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Bigdi mein koi poochhnewaala nahin hota

Posted on: February 26, 2023

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Mukesh and his Composers – 23

This post is dedicated to Shri Harish Raghuwanshi ji of Surat for his pioneering work in collating songs and providing invaluable information on films and artists.

Mukesh’s collaboration with composer Lachhiram hardly rings any bell and rightly so as “they never worked in any film”.

With some surfing on the net, one comes across two devotional NFS that Mukesh sang for him. With more rigorous search one can find references of some rare and untraceable couplet that Mukesh sang in Lachhiram’s last film Main Suhangan Hoon released in 1964.

Arguably, this was the last as well as the most famous film that he scored music for. All available compilations of this film’s songs on the net and elsewhere rightly contain 7 songs. In fact, this film is also yipped on this blog with all the 7 songs duly represented.

And this is where the work of Harish ji comes into picture. In his latest version of Mukesh Geetkosh, there is no reference to this film in the index. However, under 1964 songs, there is a special mention that Mukesh rendered a short 33 second couplet in this film.

Thus, with all eagerness, I started to “watch” the film on youtube where it is fortunately uploaded. Apparently, the credit titles do not reflect Mukesh’s name under playback singers. But then a little over half an hour into the movie, there is unmistakable voice of Mukesh for the said couplet.

The first thought that came to my mind on hearing the 33 second rendering was to thank Harish ji for all the painstaking efforts that he has taken to compile almost everything that Mukesh ever sang.

Music lovers and especially Mukesh fans will always remain indebted to Harish ji.

A short table of the two NFS and this couplet under consideration are presented in the table below as far as the work of Lachhiram and Mukesh is concerned. Needless to say, even the two NFS are yet to be covered on the blog.

S. No Name of the song Movie (Year of release) Lyricist
1 Chhod jhamela jhoote jag ka Devotional NFS Madhukar Rajasthani
2 Ram kare so hoy re manvaa Devotional NFS Madhukar Rajasthani
3 Bigadi main koi Main Suhagan Hoon (1964) Unknown

One can only guess as to why the composer who never used Mukesh for his work, thought of including his voice for such short snippet in the film. One could be that during the recording of these two NFS, the composer must have felt that a short song be introduced at this juncture of the film to depict the suffering and state of mind of the actor. And he must have felt that the voice of Mukesh could do justice to the scenes.
Anyway, these are just presumptions, and the real reasons may never be known.

I have requested multiple tasks to our Sudhir ji, including attributing the lyrics, cutting of the snippet from the film and uploading, lyrics etc. I thank him in advance for all his help in completing this post.

I have not dwelled much into the life and works of Lachhiram. However, plenty of information on Lachchiram can be found on AK ji’s blog.

song-Bigdi mein koi (Main Suhaagan Hoon)(1964) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Unknown, MD-Pt Lachchiram


Bigdi mein koi
poochhne waala nahin hotaaa
aa aa aa aa
sau deep jalaao o to o o
ujaalaa nahin hota

5 Responses to "Bigdi mein koi poochhnewaala nahin hota"

By above yardstick the two liners sung by Rafi Saab in SHIKAST(1953) at the end of the movie will qualify to be in blog ?


Mahesh ji,

I am sure some more rare snippets like this will come up in the days to come.

Yes, the pioneer Harish ji deserves all respect and gratitude.


Mahesh aka Mukesh,
Great discovery and show the passion of seeker. “Jin dhoondha tin paiyan.”

Liked by 1 person

Mahesh Ji,
Thanks for the post. Liked it for the efforts made to unearth this ‘little’ rendering by the great Mukesh Ji.
Sung to touch the heart.


Dr, Pradeep, AKji and Shenoy ji,

Many Thanks for your comments.

Dave ji,

The blog has certain unwritten rules such as version songs even having different lyrics and the same mukda are counted as single song only etc.

As such, prior and due permission is taken from editors for songs or snippets as the above along with available supporting evidence.

This is the only blog or place on the www where all artists are given equal significance and more importantly, the info is as accurate and authentic as it can be. The renderings however short they may be, get a place, importance and recognition here.

Regarding the Rafi saab Shikast (1953) snippet, IMO, its a great find and is worth including. However, it seems to end very abruptly. If you have additional info or complete verses, please post here. Someone may pick it up for his/her post.



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