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Hum jahaan mein aaye hain aansoo bahaane ke liye

Posted on: May 6, 2023

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2013-2023) – Song No.113

On this date ten years ago (6 May 2013), six songs from six different movies (plus one non film song) were covered in the blog. Here are the details:-

Post No Song Title Name of the movie Remarks
8046 Bhala thha kitna apna bachpan Hemant Kumar NFS(1941)
8047 Raushni apni umangon ki luta kar chal diye Naadaan (1943) 4 songs covered out of 11 by now
8048 Kis tarah bhoolega dil unka khayaal aaya huaa Village Girl (1945) 11 songs covered out of 12. Final song not available as of now
8049 Najariya mein aaiho Nadiya Ke Paar (1948) Movie YIPPEED in the blog with this song
8050 Wohi rota hua ek dil Lahore (1949) 9 songs covered out of 10 by now
8051 Jahaan jaayenge deewaane wahin mehfil jamaa lenge Isi Ka Naam Duniya Hai (1962) 3 songs covered out of 8 by now
8052 Dil haarne waale aur bhi hain Dil Diyaa Dard Liyaa (1966) Movie YIPPEED in the blog with this song

We observe that two movies (out of six)) whose songs were covered in the blog on this date ten years ago (on 6 May 2013) have since been YIPPEED in the blog. Both these movies in fact got YIPPEED on this very day ten years ago. That leaves us with four unYIPPEED movies that are eligible for Blog Ten YEar Challenge. Two of these unYIPPEED movies have just one song left to be covered. But these songs were rare and elusive songs. These movies are “Village Girl” (1945) and “Lahore”(1949).

The final song of “Village Girl”(1945) continues to be unavailable. Final song of “Lahore”(1949) was also turning out of be just as elusive. So it came as a pleasant surprise to me when I found this song in my inbox to be covered under the Blog Ten Year Challenge today. Personally I was unable to locate this song but Prakashchandra, who sent me the lyrics of the song managed to discover it. On checking up, I found out that this song was uploaded one year back. In one year, this song had just 35 views and one like !

The movie “Lahore”(1949) was produced by Jaimini Dewan and directed by M L Anand for Jaimini Dewan productions,Bombay. The movie had Nargis, Karan Dewan, Kuldip, Pratima Devi, Om Parkash, Gulab, Balakram, Randhir, Urvashi, Ram Avtar, Kathana, Chanda Bai, S.BabuRao, Lalit Mohan, Manohar etc in it.

“Lahore”(1949) had ten songs in it. Nine songs have been covered in the past. Here are the details :-

Blog post number Song Singer/s Posted On
1126 Bahaarein phir bhi aayengin Lata Mangeshkar 20 April 2009
2389 Duniya hamare pyaar ki yoon hi jawaan rahe Karan Dewan-Lata Mangeshkar 5 April 2010
2771 Toote huye armaanon ki ik duniyaa basaaye Lata Mangeshkar 12 August 2010
4975 Sun lo sajan meri baat Lata Mangeshkar-Karan Dewan 10 November 2011
8050 Wahi rota hua ek dil Karan Dewan 6 May 2013
8355 Ik aas badhaaye jaati hai Lata Mangeshkar 16 July 2013
9878 Us dil ki kismat kya kahiye Lata Mangeshkar 4 June 2014
12420 Bhagwaan kahaan hai Manna Dey 3 October 2016
15518 Hamne circus mein naukri kar li G M Durrani 5 April 2020

Here is the tenth and final song from “Lahore”(1949) to appear in the blog. The song is sung by Karan Dewan. Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Shyam Sundar.

Only audio of the song is available. In case this song was picturised, it was obviously picturised on Karan Dewan himself.

Lyrics of the song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.

With this song, “Lahore” (1949) finally has all its songs covered in the blog. The movie thus gets YIPPEED in the blog and joins the list of movies that have already been YIPPEED in the blog.

Song-Hum jahaan mein aaye hain aansoo bahaane ke liye (Lahore)(1949) Singer-Karan Dewan, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Shyam Sundar


hum jahaan mein aaye hain aen
hum jahaan mein aaye hain aen
aansoo bahaaney ke liye ae
aansoo bahaaney ke liye ae
ik tamashaa banke duniyaa
ik tamashaa banke duniyaa
ko hansaane ke liye ae
aansoo bahaane ke liye

kuchch sisktee aarzooyein
kuchch sisktee aarzooyein
kuch tadptee eee ee
kuchch tadptee hasratein
dil ko ye daulat milee ee ee
dil ko ye daulat milee ee ee
duniyaa basaaney ke liye ae
aansoo bahaaney ke liye ae
hum jahaan mein aaye hain aen
aansoo bahaaney ke liye ae
aansoo bahaaney ke liye

woh bhi gham kee aag ko o o o
woh bhi gham kee aag ko oo
badhkar hawaa dene lagey
maine jo tinkey chuney thhe
maine jo tinkey chuney thhe
aashiyaane ke liye ae
aansoo bahaaney ke liye ae
hum jahaan mein aaye hain aen
aansoo bahaaney ke liye ae
aansoo bahaaney ke liye

ae meri taqdeer kee
ae meri taqdeer kee
gardish mujhey ae ae ae
gardish mujhe itnaa bataa
kab talak ronaa padegaa
kab talak ronaa padegaa
muskuraaney ke liye ae
aansoo bahaaney ke liye ae
hum jahaan mein aaye hain aen
aansoo bahaaney ke liye ae
aansoo bahaaney ke liye ae


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