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Hai badh ke farishton se bhi insaan teri shaan

Posted on: January 27, 2023

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Hullo Atuldom

This post is thanks to the morning programs aired by Radio Ceylon (Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation) and Prasar Bharati’s Vividh Bharati today.

The first song that I heard this morning was from the 1967 Bharat Bhushan starrer “Taqdeer”; a song from “Gateway Of India” (1957) was just over. And Jyoti Parmarji announced that the segment was a tribute to yesteryear actor Bharat Bhushan (14th June 1920- 27th January 1992).

The next segment played songs from “Thokar” (1953), Taxi 555 (1958), “Saaranga” (1960) etc; and Jyotiji said that the segment was remembering Sardar Malik (13th January 1930- 27th January 2006).

I am sure if I had listened further, I would have heard some lovely songs of Zia Sarhadi Sahab (1917- 27th January 1997). This youtube link will give us the songs played in that segment.

Then around 9.30 a.m. I switched on to Vividh Bharati and I landed on their “aaj ke fankaar” and I discovered that today is LOIN’s birth anniversary too.

So many yesteryear populars’ anniversaries. So I set out on my favourite activity- trying to find a movie or song featuring at least two of those who are being remebered today. And I had my EUREKAAA!!!! moment sometime back.

Today we are having a song sung by Mohd. Rafi, written by Madan Mohan (not the music director, please note) & Raja Mehdi Ali Khan and composed by Sardar Malik. It is from the movie “Maa Ke Aansoo” (1959). It was a movie which had Hamid Ali Khan, Nalini Jaywant, Neelam, Lalita Pawar, Agha, Ajit Kumar etc. Dhirubhai Desai was the director and more details about the movie can be had in this post Meri jholi ko bhar de of December 27th, 2011. Shri. Arunkumar Deshmukhji has given a brief about the movie in the comments to the post.

I am sure that it is well-known that Hamid Ali Khan was popular as Ajit. He started as an extra in many of his initial films to feed himself. He changed his name to Ajit on the advise of Nanabhai Bhatt. and played the main protagonist in films till sometime in the 60s when he switched to playing character roles and was most sought after villain in movies of the late 60s and most of the 70s. His character in “Kalicharan” (1976) pompously called himself “LOIN” of course that was his way of pronouncing the word Lion; similarly his “Rabbert” for Robert, “Mona Darling” are all unforgettable.
He would have been 101 today.

Sardar Malik passed away this date in 2006. He was active in Hindi Films from late 1940s and gave music for nearly 600 songs. I could readily recollect all the songs that SLBC played this morning. I just thought I will mention here that his children and grand children are connected with the music industry as singers, music directors etc. I also feel like mentioning that Hasrat Jaipuri was his wife’s brother.



Song-Hai badh ke farishton se bhi insaan teri shaan (Maa Ke Aansoo)(1959) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Madan Mohan (lyricist), MD-Sardar Malik


aandhi mein gunaahon ka diya jal nahin sakta
jo bachke aa pahuncha hai
anjaam tera tere hi haathon mein hai naadaan
khud ko zara pehchaan
tu khud ko zara pehchaan
hai badh ke fariston se bhi insaan teri shaan
khud ko zara pehchan
tu khud ko zara pehchaan

maathe se siyaah daag gunaahon ke mita de
gunaahon ke mita de
neki ke diye gham ke andhere mein jala de
andhere mein jala de
do din ki khushi ke liye tu bech na imaan
tu bech na imaan
hai badh ke farishton se bhi insaan teri shaan
khud ko zara pehchan
tu khud ko zara pehchaan

jannat na ?? na yazeedon ke liye hai
jannat na ?? na yazeedon ke liye hai
Allaah ka ye ghar to shaheedon ke liye hai
hai waqt sambhalne ka
sambhal jaa arre naadaaan
sambhal jaa arre naadaan
hai badh ke farishton se bhi insaan teri shaan
khud ko zara pehchaan
tu khud ko zara pehchaan

kya teri duaaon se falak hil nahin sakta
falak hil nahin sakta
is dar se jo tu chaahe to kya mil nahin sakta
to kya mil nahin sakta
thhak jaayega neki se buraayi ka ye toofaan
buraayi ka ye toofaan
hai badh ke farishton se bhi insaan teri shaan
khud ko zara pehchaan
tu khud ko zara pehchaan
hai badh ke farishton se bhi insaan teri shaan
khud ko zara pehchaan
tu khud ko zara pehchaan


1 Response to "Hai badh ke farishton se bhi insaan teri shaan"

Wah… you got the combination song to celebrate 3 anniversaries. Zia Sarhadi, Sardar Malik and Ajit, in one song. Keep bringing it on, with more such posts.

It really is nice to listen to SLBC programmes.


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