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Vaada hai kya kya hai qasam

Posted on: November 2, 2022

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Regulars on the blog must be remembering that I had presented some Bappi Lahiri songs on the blog.

As I said earlier I am not a big Bappi Da fan but I do like many of his compositions. There was a time which I would like to mention as ‘Justice Chaudhary-Mawaali times’ when I was irritated of the songs composed by Bappi Lahiri and didn’t like them. Even today I didn’t like many of his compositions of those years.

But then there are some Bappi Lahiri songs which I liked and was aware of them since before, and some of the songs are those which I like and I was listening to them since years, but I was not aware that they were composed by Bappi Lahiri.

Today’s song is one such song which I recently get to listen on Radio (Vividh Bharati). And I was not aware that this was composed by Bappi Lahiri.

I like this song and thought that it must have been posted on the blog earlier. But that is not the case. This song is yet to be covered on the blog. I remember olistening to this song before and I think it was quite liked by the public too. May be the movie, the song is from, didn’t do well so this song was also forgotten easily.

This song is sung by Kishore Kumar and that makes it more special and enjoyable and that is another reason that I like this song very much.

The song is from the movie ‘Tai Chor -1980’.

‘Taxi Chor-1980’ was directed by Sushil Vyas for ‘L.D. Enterprises, Bombay’.

It was produced by Lachhman H. Tulsiani, Prakash Bathija and Dilip J. Pariyani.

It had Zarina Wahab, Mithoon Chakravarty, Madan Puri, Abhi Bhattachaya, Bharat Bhushan, Chandrashekhar, Sajjan, Sulochana, Poornima, Indira Bansal, Bhagwan, Rajendra Nath, Dhoomal, Polson, Prem Sagar, Raj Mehra, Murad, Shaikh, Mohammad Ali, Jagdeep, Keshto Mukherjee, Jayshree T., Padma Khanna, Mukri ( in special appearance) and others.

The movie also had the new discovery Anita Sarin and Brajesh.

It also had child artists Baby Lata Malik, Kiran Seth, Sagar Brothers, and Naseer.

Story of this movie ‘Taxi Chor-1980’ was written by Dilip J. Pariyani.
Screenplay and dialogues of this movie were written by Vishwanath Pande. Editing of this movie was done by Baburao Barodekar.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 18.08.1980.

Anjaan was the lyricist for this movie who had written all the four songs in this movie.
Asha Bhonsle, Kishore Kumar, Usha Mangeshkar, Shailendra Singh, Suresh Wadkar and Anwar had given their voices to the songs in this movie.

As mentioned above music for this film was composed by Bappi Lahiri.

Today’s song is sung by Kishore Kumar and on screen it is lip-synced by Mithoon Chakaravarty. From the picturisation of this song it is clear the song happens in a stage show. We can also see Zarina Wahab, Jagdeep and many other female artists in the picturisation. I could not identify the other female artist in this song. (we can also see another Mithoon Chakravarty coming to watch this show 🙂 which means this movie could be having a double role of Mithoon Chakravarty. I have yet to watch this movie).

Let us now enjoy today’s song …



Song-Vaada hai kyaa kyaa hai qasam (Taxi Chor)(1980) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-Bappi Lahiri


roo roo roo roo
ha ha ha ha aa
ru ru ru ru ru oo
o ho ho ho o
ru ru ru ru ru oo
hmm hmm hmm hmmhmm
ru ru ru
haa aa
ru ru ru oo
he ae

waada hai kya
kya hai qasam
kya hai qasam
jaane na ham
waada hai kya
kya hai qasam
kya hai qasam
jaane na ham
ham to sanam
jaanen ye baat
jeena hamen aen hain
tere saath
waada hai kya
kya hai qasam
kya hai qasam
jaanen na ham

ru ru ru ru ru oo
ru ru ru ru ru oo
ru ru ru ru ru oo

ye pyaar to
hai bezubaan
kya chaahe dil
wo jaan e jaan
jaane ye jahaan
kaise dil ki baat
waada hai kya
kya hai qasam
kya hai qasam
jaanen na ham

ye kya lagan
dil mein jagi ee ee ee
de di tujhe
kyun zindagi ee
paagal man ki kya
jaane pyaasi raat
waada hai kya
kya hai qasam
kya hai qasam
jaanen na ham

waada to hai
dhokha yahaan aan
toote qasam
jaane kahaan
chhoote naa kabhi
thhaame ham jo haath
waada hai kya
kya hai qasam
kya hai qasam
jaanen na ham
ham to sanam
jaanen ye baat
jeena hamen hai
tere saath
waada hai kya
kya hai qasam
kya hai qasam
jaanen na ham

ru ru ru ru ru oo
ru ru ru ru ru oo
ru ru ru ru ru oo


2 Responses to "Vaada hai kya kya hai qasam"

Thank you for this melodious song. Heard it many times over the years without knowing details about it. I agree that Bappi Lahiri created some soothing compositions with Kishore Kumar. Also many of the songs he created for Mithun were of various genres.
I just looked up about the lady who walks in to see the show and keeps staring at the two Mithuns. She is Anita Sarin
I don’t think I have ever seen Zarina Wahab dance. She has managed to keep up to the beat and rhythm

Liked by 1 person

One of the best of BL+KK combo songs!!

It was quite a famous song during the 80s.

Thank you for reminding this song!!!!




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