbai. I had read about this famous auditorium many times. Many well known cultural programs have taken place in this auditorium. Portraits of some legendary artists hang on the walls of the auditorium.

The convocation ceremony, which was supposed to start at 10 AM, started late, after 12 noon. The 2700 plus seat capacity auditorium was full of relatives of the students. While there were many from Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra, several sets of parents and relatives had come from all over India, and some from abroad as well.

The 14 dignitaries (including six ladies) who were welcomed and seated on the dais were the “who is who” of medical fraternity in Mumbai.

The function was not a boring affair. These convocations held at Mumbai are very much like the film city functions, full of songs and dances. The students entered the hall dancing to some new popular Hindi movie songs, which I was obviously oblivious of. 🙂 They then took their seats in the front rows of the auditorium.

All the 14 dignitaries gave their speeches. That was followed by the function where individual students were called by name and handed over their certificates, medals etc. It was quite filmy ishtyle program. The name of the student and his/her details would be announced. Then a filmy song would play and the student would make a grand entry on the stage, dancing to that tune. Most of these tunes were new (unfamiliar to me), but I was happy to note that some of the students danced to the tunes of 1970s and 1980s Hindi movie songs as well. 🙂

The medals and certificate distribution went on till after 2 PM. then it was lunch break. After lunch break, four videos, prepared and shot by the students themselves, that showed their stay during these years in the college, were played. My daughter was co producer, director, (and actor too) in one of these videos. 🙂

It was evening when the gala function finally came to a close. The hectic and satisfying day had passed, but another hectic day awaited the two of us the next day. I and my wife had to catch an early morning flight to Gorakhpur the next day (25 June 2022).

We checked in to a hotel near the airport on the night of 24 June. We woke up at 4 AM in the morning and left for the airport. The flight was at 6 AM. We arrived Gorkhpur before time at 8 AM on 25 June which was a Saturday. After arriving at home, I (rather my wife), got busy in the task that was upon us. 90 % of the household items, including the car had already been sent to Bhopal in February 2022. The remaining items were now required to be packed and loaded on a truck to be dispatched to Bhopal. This work is normally done by professional packers, but my wife does it herself.

The truck was dispatched in the afternoon. Then we went to the gas agency and surrendered the gas connection.

The most important ‘item’ that we needed to shift was not luggage, but the two pets, namely Bhole and Izza. The cat had been shifted to Bhopal in February and that was less challenging because the cat went in our car along with wife and daughter. Taking the dogs by car for 1000 km was out of question because the car was no longer there in Gorakhpur. Moreover, the junior dog, Izza, is a very poor road traveller and she gets sick at the prospect of a road travel.

Fortuitously, there was one direct train from Gorakhpur towards Bhopal the very next morning (26 June 2022). It is the only train from Gorakhpur towards Bhopal that has an AC first coach in it. According to Railway rules, dogs can be taken either in dog box kept in Guard van (an unrealistic rule) or in AC first coach, if fellow passengers do not object. The best way to eliminate fellow passengers’ objection is to ensure that we book a two berth coupe (there are two such coupes in AC first coach). I had asked my staff to sound out the person who allots berths in the train including AC first that we should be allotted a two berth coupe.

But that is not all. Dogs are needed to be booked on the train. You need to have health certificate for them issued by a vet who certifies that they are fit to travel by train. That certificate is produced at the parcel office along with owners’ ticket and ID proof. Then a ticket is issued for the dogs allowing then to travel by train. Mostly, this booking of pets takes place one hour before the train has to start and the pets must be presented at the booking office. But that was a very challenging scenario. Gorakhpur Railway station is a very vast Railway station. The parcel booking office is in platform number one, whereas the train leaves from platform number nine. The two platforms are like two terminals of Mumbai Airport. So I sent my staff to convince the parcel officials to issue the pets documents earlier, if possible.

Next morning, my staff, who had reached the station at 5 AM, phoned me informing me that the tickets for the pets had been booked. Booked without taking the pets to the parcel office ! That was a big relief. So we directly reached at platform nine. There is a road running parallel to the platform. So we reached close to our coach and boarded the train along with the pets and luggage.The staff who had got the pets ticket booked handed me the document. I profusely thanked the staff, but failed to notice that the ticket price was Rs 400/-. However, I paid the money to the staff later.

After some initial discomfiture, both dogs, including Izza made themselves comfortable. Bhole, as is his wont being a down to earth dog, preferred to sit down on the floor. I made Izza sit on the lower berth and she soon made herself comfortable there, much to our relief.

Though we had sent most of our luggage earlier, but subsequently my wife discovered some more items that needed to be carried with us. So our luggage had become considerable. In Gorakhpur, the staff took care of carrying the luggage. I needed similar help at Bhopal. So I phoned the mechanical officer at Bhopal and requested for the help of his staff in carrying my luggage. The train arrived Bhopal before time at 8:40 PM (scheduled arrival time was 8:55 PM). The luggage and pets were deboarded.

Our daughter, after her convocation on 24 June had taken a morning flight to Bhopal on 25 June. She was to receive us at Bhopal. All the luggage and the two pets were somehow accommodated in the car. Izza, whom I was holding in the front passenger seat was putting up a stiff fight. Somehow I managed to restrain her while we arrived at the home. So our pets were successfully transported from Gorakhpur to Bhopal.

Next morning (27 June), the daughter had to go back to Mumbai. She drove the car herself to the airport. In the return direction, I drove the car back to the home. By the time we arrived home and had our breakfast etc, the daughter had already reached Mumbai. 🙂

I had my train back towards Gorakhpur in the afternoon. The train got delayed by about three hours. I boarded the train in the evening instead of afternoon, and arrived Gorakhpur at noon of 28 June, instead of morning.

If I was busy till morning on 28 June, the other engagements for the next three days were even more important. It is just that I did not have to travel on these days.

The residence items had all been sent. So I needed some other accommodation at Gorakhpur. I had already booked a transit accommodation room in a Railway Officers rest house. I went there. After getting ready, I went to office and sent the quarter vacation memo to the concerned officials. I asked my staff to find out all the clearances that are required to be taken and to take them promptly. It turned out that clearances from five different departments (electricity, telephone etc.) is needed. My staff got busy arranging for these clearances, while I got busy doing things that needed my presence.

Though we had submitted the gas cylinders and regulator two days earlier, but papers were not given on that day because the dealer was unavailable. I went to the gas agency and waited for an hour before the concerned person arrived and I could take the relevant document with me.

In the evening, there was one get together in the Railway Museum in my honor. Looking at my hectic schedule, the organizers of the function were wondering whether I would be able to attend this function. I managed to attend it. When I was asked to give a speech on the occasion, I gave a long speech, all extempore of course.

The next day, viz 29 June 2022 was rather sedate by comparison as there were no pressing engagements on that day. There was one function in the evening where my staff working directly under me honored me. There too I gave one extempore speech. My contents in this speech were different from my speech of 28 June 2022. 🙂

The next date, viz 30 June 2022 was the all important day. More than the day, I was interested in the next day, the pehli taareekh,viz 1 July 2022, when I had an early morning train to Bhopal. It was the same train in which we had transported our pets from Gorakhpur to Bhopal on 26 June 2022.

I spent the morning of 30 June 2022 packing my stuff. I was under strict instructions from my wife not to leave anything behind, not to misplace anything, and complete my packing well in advance etc. I was trying to do all that but as always, I had to leave my packing till last moment, even though my train was early morning on 1 July 2022.

In the office, I tried to clean up my stuff from almirahs, computers etc. In the computer I had logged in to my accounts of WordPress, Gmail, Office365 etc. I tried to log off from most of them but I ran out of time.

There was a function in the afternoon in HQ meeting hall headed by AGM (Additional General Manager). It was followed by a function in our own mechanical department.

Final program of the day was organised in Railway Officers club at night. Officers and their spouses were present in good number on the occasion. It was organised to honor four people including me. After cultural programs, it was time for speeches. When it was time for my speech, I gave another extempore speech. It was a lighthearted speech containing fun facts that was well received by the audience. I also mentioned the song blog towards the end of my speech. I mentioned that I had a Hindi movie songs related site called Atul Song A Day, ASAD in short. Till today, it was ASAD Gorakhpuri, from tomorrow it will be ASAD Bhopali. 🙂

The speeches were followed by dinner. Some of the guests complimented me for my witty speech, which I had thought up at the spur of the moment.

The club day was over at 10:30 PM. I went back to rest house, tried to complete the packing, but I could see that some packing could only be done at the last moment. I set alarm for 4 AM in my mobile and tried to go to sleep.

It was the alarm that woke me up. Then I realized that I had to get ready for the early morning train. I took bath, packed the remaining stuff, and checked to see that nothing was left behind. The car driver was supposed to arrive at 5 :30 AM. My luggage was all packed. All dues of all people (milkman, newsman, the person who booked my pets) were paid. My mobile which gets discharge very fast was plugged in for charging.

The car arrived. I got the stuff loaded in the car, handed over the key to the reception, and left for the station. Halfway towards the station, I pressed my left pant pocket and realized that my mobile was not there. I had forgotten the mobile back in the room. I asked the driver to turn back, the key was again taken from reception. The mobile, plugged in the power socket, was taken along with the charger. Heaving a big sigh of relief, I restarted for the station.

The train, unlike on 26 June 2022, started late. This train kept getting delayed because it went from a much longer diverted route and that took seven hours longer to reach Bhopal. The train, that was supposed to arrive Bhopal at 8:55 PM on 1 July arrived Bhopal at 4:20 AM on 2 July 2022. My luggage had become sizable and I needed to help of Railway staff this time too. The staff arrived to carry my luggage after I had already unloaded them from the train. Just as I was thinking that I may have to wait, I found my wife entering the platform. So, she had arrived to receive me, along with her sister this time. All the luggage was easily accommodated in her sister’s MUV and we left for the Bhopal home. We arrived there when it was early morning.

Why all these hectic activities ? “Blame” my birthday for this which took place on 20 June. That birthday, unlike the previous birthdays meant that it was finally time to say goodbye to Railway service. In other words, I was to retire on 30 June 2022. All the hectic engagements and functions were being held for that reason.

I am very happy and relieved that I managed to overcome all the logistical challenges successfully without any failure anywhere. It was quite a logistical challenge and it took some meticulous planning and co operation of many that led to successful executions of all the plans that were laid out.

To cut a long story short, with effect from 1 July 2022, I am a retired person settled in Bhopal. So this blog is now officially ASAD Bhopali. 😀

Today (5 July 2022) happens to be the 5100th day for the blog. It is an appropriate occasion for me to break this news to the readers of the blog. 🙂

On this occasion, I have chosen a song from ‘Sher e Watan’ (1971). It was directed by Harbans for New Sunrise Productions, Bombay. The movie had Prithviraj Kapoor, Dara Singh, Nishi, Rajan Haksar, Nadira, Bela Bose, Aruna Irani, Bhagwan, Roopali, Pal Sharma, Dhanraj, Saudagar Singh, Prakash, Trilok Singh, Uma Khosla, Bramhachari etc in it.

The movie had four songs in it. One song has already been covered in the blog. This song is sung by Mukesh and Asha Bhonsle. The song is picturised on two females where one plays the role of a male by attaching a thin mustache under her nose.

Usha Khanna is the music director. The main reason why I chose this song is that it is penned by Asad Bhopali. 😀

I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of the song.

This rarely heard song is a song that grows on you as you get exposed to this song.

It is a nice feeling to be able to join the club of our seniors. Hopefully I will be able to have an active and fruitful second innings like them. 🙂

Song-Zara hamse milo hamse milo hamse milo jaan(Sher e Watan)(1971) Singers-Mukesh, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Asad Bhopali, MD-Usha Khanna
Mukesh + Asha Bhonsle


zara humse milo
zara humse milo
humse milo humse milo jaan
zara humse milo
humse milo humse milo jaan
dekho to dil mein hain kya kya armaan
zara humse milo
zara humse milo
humse milo
humse milo jaan
zara humse milo
humse milo
humse milo jaan
dekhen to dil mein hain kya kya armaan
zara humse milo
humse milo
humse milo jaan

malika e husn
bahaaron ki haseen shehzaadi
chaand ka noor
sitaaron ki haseen shehzaadi
aao in champai honthon ko gulaabi kar den
aao in nargisi aankhon ko sharaabi kar den
in jhuki jhuki nazron pe dil kurbaan
ho jhuki jhuki nazron pe dil kurbaan
humse milo
humse milo
humse milo
humse milo jaan

honth kuchch aur bhi kaanpenge gulaabi hoke
aankh kuchch aur bhi behkengi sharaabi hoke
zulf ki chhaanv mein
is raat ko dhal jaane do
pyaar ki aag mein
do jismon ko jal jaane do
aaj nahin khwaabon mein dil e naadaan
aaj nahin khwaabon mein dil e naadaan
zara humse milo
hey zara humse milo
humse milo humse milo jaan

aag kuchch aur bhi bhadkegi
galey mil mil ke
ik mulaakaat mein niklenge na armaan dil ke
zindagi ab inhin baahon mein basar karna hai
pyaar hi pyaar hamen
shaam o sahar karna hai
tum bhi yahi waada karo
mere meharbaan
tum bhi yahi waada karo
mere meharbaan
zara humse milo
hey zara humse milo
humse milo
humse milo jaan
dekhen to dil mein hain kya kya armaan
zara humse milo

zara humse milo
humse milo
humse milo jaan
dekho to dil mein hain kya kya armaan
zara humse milo
humse milo
humse milo jaan


12 Responses to "Zara hamse milo hamse milo hamse milo jaan"

That is a very informative post on your last days at work. Hope u relax a little before finding new things to keep you busy. Congratulations to your satulite and pets on having you around with them for longer periods now.
Normally people would say “may you find a new hobby” but u already have your hands full because of the blog

Liked by 1 person

IT was nice reading the article.Wish you (now Bhopali ji) all the best for a happy amd healthy retired life ( i mean retired from railway job).

Ashok Mehta

Liked by 1 person

Happy retirement from the railway service Atul ji. We wish you a great healthy, peaceful, musical life ahead.
Enjoyed this post very much. It reminded me the of various places I stayed and got transferred or shifted from there. And all the packing/un-packing, settling down at new places I have to done earlier. Hopefully now we will be staying at Vadodara only.
I had recently listened to the today’s song on ‘Vividh Bharti’ (and noted that this was yet to be posted) so it is still fresh in the mind. Like this song very much.
Wishing you all the ‘very best’ once again !!!


Liked by 1 person

Nishi kohli as male dancer & Sheffali as female dancer feature in the song

Liked by 1 person

But Sheffali’s name isn’t there in credit sequences, (one name roopali is there in the credits,) but i am sure about sheffali. 2 baat ho shakti hai, sheffali ne is film ke liye doosra naam roopali rakha hoga, or sheffali’ s name was not credited at all and roopali is some different actress altogether.


I knew it. I knew we could rely on you to recognize the ladies. I also guessed that Nishi Kohli was dressed as the male.
There is one other actress in the song who is doing something on the sly halfway into the song


Madam ji,
Most probably(on second thoughts) that another actress(in men`s disguise)who appear for a second must be ROOPALI,who plays love interest of actor Brahmachari, in the movie…
I just watched some scenes of the movie….and came to this concusion that Sheffali`s name was not credited in the movie…..


Dear Atul ji,
Welcome to “The Retired persons’ Club”.
When I started reading this post, I thought that you have been transferred to Bhopal. But in the post half portion I learnt that now you have retired from the service and it gave me a small surprise because I was guessing that you must be having few more years of service still.
Anyway, after a successful stint you have retired from the service. For few more days you will have a strange feeling of missing something, but it will be slowly disappearing and you will be ready to plan your post-retirement life.
Now that you have more peaceful time to spend for the immediate family and the far off distributed family of your readers and contributors, you will, I know for sure, enjoy this new experience.
I wish you a very enjoyable retired life.


Aha, Atul ji

A week long set of hectic activities to make you always remember the day you retired.

Congratulations, an important milestone has been crossed in life. I am sure it will bring lot of interesting transformations for you.

And so – finali,
a Bhopali. 😀 😀

Wishing you all the best of health and continued active life style for all the years to come. Retirement is a government rules demarcated artificial event. Life IS, and life continues – as it always does.

Cheers and best regards


Atul ji

Enjoyed reading your post very much, Wishing you all the best in your future life ……



Atul Ji,
Liked your post immensely, written as from a friend to another close one. It reminded me of my own activity at the time my retirement two decades back when I shifted base from Mumbai to Bangalore. Thanks to my colleagues who helped me a lot in getting clearances, retirement dues ( like PF, Gratuity)& also with materials movement. I did not step into my work place since then ( saying it matter-of-fact ly), though a good number of close colleagues are regularly in touch with me till date.
I wish you a happy healthy retired life.


Atul ji,
Wishing you a hugely satisfying, happy, healthy and long Second Innings.
Am happy that this will fetch many more boundaries by your exquisite Square Cuts ( a la Gundappa Viswanath) which will continue to please us ASAD fans for long.
Keep on scoring.
Look forward to meet you again in person whenever I visit Bhopal to see our kins.
Avadh Lal


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