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Chhoti si chiraiyya ud ke chali kis gaaon

Posted on: April 24, 2023

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In this article, I propose to explore the film ‘Mimi’ (2021) which was a remake of a Marathi film, ‘Mala Aai Vhhaychy!’ (2011) [meaning, I want to be a mother]. The film is about surrogacy. The Marathi film was produced by Samruoddhi Porey, a lawyer in Bombay High Court. The story was based on one of the surrogacy cases she handled in the High Court. The film won the National Film Award for the best feature film in Marathi. While the Marathi film was a complete melodrama, ‘Mimi’ (2021) added some situational comedy elements to reduce the impact of melodrama.

‘Mimi’ (2021) was produced by Dinesh Vijan under the banner of Maddock Films and was directed by Laxman Utekar. The star cast included Kirti Sanon, Pankaj Tripathi, Sai Tamhankar, Manoj Pahwa, Supriya Pathak, Evelyn Edwards, Aidan Whytock, Jacob Smith, Jaya Bhattacharya etc.

The film was majorly shot in Mandwa in Rajasthan during October to December 2019 and thereafter in around Jaipur in February-March 2020. When only 5 days’ shooting was required for completion of the film, the imposition of first coronavirus lockdown on March 25, 2020, derailed the completion schedule. The leftover shooting could be completed only in January 2021 and the patchwork shooting involving the foreign artists for continuity purposes were completed thereafter. Film was planned for a theatrical release in May 2021 when the second wave of coronavirus forced the authorities to clamp lockdown from the mid-April 2021. So, ‘Mimi’ (2021) got released on the digital platforms – Netflix and Jio TV on July 27, 2021.

The gist of the story of the film, ‘Mimi” (2021) is as under:

Mimi (Kriti Sanon), a dancer in a small town in Rajasthan is aspiring to be an actor in Bollywood. For her aspiration to become true, she needs to earn money for the preparatory work in becoming an actor which she tries to do so by her dance programme. But this does not give her enough money.

An American couple are in India who are looking for a surrogate mother. When staying in a hotel in Rajasthan, they watch Mimi’s dance and zeroes on her as the possible surrogate mother. They entrust their driver, Bhanu (Pankaj Tripathi) as a middleman to convince Mimi for surrogacy. After initial reservation, Mimi agrees to become the surrogate mother for the American couple for Rs.20 lakhs which will more than take care of her preparatory expenses to become an actor in Bollywood. She signs the contract of surrogacy. After a successful surrogacy procedure in a hospital, Mimi is declared pregnant. The American couple is happy. They take care of Mimi’s financial requirements for the next few months before they depart for the USA.

Now, the problem for Mimi is how to conceal her pregnant tummy from her parents and the rest of society in her town. Mimi lies to her parents that she is going to Mumbai for 9 months for a film shoot. She shifts to stays with her friend, Shama (Sai Tamhankar) who is her singing/dancing partner for the dance shows and stays in the other part of the town. On the instructions of the American couple, Bhanu also joins her.

After few weeks, the American couple returns to India to check the progress of Mimi’s pregnancy. They take her to the doctor for a check-up which reveals that the child is likely to be born with some deformity. Both Mimi and the American couple are shocked. The American couple returns to US without informing Mimi and advises her through Bhanu that she should get the child aborted. Mimi refuses to do abortion and instead she and Bhanu return to her home town in Rajasthan. Now the pregnancy is known to her parents as well as the town. To hide her surrogacy, Mimi tells her parents that while in Mumbai, she got married to Bhanu and the child in the womb was that of Bhanu. After some hesitation, Mimi’s parents accept to take care of her.

Few weeks later, Mimi delivers a baby boy with fair skin, blue eyes and the blond hair. People make fun of Bhanu as to how he could be father of such a fair skin and blond boy. In the meanwhile, Bhanu’s real wife and mother also comes to know that he has a son from a different woman. Bhanu, however, successfully convinces that the boy is born out of surrogacy, and he has only lent his name as Mimi’s husband to hide the truth. Due to his unique unusual appearance, the boy is loved by all around him. Both Mimi’s and Bhanu’s families accept the baby boy. They are all happy with a growing child around them. Raj is now 4-year-old.

After watching a viral short video of Mimi dancing with Raj, the American couple visits India and land in Mimi’s house. They demand the child back as per the contract. Mimi, who is now emotionally attached to Raj, refuses to part with Raj to the American couple. They plead that his wife, out of depression, tried to commit suicide and only the child would bring happiness in her. Neither Mimi nor their family is ready to hand over the child. The American couple decide to take the legal course to settle the issue. Mimi’s family also consults a lawyer who tells them that to fight the case, Raj would need to be present in the court for every hearing. Mimi does not want 4-year Raj to go through such an ordeal and confuse him further about his status. She decides to handover Raj to the American couple.

The film ends with the entire Mimi and Bhanu families unanimously agreeing to handover Raj to the American couple only to be told by them that they have already adopted an Indian girl child as they feel that Raj would be happy with Mimi, his biological mother.

The film raises the important issues – social, emotional, and legal, concerning surrogacy. After watching the film, the audience would be forced to think as to how far surrogacy is morally and ethically right due to its commercial nature. Anyway, in India, under the new Surrogacy (Regulation) Rules, 2022, the commercial surrogacy has been banned. Even for altruistic surrogacy, there are very tough conditions to be met before getting approval for a surrogate mother.

The film was critically acclaimed. Kirti Sanon was appreciated for her performance as a surrogate mother. Pankaj Tripathi’s performance was excellent. Other actors fitted very well in their respective roles. Due to coronavirus, the entire financial arithmetic of the film’s budget went awry, first because of the delay in release of the film and secondly, it did not get the theatrical release. With the passage of time, the film has stated to have not only recovered the cost but has also earned some profit as per box office report.

The film has 7 songs, all written by Amitabh Bhattacharya and set to music by A R Rahman. I present the first song, ‘chhoti si chiraiyya udke chali kis gaaon’ to appear on the Blog. The song is sung by Kailash Kher. This is a very emotional song played in the background when Mimi and her families starts the day’s activities waking up Raj from the bed, getting him bathe and feeding him. He is ready with his new dress and the baggage to travel. There are melodramatic scenes involving Mimi, her family and neighbours during the duration of the song. Raj, unaware of the his final disconnect with his biological mother and the family, is in a happy mood. The family travels in the car with Raj and reach the premises to hand him over to the American couple as the background song comes to an end.

The prelude and interlude music have some shades of Carnatic style which add to the poignancy of the song.

Video Clip:

Audio Clip:

Song-Chhoti si chiraiyya udke chali kis gaaon(Mimi)(2021) Singer-Kailash Kher, Lyrics-Amitabh Bhattacharya, MD-A R Rahman


chhoti si chiraiyya aa
chhoti si chiraiyya
udke chali kis gaaon
chhoti si chiraiyya aa
chhoti si chiraiyya
udke chali kis gaaon
reh gaya daana
reh gaya paani
sooni bhayi amuwaa ki chhaaon
muniya mori
sooni bhayi amuwaa ki chhaaon
chhoti si chiraiyya aa
chhoti si chiraiyya
udke chali re kis gaaon aan

ajab niraali moh ki maaya
samjhe samajh nahi aaye
angna se tohri chehak to jaaye
tohri mehak nahin jaaye
nain samandar saath bhale par
bhare na karejwaa ke ghaav
muniya mori
bhare na karejwaa ke ghaav
chhoti si chiraiyya aa
chhoti si chiraiyya

de vidaayi mein tujhe kya keemti saamaan
de jaa nindiya rain ki subah ki le muskaan
bhar ke apni chonch mein
le jaa hamre praan
aa aa aaa aa
chhoti si chiraiyya
chhoti si chiraiyya
udke chali kis gaaon
reh gaya daana
reh gaya paani
sooni bhayi amuwaa ki chhaaon
muniya mori
sooni bhayi amuwaa ki chhaaon
muniya mori
sooni bhayi amuwaa ki chhaaon

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