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Aayo re aayo ojha aayo re

Posted on: January 15, 2023

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#the Decade of Seventies – 1981 – 1990 #
(Birth Anniversary – Rajkamal – A tribute)

Today 15th January’2023 is the ninety-fifth birth anniversary of Music Composer Rajkamal ji (born on 15th January 1928 – passed away on 1st September 2005).

Rajkamal has given timeless musical classics such as ‘Saawan Ko Aane Do-1979’, ‘Chashm –E-Buddoor’ to Hindi Film Industry and he also composed the music for B.R. Chopra’s ‘epic serial on TV’ – ‘Mahaabharat’.

He had also sung a few songs in Hindi movies. As a tribute to him on his birth anniversary we will listen to a song sung by him from the ‘1981’ movie ‘Akhand Saubhaagyawati’.

“Akhand Saubhaagyawati” was directed by Rakesh Nahta for ‘Dhwani Prakash, Bombay’. He was also the producer of this movie.

It had Reeta Bhaduri, Arvind Kumar, Kalpana Deewan, Chandrakant Pandya, Nalin Dave, Kanchan Mattu, Kamini Bhatiya, Krupadev Yanik, Javed Mishra, Chandrakant Thakkar, Vishnu Kumar Vyas, Master Bittoo and others.

HFGK Vol-VI (1981-1985) mentions in its foot note for this movie that as per Lyricist-Composer Keshav Rathod (Ahmedabad) this movie was originally made in Gujarati language with the title ‘Amar Rahe Taaro Chaandlo’. Its Hindi edition was made as ‘Akhand Saubhaagyawati’ with re-shooting the whole movie again.
This movie has five songs which were converted to Hindi by Pt. Narendra Sharma from the original songs in Gujarati by Keshav Rathod.

This movie ‘Akhand Saubhaagyawati’ was passed by Censor Board on 10.07.1981.

As mentioned above this movie has five songs written by Narendra Sharma and composed to music by Rajkamal.

Rajkamal himself, Hemlata, and Sushma Shreshtha had given their voices to the songs in this movie.

Today’s song is sung by Rajkamal.

Only the audio of this song is available now. And I guess that the video of this movie and its songs is not available as of now or I could not find them.

Let us now listen to the today’s song which is ‘ojha’ song and talks about the ‘jantar mantar’ by him.

I have not been able to note down correct words at many places and I would request knowledgeable readers to provide the correct words there. And also throw light on this movie and its songs.

With today’s song this movie ‘Akhand Saubhaagyawati-1981’ makes its debut on the blog.


Song-Aayo re aayo ojha aayo re (Akhand Saubhagyawati)(1981) Singer-Rajkamal, Lyrics-Pt Narendra Sharma, MD-Rajkamal


aayo re aayo o
hey ojha aayo o

kaamru des ko bhes dharyo hai
hathheli mein
hathheli mein chaawal raandhu re ae
jantar mantar
baandhoo re ae
kaamru des ko bhes dharyo hai
hathheli mein chaawal raandhu re ae
jantar mantar baandhoo re
jantar mantar
baandhoo re ae

bhooton ki main jamaat baandhoo oo
har amaawas ki raat
baandhoo oo
daakan shaakan
ped ko baandhoo
kharbooje ka khet baandhoon
dhaaga baandhoo
dora baandhoo
chakwaa aur chakoraa
? ko raakhoon bagal mein
dhaandhaa dhoondhoon dhaandhoon re
jantar mantar baandhoo re
jantar mantar
baandhu re ae

kaalaa bhairav
goraa bhairav
meri muthhi mein
rehte sab
bichhu saanp ka
zahar utaaroon
baat bigaadoon
baat sanwaaroon
kaam nikaaloon
jugat jatan se
dartaa hoon bas
Narayan se
A r rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
teej tari hai chaunsath jogan
pal pal
pal pal todoon
saandhu re ae
jantar mantar baandhoo re
jantar mantar
baandhu re ae
jantar mantar
baandhu re ae
aayo aayo o
hey ojha aayo o


2 Responses to "Aayo re aayo ojha aayo re"

Dear Avinash ji,
Thanks for a good post again.
Raj Kamal will always be remembered for his music composition in Mahabharata. Like so many of other deserving MDS, he too didn’t get his just desserts. Wish he had been given more opportunities for scoring music in mainstream films.
I didn’t know that he had also given his voice in some of his compositions.

I heard the missing words as “ Bees tees”.

Once again thanks and regards,
Avadh Lal


Thank you Sir ji. Thanks for your comments. It’s my pleasure that you liked this post. I am a big fan of Rajkamal ji’s compositions and his voice.
His voice appears in two more songs in this particular movie.
It would have really great if would have got more opportunities in Hindi Film Music.
Thank you,
Thanks for the missing words.
With Best Regards,


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