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Arree muniyaa ree muniyaa

Posted on: February 20, 2023

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#the Decade of Sixties – 1961 – 1970 #

‘Bachpan’ was directed by K.P. Atma for ‘Atma Arts Universal, Bombay’. K.P. Atma co-produced this movie with K.H. Rao.

It had Sanjeev Kumar, Master Sachin, Junior Mehmood, Shahid, Anwar Hussain, Mukri, Sunder, Joginder, Baldev Mehta, Keshto Mukherji, Aruna Irani, Sulochana Chatterjee, Tabassum, Pratima Devi, Baby Gayatri, Baby Guddi, Master Alankar, Naeem and Tanuja.

Story of this movie was written by K.P. Atma. Screenplay and dialogues were written by Raj Baldev Raj. Editing of this movie was done by Shivaji Awdhut.

This movie had made its debut on the blog on 30.08.2010 with its most well-known song Aaya re khilaune waala. I still remember that in my childhood days I used to think that this song and the song ‘chandaa ko dhhonndhhne sabhi taare nikaal pade’ were from the same film. May be there is something common in them as they come from the same composers Laxmikant-Pyarelal.

I had earlier presented a song from this movie ‘Bachpan-1970’ in May ‘2021 which was a song for Junior Mehmood, Sachin and other child artistes in this movie.
I had not watched this movie then but I always wish to watch it. Also before this song in May’2021 one other song from this movie was presented under ‘blog ten-year challenge’ on 30.08.2020, so I always want to see this movie gets covered with all its song. And since I have also not watched this movie I want to watch it too. (While presenting the first song from this movie on the blog Atul ji also mentioned that if reader has watched this movie should mention about the idea of this movie here).

Recently I watched this movie and I like it very much and enjoyed it a lot. The plot of the movie is good and it keeps one engaged till the end. So even if you are watching it on TV at home you do not get bored.

The sub-plots of this movie have well interwoven with the main plot of this movie seamlessly. The songs also help the story to move and do not make any hindrance to it.

So here is a brief about this movie.

As the title of this movie ‘Bachpan’ suggests it is the story of three childhood friends played by Sachin, Junior Mehmood and Shahid (or Naeem? I am unable to identify him). In the movie they play Ram, Rahim and Tom respectively.

Sachin’s father has been killed by Anwar Hussain who is an active ‘smuggler’ and runs a ‘sharaab ka thhekaa’ to hide the smuggling activities. Ram is being taken care by his aunt (Sulochana Chatterjee) who is Nekiram’s (Anwar Hussain) sister. But she hates him due to his ‘crime’ and tries to keep Ram safe from him. Nekiram has also got hold of one ‘puraani haveli’ which he rumoured people that it is a ‘haunted one’ but stores his smuggled goods there.
Rahim (Junior Mehmood) lives with his father who is taangawaala (Mukri). Mukri is a habitual drinker and a regular feature at Nekiram’s ‘thhekaa’ where he also used to play gambling and keep losing every time there. Once, when he loses everything he puts his horse on stake and loses it too. Which he regrets later and do real ‘mehnat’ to pay the debt and bring him back again.

Tom’s parents are Keshto Mukherjee (a lawyer, whose importance is realised in the end of the movie) and Tabassum (obsessed with her figure to contest Miss India and Miss Universe). Tom has a unhappy childhood since his parents always have issues between them and specially his mother never taking care of him.

Ram, Rahim and Tom learn together in a same school where Sundar is their teacher and here we get some comic relief in between as the children often doing lot of ‘pranks’.

Lajjo (Tanuja) lives with her Mom (Pratima Devi) and is ‘flower seller’ (phoolwaali). She sells flowers for offering to god even if somebody doesn’t pay her. But if you pay her and still want to carry the flowers for a ‘other woman’ she will not give that at any cost 

Now we come to the hero of this movie i.e. Sanjeev Kumar-Kashi. Kashi is a ‘toy-seller’ having two kids-master Alankar and Baby Guddi (I guess)). Geeta Siddharth plays Kashi’s wife. They are happy family where Kashi do his ‘toy-selling’ and singing ‘aaya re khilaunewaala’ till tragedy struck them. It so happens, that Kashi’s father in law is serious and his wife and children have to travel by boat to see him. But the boat gets drowned in the ‘vortex’ of the river water and all of them are lost forever.

After this incident Kashi drink severy evening in the ‘gham’ of ‘their memories’…

Ram, Rahim and Tom love their Kashi Chacha and they request Lajjo to give them a child for Kashi Chacha so that he will overcome his sorrow, unaware of how a child is born. Lajjo too has a soft corner for Kashi.

And now the turning point, Kundan -Joginder (Shelly) is a side-kick of Nekiram (Anwar Hussain) and often has a fight with him over his ‘hissaa’ from the earnings which Nekiram always try to avoid discussing and paying.

Nekiram want to get rid of Kundan so he had a plan. Aruna Irani gets an opportunity here and she performs a dance at Nekiram’s ‘thhekaa’. Kundan already getting intoxicated by then. Taking advantage of Kundan’s condition Nekiram took him to ‘bhutiya mahal’ and kills him in the fields nearby. Hearing the noise around Kashi goes there and falls upon Kundan’s body with his shirt getting soaked with blood of Kundan…

Kashi is arrested, as just days before Kundan’s murder he has threatened Kundan to kill him when he had tried to molest Lajjo.

So, everything in place for Nekiram to frame Kashi in the murder of Kundan…

But, the three boys are the eye-witnesses for Nekiram murdering Kundan and they take help of Tom’s father Keshto Mukherjee who is a lawyer and inform police about Nekiram. Nekiram’s sister also comes to court and tell the court about Nekiram killing Ram’s father. Knowing this Ram wants to take revenge and follows Nekiram who is trying to leave the place…

Finally everything gets settled and the boys and their friends get Kashi and Lajjo married …

dekho maine gudde ki
shaadi hai rachaayi…

meri pyaari gudiyaa ki
baaraat hai aayi


This movie had total six songs which were written by Anand Bakshi and composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal.

So far, four songs from this movie have already been posted on the blog. Today we present the ‘penultimate song’ from this movie. This song is the first song appearing in the movie.

Sanjeev Kumar lip-syncs in Kishore Kumar’s voice in this song introduces him to the audience as well as the children in the school…

We can see our three main child artistes and others in the picturisation of this song. This song is a nice hummable song.

Let us now enjoy the song …


Song-Arree muniya ree muniyaa (Bachpan)(1970) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


ari muniyaa ri muniyaa
tu bataa main kaun hoon
ari duniyaa ri duniyaa
tu bataa main kaun hoon
ari muniyaa ri muniyaa
tu bataa main kaun hoon
ari duniyaa ri duniyaa
tu bataa main kaun hoon

sikandar hoon
kalandar hoon
machhandar hoon
ke bandar hoon
pehchaanon o
jaanon o
main kaun hoon
pehchaanon o
jaanon o
main kaun hoon

behroopiyon ka jag deraa hai
ae ae
behroopiyon ka jag deraa hai
chehre ke andar chehraa hai
baahar waala hai duniyaa ka
aur andar waalaa mera hai
juaari hoon
pujaari hoon
bhikhaari hoon
shikaari hoon
pehchaano o
jaanon o
main kaun hoon
ari muniyaa ri muniyaa
tu bataa main kaun hoon
ari duniyaa ri duniyaa
tu bataa main kaun hoon
sikandar hoon
kalandar hoon
machhandar hoon
ke bandar hoon
pehchaano o
jaanon o
main kaun hoon

main koyi khilaunewaala hoon
main koyi khilaunewaala hoon
kyaa jaadoo tonewaalaa hoon
dekho naa tang karo mujhko
warnaa main ronewaalaa hoon
main jhoothhaa hoon
ke sachchaa hoon
main bachchaa hoon
ke kaashi ee
kachchaa hoon
pehchaano o
jaano o
main kaun hoon

pehchaanon o
jaanon o
main kaun hoon


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