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Doctor baabu doctor baabu haal suno beemaaron ka

Posted on: March 19, 2023

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#the Decade of Eightees – 1981 – 1990 #

Yesterday (on 18th March 2023) evening, Peevesie’s Mom ji called me to tell me how once again I got a ‘song’ posted on the blog that she had on her mind. It happened when she herself was about to start writing her write-up having done lots of background research (e.g. watching the movie etc). No, she was not remonstrating with me, rather she wondered how the both of us thought on the same wavelegth including selecting the same song for the same occasion. This had happened not once but twice on recent days.

Among other things we discussed she gave me ‘heads-up’ for the coming birthday of the only ‘Medical Doctor’ in the ‘Atulites’ Group which was next day i.e. today (19 march 2023). She also suggested a song that she had in her mind.

When Peevesie’s Mom called me I was already doing my daily browsing of the blog and looking for the songs yet to be posted. So, while the discussion was still on I searched for songs having the word ‘Doctor’ in it and found a song which I was aware of but had forgotten it in recent years.

Till then I was not sure if I will be able to do a write-up and send it to Atul ji for today’s posting.

Thereafter I did a search for ‘doctors in Hindi movies’ on Google. The results were interesting and almost all searches gave me some common names of movies which had left their impact with their presentation about the ‘noble profession’ of Doctors and Nurses as well.

The list of movies included movies from the ‘golden period’ to newest films. For example the very recent movie which had a character of Doctor i.e. ‘Kabir Singh’.

There is a long list of articles that were thrown up as a result of my ‘search’.

I would also like to mention here the common movies which featured almost in every of the articles are ‘Dr. Kotnis Ki Amar Kahaani’, ‘Anand’, ‘Khamoshi’, and ‘Ek Doctor Ki Maut’. Readers may be surprised for the omission of ‘Dil Ek Mandir’ or there might be many ‘titles’ which one may feel should have been a part of ‘every list’ or at least common in many lists.

The above names featured in the list because these movies try to give a ‘different perspective’ to the profession. Movies where the ‘noble profession’ was shown as ‘sacrificing’ and ‘noble’ too got excluded because they actually show how the ideal Doctors should be and how the society looked at the Doctors as a ‘demi-god’.

The discussion on this topic could be endlessand. One will also require to watch the movies having the portrayals of Doctor or even a smaller role of Doctor in the movie whether portrayed in good or bad light.

So, I thought why not to put this as a ‘point of discussion’ here, as which actor or actress has done justice to the role of a doctor ? Or Nurse? Or as a Compounder? Now a days we can add the front-desk executive etc etc 🙂 too.

If this question was posted to me whom I would have selected ?

My choices would be V. Shantaram, Rajendra Kumar, Balraj Sahni, as a ‘doctor’ in any case, and then Sanjeev Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Abhi Bhattacharya, and on the other side Smita Patil, Nutan, Rakhi, Waheeda Rehman, Mala Sinha, Hema Malini and Mehmood as a ‘compounder’ … etc.

Let our team members and readers also give their list of names in the comments on this article, as to who they liked very much as an ‘on-screen doctor/ nurse etc’ or even a particular role of an actor or actress in a movie as a doctor/nurse.

But, wait … I have one interesting ‘article for all us – movie buffs and for all Doctors too, who love movies’ …

This link featured in my ‘search’ and it is an interesting study published in ‘The National Medical Journal of India’ with the title ‘Changing portrayal of doctors in Bollywood films, 1940-2020: Is it time for introspection?’ (published on 29.01.2022).
In this study the article mentions ‘sixty-eight’ movies divided under two tables viz. TABLE -1-‘Thirty of the sixty-eight movies reviewed but not included in the analysis’ where we have movies like ‘Koshish-1972’ to ‘Dear Zindagi-2016’.

The second table i.e. TABLE-2 is for ‘Thirty-eight of 68 films that were both viewed and their plots reviewed’ has movies like ‘Dushman-1939’ to ‘Kabir Singh-2019’.

The above study gives an in-depth discussion of characters of the Doctors in the movies, the social relevance of the character in the movies, the ethical and non-ethical side of the profession shown in the movies, the ‘corruption’ angle in the profession and how the portrayal of Doctors have changed in the movies over these years as a whole. Also the ‘new ‘out of the way solutions’ sought for the treatment of the patient’ and other.

This article definitely is an interesting read and it urges for the ‘introspection’ in the profession vis-à-vis films and society today.

Earlier I had thought to give the list of movies mentioned in the article here, but then, I think there would still be many movies where readers would have liked the ‘doctor’s portrayals’ even if it was a very small role on screen. Like, I would like to mention the role of Sanjeev Kumar and Rakhi in ‘Kaala Patthar’ (it is there in the list), Shatrughan Sinha in ‘Aa Gale Lag Jaa’, Rajesh Khanna in ‘Phir Wahi Raat’, Satyen Kappu in ‘Kati Patang’ etc. The list can go on … Even I might be forgetting and missing many now…

So, I leave this topic here now for the readers to throw more light and share their findings here.

We come to the purpose of this post and that is to ‘Wish a Very Happy Birthday to our Dr. Pradeep Kumar Shetty ji’. We wish him a ‘healthy, prosperous, and peaceful, musical life’ ahead in the future.

For me, I had to visit a doctor just a day before yesterday for some viral infection after a long ‘tour’ of ‘two-weeks’ and travelling thereof. But other than the physical problems there were some ‘thoughtful observations’ too which I sometime wish to share to Doctors whom I visit. I wish they should give hearing to this part too and try to find answers to my questions ( 🙂 ). Even the ‘psychiatrists’ too should try to look beyond the problems and try to ‘read between the lines’ of patient that he tells them describing his problem or what he feels’.

But, our doctor is a ‘doctor of bones’. So I would like to ask him if he can find some way to treat the ‘emotional’ and ‘sentimental’ bones (if any) in people and if these can be cut out and added more to the ‘funny bones’ or ‘can the philosophical bones’ be removed from a body?

“doctor baabu
haal suno beemaaron kaa
likh do koi nuskha
ham pyaar ke maaron kaa aa”
(pyaar ke maare – also including as generous kind hearted person) 🙂

Now … the song under diuscussion… a lovely composition of Pancham Da penned by Anand Bakshi and sung by Asha Bhonsle.

On screen it is the ‘dream girl – Hema Malini’ performing it for Rajesh Khanna who is trying to get rid of her (Kaka in is inimitable style doing it as always) …

(I guess that the picturisation of this song was done in the near-by locations of our Doctor Saab’s home state?).

The movie is ‘Hum Dono-1984’. It was written, directed and edited by B.S. Glad.

Tony Glad was the producer of this movie.

Its cast includes Rajesh Khanna, Hema Malini, Reena Roy, Johny Walker, Jagdeep, Mukri, Mohan Choti, Keshto Mukherjee, Asit Sen, Shubha Khote, Birbal, Dinesh Hingoo, Pilu Wadia, Jugnu, Johny Whisky, Viju Khote, Ravindra Kapoor, Madhu Malini, Leena Das, Sujata, Iftekhar, Ram Mohan, Prem Kumar, Bhushan Tiwari, Dhruv Kumar, Shashi Kiran, Sudha Shivpuri, Shaktijeet, Roopesh Kumar, Om Shivpuri and others.

Premnath had a special appearance in this movie, while Shammi and D

This movie had five songs composed by R.D. Burman. Lyrics for all the five songs were penned by Anand Bakshi.

Let us enjoy the song now …

This movie ‘Hum Dono-1984’ is making its debut on the blog today for Doctor Babu and joins its ‘hum-naam’ ‘Ham Dono/Hum Dono-1961’ on the blog…



Song-Doctor baabu doctor baabu haal suno beemaaron ka (Hum Dono)(1984) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman


doctor baabu
doctor baabu
haal suno beemaaron kaa aa
doctor baabu
doctor baabu
haal suno beemaaron kaa
likh do koi nuskha
ham pyaar ke maaron kaa aa
doctor baabu
doctor baabu
haal suno beemaaron kaa
likh do koi nuskha
ham pyaar ke maaron kaa aa

dekho mere ae
dil ki haalat
mere dil ki dhadkan sun ke
door shahar se
laayi hoon main
saare shahar se
ho o
tum ko chun ke
aankhon hi aankhon mein matlab
samjho mere ishaaron kaa
likh do koi nuskha
ham pyaar ke maaron kaa aa
doctor baabu
doctor baabu
haal suno beemaaron kaa
likh do koi nuskha
ham pyaar ke maaron kaa aa

main to tumhre ae
paas hoon raja
par tumhra
aur kahin hai
sab ki tum ko
fikr hai lekin
mera koi
ho o
dard nahin hai
o bedardi
door kiyaa hai
tumne dard hazaaron kaa
likh do koi nuskha
ham pyaar ke maaron kaa
doctor baabu
doctor baabu
haal suno beemaaron kaa
likh do koi nuskha
ham pyaar ke maaron kaa aa

laa laa laa laa
laa laa laa laa
laa laa laa laa

neend naa aaye
chain naa aaye
kya is rog kaa
naam bataaun
tum hi dekho
aao tum ko
apne dil ki
ho o
chot dikhaaun
dilbar ke bin
kaun maseehaa
hota hai dildaaron ka
likh do koi nuskha
ham pyaar ke maaron kaa aa
doctor baabu
doctor baabu
haal suno beemaaron kaa
likh do koi nuskha
ham pyaar ke maaron kaa aa
doctor baabu
doctor baabu
o doctor baabu
o doctor baabu
kahaan chaley ae
thhehro o
doctor baabu
aa haa..


2 Responses to "Doctor baabu doctor baabu haal suno beemaaron ka"

A very nice post on Doctors.
I have very vague memory of this movie. The Rajesh Khanna in this song is not the ‘Doctor’ character in the movie. This one has found his way into the ‘Doctor’ Rajesh Khanna’s nursing home where Hema Malini discovers him.
Then there is the usual “adla-badli” confusion that all double role movies have.


Avinash ji,

What a pleasant surprise! A nice birthday gift. Thanks a ton for the thought and the execution.

HUM DONO is the remake of Kamal Hasan starrer SOMMOKADIDHI SOKKOKADIDHI, Telugu, 1979. Singeetham Srinivas Rao was the director. This was their first film together. Later, they went on to work in PUSHPAKA VIMANA, APOORVA SAHODARGAL, MICHAEL MADANA KAMARAJ etc. Jayasudha and Roja Ramani were the heroines. Interestingly, it was first conceived as a Kamal, Rajnikant film. It was dubbed in Tamil and Malayalam. Was remade as GADIBIDI KRISHNA in Kannada in 1998 with Shivraj Kumar as the hero. Saw this in Mysooru as a first year MBBS student. Saw almost all Kamal starrers then.

Yes, it is shot at Bengaluru palace.

Well, it makes 3 of us . I am also collecting information about ‘ Medical ‘ themed movies and have made a list. I can say 4 ,actually, because Mahesh ji also tried to Google about the same and sent me a list. I have 2 short posts ready to Yippee DR KOTNIS and 4 more ( in the thought process ) to debut on the blog.

Thanks again for the lovely post. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Go’s bless 🙌


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