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Imtihaan hum pyaar ka de ke

Posted on: February 1, 2023

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In this article, I will explore the song, ‘imtihaan ham pyaar ka de ke, raah dekhe kya hai nateeja’ from ‘Dil Hi Dil Mein’ (2000) which was remade in Hindi from the 1999 released Tamil film, ‘Kadhalan Dhinam’ (Valentine’s Day). The Hindi film was partly dubbed and partly reshot as two of the supporting actors – Anupam Kher and Johny Lever were not the part of the original Tamil film. The lead actors in both the versions were Sonali Bendre and Kunal Singh who debuted as the lead actor in both these films. I had heard the song under discussion long time back without knowing the name of the film. In fact, I was not aware of either of these films until recently.

The story and the review of the film which I read online did not push me to watch the film. It is beyond my imagination that Johny Lever acted in the film as a professor in the business management school and helped his student to write love letters. However, love affair of hero and heroine through internet was probably an innovative idea in 1999. I watched video clips of almost all the songs and selected a song for discussion as mentioned above which, in my view, was the best song from the film. I have also watched the original Tamil song, kaadhal ennum thervezhuthi penned by Tamil poet and lyricist, Valli (real name: T S Rangarajan). The song was picturised in around Sydney.

The love song under discussion which will be the first song from the film to appear on the Blog, was written by P K Mishra. While S P Balasubrahmanyam sang for Kunal Singh in Tamil version, Srinivas sang for him in Hindi version. Swarnalatha sang for Sonali Bendre in both the versions. It is said that this song is one of the favourites of A R Rahman and he includes this song during his concerts in India and abroad. This song (both Tamil and Hindi) is also remembered for two of the artists associated with this song – Kunal Singh and Swarnalatha – who passed away in their young age.

Kunal Singh (29/09/1976 – 07/02/2008) committed suicide in Mumbai when he was 32. At that time, he had shifted to Mumbai and turned producer with his under-production film, ‘Yogi’. It was speculated that he was depressed as his acting career did not take-off after the initial success of his 3 Tamil films. Subsequently, his 4 films failed at the box office in a row and about half-a-dozen Tamil films were either shelved or did not get released.

Kerala born Swarnalatha (29/04/1973 – 12/09/2010) had a phenomenal rise in her career as a playback singer. During her active years 1987-2006, she is said to have recorded over 1000 songs in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, and Urdu with her immaculate pronunciation in each of these languages. At the peak of her playback singing career, she suffered from a rare lung disease for which there was no cure. After spending about 3 years in anonymity, Swarnalatha succumbed to lung disease on 12/09/2010 at the young age of 37. [Swarnalatha’s detailed biography is here ].

Coming back on the song under discussion, the singing voices of Srinivas and Swarnalatha sound fresh and pleasing to the ears. There is a magical exuberance in Swarnalatha’s voice when she sings ‘dola dola dola dola, man dola dola dola’ and in her humming at the end of the song in the audio clip. Both her renditions are mesmerising.

The melodical treatment of the song points to 1950s style. The prominent use of Flute in the prelude and Mandolin in the first interlude also give that impression. However, the rhythm is foot tapping throughout the song. The rhythmic patterns in this song remind me of the song, ‘achchi lagti ho’ from ‘Kuchh Na Kaho’ (2003) which have, more or less, similar rhythm though musical instruments may be different in use. The song ends with postlude of mukhda tune majorly played on violins, flute, mandolin and on the double bass. In audio clip, the song ends with humming by Swarnalatha of the mukhda tune.

A R Rahman has done the fusion again, this time between 50’s melody and 90s rhythm.

This is the last of my five articles on fusion songs.

Video Clip:

Audio Clip:

Song-Imtihaan hum pyaar ka de ke (Dil Hi Dil Mein)(2000) Singers-Srinivas, Swarnalatha, Lyrics-P K Mishra, MD-A R Rahman

Lyrics (Based on Video Clip)

imtihaan ham pyaar ka de ke ae
raah dekhen kya hai nateeja
imtihaan ham pyaar ka de ke ae
raah dekhen kya hai nateeja


imtihaan ham pyaar ka de ke ae
raah dekhen kya hai nateeja
imtihaan ham pyaar ka de ke ae
raah dekhen kya hai nateeja
naa aaya yakeen dil ko
jab naam apna dekha
kaagaz pe wo tere dil ke
ye aankhen huyi hairaan
sach hai sach hai jo dekha hai
dilbar tan-man apna
hamne vaara tum pe
dola dola dola dola
man dola dola dola
dola dola dola dola
man dola dola dola

haa aa aa
gori gori ye kalaayi teri chhoo loon zara
teri choodiyon se dhun koi chhedoon zara
gori gori ye kalaayi teri chhoon loon zara
teri choodiyon se dhun koi chhedoon zara
jis pal tu ne chhuaa mujhe zara zara
mujhe haya bhi aayi dil ko aaya maza zara

tere roop ki sharaab
aankhon se peete hain
sachche maikash to aise hi hote hain
zindagi youn hi beet rahi thhi sanam
tere milne se jeene mein aaya hai dam

imtihaan ham pyaar ka de ke
raah dekhen kya hai nateeja
imtihaan ham pyaar ka de ke
raah dekhen kya hai nateeja
dola dola dola dola
man dola dola dola
dola dola dola dola
man dola dola dola

mera roop hai tum se khila khila
khushiyon ka hai tum se hi sila sila

maine rab se jo maangi dua dua
unhin duaaon ka tum hi to ho na sila sila
ab to pyaar ki barsaat honi hai din raat
chaahe kuchh ho haalaat
dena pyaar ka saath
youn hi apni mohabbat phoole phale
ye kaarwaan youn hi chala chale

imtihaan ham pyaar ka de ke ae
raah dekhen kya hai nateeja
imtihaan ham pyaar ka de ke ae
raah dekhen kya hai nateeja
dola dola dola dola
man dola dola dola
dola dola dola dola
man dola dola dola

imtihaan ham pyaar ka de ke ae
raah dekhen kya hai nateeja


2 Responses to "Imtihaan hum pyaar ka de ke"

I have heard this song multiple times since yesterday. The more times I hear and see it, the more I want to. Swarnalatha must have sung many songs for ARR, and he could be playing this song in his shows, as a memory for the talented singer.

I think the music interludes are different tunes. There are more tunes then the basic rhythm of the song, or it just sound that way, because of different instruments.

Lyricist’s job is the toughest, when a song needs to be translated from another language and the hindu/urdu words are to be fitted in the same rhythm and tune. I guess P. K. Mishra’s has done excellent job here.

The song sounds similar to this one:

Thank you for bringing this song to the fore.


Nahm ji,

I have seen a video of ARR concert in which the song under discussion was rendered by Sadhana Sargam for Swarnalatha.

The modern musical instruments can create rhythm sound without using the percussions. I guess, ARR has created an ensemble of rhythm using different instruments in the interludes. The melodic part in the interludes (also called secondary melody) are played prominently in string instruments which is not necessary to be the repeat of primary melody (tune of the song).

About the song you have attached with your comments, I feel that tune is not similar but lyrical contents in both the songs convey, more or less, convey the same feelings.


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