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Readers farmaishes

Seeing that I receive farmaishes (requests) from my readers , It would be a good idea to have a separate page for that. So here is this page. Please use it to give your farmaishes for songs that you may like me to include in the blog. Just make sure to check that the song asked by you is not yet posted. You may refer to the pages that shows the complete lists of posted songs (by movie/ by music director/by year- as the case may be) for reference.

Thanks !


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In your directory of films,I tried to locate Ranjit Movietone film’ Pardesi'(1942) but could find,this film has some good songs namely one duet,its opening lines Dahiwali hamari gali aiyo kasam tohe Ramji ki’ this song was very popular in those days,we had a HMV gramophone at our home and often use to paly repetitively ,it was good innocent fun!!
I have tried on different links to find this song but could not trace it,if
any of your film enthusiastics/fans have any information about this song.
Thanks again Sir.

Three songs of “Pardesi” (1941) are available in the blog. Some more songs from this movie are available on internet but the song mentioned by you does not seem to be available online as of now.

The three songs of this movie that are available in the blog are:

I have a 78-rpm record of this song in my library. I can email you a smaller size attachment.

bas mein karke bebas ka gaye film padmani 1948

I have one song many years old ” aare de daan Choote Grahan ” I only know this line of song .Any help or name of the film will be appreciated.
Shekhar vaishnav

This line is in the song ‘Ae bambu bam bolo’ and this song is in the film ‘ Mausi’. Try on you tube or try the link

D Samant

Samantji, I am searching for a song, whose first few lines are..” Tak dhin tak dhin tak dhin tak, Main shubha hun yeh hai chintak, shubha chintaka chintaka chintaka……. ” and so on. It is a duet of KK and Manna da.( probably) of the year around 1974 +/- 2. A sarcastic song about politicians. I dontknow the film nor the MD. Could anybody place it? Regards, Mujumdar

Dilip ji I think this is the song you are searching for:
Randhir Kapoor,I.S.Johar
manna Dey,Kishore Kumar
Gulshan Bawra
Rahul Dev Burman

Sorry for the type It should be Khalifa(1976)

Dilip ji
See like this way 🙂 Hope my way of communication served your purpose.


Please if you have them, i would like to receive more hindi devotional songs (bhajans). Thank you.
Lila Soerjoesing

As many as 209 bhajans have been posted so far.

Can you post the song “Jadon teri duniya…” from the film “Sassi Punnu” (1968)?

This blog is for Hindi movie songs (as defined in HFGK). The movie “Sassi Punnu” (1968) is not a Hindi movie.

Here is a rare song from the movie Sher-e-Baghdad(1957)….I would like to know if this was the first movie where anand bakshi was the lyricist since bhala aadmi came in 1958 and this movie released in 1957….this song though was written and tuned by Jimmy & sung by Geeta Dutt –

Sharma ji,
The above song is written by James singh aka Jimmy and NOT by Anand Bakshi.
What probably was meant by you was a song in film ‘ Silver king’-57 ” Gaadiwaan kheench,zindagi ki gaadi”,which was Bakshi’s FIRST song written as Anand only.

Thanks for the info…i’ve mentioned jimmy as the writer….according to hindigeetmala and myswar there is a song sung by Shamshad Begum called ‘Vale Balle Vayi O Vale Vayi’ written by Anand Bakshi…this was the song i had in mind…but you’ve cleared my doubt…thanks

Can anyone provide any mail id or other contact details of Mr Atul or Arunkumar Deshmukh

It is written in the about page, viz.


The Wiki page for Kabban Mirza has a reference to a song “is pyar ki basti mein/hum rahte hain masti mein/duniyan hamein kya samjhe/duniyan hamein kya jaane” that was supposed to have been sung by Kabban Mirza for the movie Sheeba.

While there is another movie, with almost the same word (Jungle King, 1954, see ), I wondered if there is ANOTHER version of that song that was sung by Kabban Mirza…. May I request that this song, if so sung by Kabban Mirza, be include in the blog?

Thank you

Atul ji,Reference to Kabban Mirza reminds me of the song sung by Kabban Mirza in late sixties, “Unke baghair jee ke Bhala kya karenge hum”. I think it was from Captain Azad. I could not find it on YouTube. In case you have it, lease post.

— Sent from Mailbox

On Sat, Jul 5, 2014 at 5:48 PM, atul’s bollywood song a day- with full

Pradeep ji,Kabban Mirza was associated with Jungle King as Assistant Director. I don’t know whether he was the same Kabban Mirza. The singer Kabban Mirza was a part time singer and full time announcer on Vividh Bharati. Those who have listened to Vividh Bharati in late sixties and early seventies may remember him for his easy, friendly manner of speaking. He was less popular than Amin Sayani, but was more natural and his style was laced with gentle humour. Today’s RJs can learn a thing or two from his announcements to avoid the irritating loudness we hear daily on radio.

Neeraj Mittal — Sent from Mailbox

On Sat, Jul 5, 2014 at 5:48 PM, atul’s bollywood song a day- with full

Neeraj ji, thank you, I did not know that he (or a Kabban Mirza) was associated with Jungle King. I did, however, know that the rich, humorous voice was that of Mirza saab. As you said, today’s RJ’s tend to be rather intrusively loud.

Kindly check inbox (squarecut.atul@gmail) & reply back

Hello !

I suggest a new category called ‘ Mahabaleshwar Songs ”

Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani, in 1970’s , were cool , pleasant, relaxing & unspoilt .
During those years , a lot of songs were shot there .
The movies were mostly in colour & songs (most of them ) melodious .

Those, like me ,who have seen Mh’shwar in 70’s ,now regret it’s current state.
Anyway, the world has moved .
The duets , with just hero & heroine singing around trees & flowered bushes , are no more.
Neither that Mahabaleshwar-panchgani exist.

Those video songs are the only link to that beautiful hill station .

I can suggest two songs to start with –

Kabhi Raat din hum door the – from ‘ Amne Samne’

Aaye din bahar ke title song.

Both songs have a common location , on the way to Arthure seat point.

Please consider my request.

Can anyone provide any information regarding Actors Shahu Modak & Manhar Desai.

Can anybody please say which film music or song has been used as the signature tune for old Radio Ceylon ” Badalte huwe Saathi”

Acharya ji ,signature tune used for Badlte huwe Sathi program on slbc is from film Chandni chawk `s Dance music. .Composer Roshan lal Nagarth. HMV has also released 78 Rpm record for same. dance sequence.

Thank you; see, though we do not know each other and may never meet, love for music had brought us together. Good luck and best wishes. Pramod Acharya Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2014 07:47:49 +0000 To:

Hello Atul,

What a Goldmine, this site of yours. Absolutely loving it.

I need some help locating a song. I have been searching for quite a while and I cannot seem to locate it. Google throws up wild suggestion.

All I remember are the first two lines.

yahi khwaish hai tum mujhe dekha karo. Aur meri jaan mai tumhe dekha karl.

It is from a really old movie that aired on Doordarshan in the mid 90s.

I don’t remember its name nor any of its actors. I just thought you might know !

It was also used in an TV Ad sometime in the 2000s.

Looking forward to the gems !

Hello Singhs,
The song you are looking for is the nautanki from Teesri Kasam. While you will get this herd with excellent write up and meaningful intro.,, if you want it immediately you can find it on youtube in my channel “neerajmital”. The song is in two parts, each has a different style and tempo. Here is the link.

Hello Neeraj. what a surprise ! I know the movie and its songs but I never imagined the song was from this Teesri Kasam. Greatly appreciate the help !

I was surprised to see that only three songs out of minimum eight of RK’s Bobby are on the blog. We can hear the remaining on YT but without intro from some one of you we don’t feel like listening.( We then feel that it is our own) Please can you do something ?

D Samant

Recently I watched on YOUTUBE an old Sohrab Modi’s Prithvivallbh film which has some melodious songs, one which I liked ‘Tailap Ki Nagari Mein Jana Nahin,Gana Bajana Nahin’,I have browse your library and could not find any songs of this film, interestingly this film music director were Saraswati Devi and Rafiq Gaznavi,this film was produced in 1943 storey based on famous Gujarati author and politician Sri Kahnaiyalal M Munshi.

Can someone post this song of Shatranj-69 with the English translation?

Khyati ji,

The Lyrics are like this- baktamma baktamma baktamma
yekada potora yekada potora ikada ikada ra
yenkana yenkana yenkana yenkana
yekad potora yekad potora ikad ikad ra
chinama chinama chinama chinama
yekad potora yekad potora ikad ikad ra
yenkana yenkana yenkana yenkana
yekad potora yekad potora ikad ikad raare

oye jani pasha bakthamma bakthamma
ram jani pasha bakthamma bakthamma
mai aaj bajane wala hu tere dil ka tasha bakthamma
dil ka tasha bakthamma bakthamma
yenkana yenkana bakthamma bakthamma bakthamma oh bakthamma
yenkana yenkana yenkana yenkana
ikad potora ikad potora ikad ikad ra
baktamma baktamma baktamma
ikada potora ikada potora ikada ikada ra

mere hosh udha diye ye kar yu kar na
aankho se pila de yu kar na yu kar na
masti me duba kar dil ko mere diwana bana de yenkana yenkana
bakthamma bakthamma yenkana yenkana bakthamma oh bakthamma
baktamma baktamma baktamma
ikada potora ikada potora ikada ikada ra
yenkana yenkana yenkana yenkana
ikad potora ikad potora ikad ikad ra

tere sad ke jaau baktamma baktamma
tujhe apna banau baktamma baktamma
teri pyari pyari surat ko palko me chupau ye kar na
palko me chupau ye kar na
bakthamma bakthamma yenkana yenkana bakthamma oh bakthamma
yenkana yenkana yenkana yenkana
ikad potora ikad potora ikad ikad ra
baktamma baktamma baktamma
ikada potora ikada potora ikada ikada ra
yenkana yenkana yenkana yenkana
ikad potora ikad potora ikad ikad ra
baktamma baktamma baktamma
ikada potora ikada potora ikada ikada ra

BATKAMMA is a Deity in Telangana State and there is a hugh festival celebrated in Telangana area for Batkamma.The language used in this song is Telugu (Yakkada=where,Potau=going,Ikkada=here,Raa=come)
The lyrics are actually meaningless and there are many spelling mistakes too in it. I have , however, corrected the First para and here is its translation-
Batkamma-3 where are you going,come here
Venkanna,where are you going,come here
Chinnamma where are you going,come here
Venkanna,where are you going,come here

Same way the entire song goes.
Mehmood has sung few more songs in other films also,having word
‘ Bathkamma’. In one of my comments,on this Blog,sometime back,I have given detailed explanation on it.
Hope,you got what you wanted….atleast to some extent.


ps–The song ‘Ramiah vastavaiyya also is similar…meanig Ramaiyya,will you come ? That is also Telugu.

Thank you Arunji
for this much of information about the song.

Khyati ji ne mere mann ki baat aapko likh dee, aur aapne uss khwahish ko pooraa kar diyaa

one more confusion,
whether this “bathkamma” is the same word as in the case of Raj kumar(Shankar Jaikishan-Lata/asha-dance song)
song “Naach rey mann bakkamma or badkamma or bathkamma or bakthamma ??

Sorry for bothering you for more about this.

Thanks again

All are same.

Arun ji

Thanks again


Oh Arunji,
I have no words to say thank you for all the work you have done for me. So much details you have provided just for me. Initially I had a feeling that this song may be like a showpiece but now after understanding the meaning of those words, your comment of the lyrics being meaningless is justified.
I never knew that Ramaiah (or ramiah) vastavaiyya are Telugu words. Question is why Shailendra ji used Telugu words in this song as any character of this movie is not from the south part. The song of Shatranj is relevant to Mehmmod’s character.
Thodi pareshaani aur de rahi hoon aapko –
What does “Muthukodi kawadi hadaa” means? The song is from Do Phool.
Can we add this song of Shatranj to our main page? Arunji has provided the full lyrics with the explanation.


Khyati ji,
Thanks for your comments.
” Muthukodi kawadi hadaa” is actually
” Muthu kodakka Vaarihara “.
Here,Muthu is the name and the meaning is ‘ will you come by to kiss me ?’.
In Shri 420 song,the MD was Shanker-Jaikishen. Shanker Raghuwanshi was from Hyderabad,hence the Telugu words.


Thank you for the correct words Muthu kodakka Vaarihara and it’s meaning. If Muthu is the name then I can replace it by any name…. 😉 right? Dekhti hoon ki hamaare pati parmeshwar par iska asar hota hai ki nahin… 😆
Shanker of SJ duo was from Hyderabad is news for me.

hullo Arunji/ Khyatiben
but “Muthu” in kerala and Tamil Nadu means Pearl also. so will this mean that “Muthu kodakka Vaarihara” is “will you come and give me a pearl?”

Although I have been reading interesting information from your website for a number of years, I have posted occasional comments only during last two years.

I would like to know if the following is possible (your response to my e-mail address will be appreciated).

1. Is it possible for me to contact Mr. Arunkumar Deshmukh directly? If so, would you be kind enough to forward his e-mail address?

2. I would like to communicate some direct comments to Mr. Atul. The current method of communication means my comments are automatically posted. Is there a way to contact Mr. Atul?

I enjoy the website. Hope to hear from you. soon.

my email id is mentioned on the about page. It is

Atul ji , Naman

I am an avid visitor of your blog and love to read the unique comments made by you and other esteemed readers !!!

What I miss in your blog is —- Movies Based on Ragas ——

Bollywood movies are filled with songs which are based on ragas !

Could you please compile all the songs based on different ragas till date with your golden comments ??? You may use the above as a Topic !!!!!

I know, this is a Herculean Task but then I am requesting to Atul !!!
Who can do it with a breeze !!! I Know That !!!

We in the blog do things that are within our competence. If we have to mention the Raag behind the song, then we need a volunteer who is conversant with Raags and who is willing to tell us which Raag is present in which song.

Well, that I can try and give you the list of songs based on different ragas.

Atul ji, please post this Duet from unreleased film “Jaan Bachi To Lakhon Paaye” sung by Mahendra Kapoor & Hemlata. “Tere zulf mein chamke champe ke kaliyan”

Thank you very much atul ji. I found this song in your blog posted on 14.11.2014.

Atul ji, I have been seaching for a sad rain song which I heard in radio ceylon about 45 years back. It was a very popular song broadcasted specially during monsoon. It may be a nonfilm hindi song sung by Hemlata, Usha Mangeshkar or kamal barot. I just remember some lyrics. The song starts with heavy thunderstorm “badraa mat garjo mere angana, pardes jao, mere piya ko sandesha pahucha do”. I request old music lovers to help me in tracing this melodious song.

Atul Ji, I am still waiting to hear from you or someone who can help me in tracing above song.I request old music lovers of radio ceylone to recollect and provide some clues.

Atulji, nobody responded to my above request. If you have any contact with old film song related persons, please place my request before them and trace the song. I am desperate to hear the song. I wonder how such a popular melodious song escaped everybody’s attention. Kindly acknowledge having seen this posting.

I have been visiting your excellent blog quite often. Very interesting information and interaction among readers. Congratulations!
I would like to request an old song from the movie “Naya Aadmi” (1956)
“gariibo.n kaa pasiinaa bah rahaa hai,
ye paanii bahate-bahate kah rahaa hai”
Very nicely composed song with powerful lyrics by Rajender Krishna.

I have tried very hard to get this song. I hope you can help. There is a song by Manna Dey with the words, “Ek se din na rahe kisi ke, Samay badalata jayate, Raat ka Teri din bhi hoga, Raat se kyun ghabaraye….”
I heard this song many years ago and now it is lost. Please help me to listen to this song with full lyrics. I don’t know whether it is a non-filmy song or is from an old movie. Thanks.

I am still waiting to hear from Atulji or someone who can help me to find out above song and its details. Would appreciate your help.

ksmehta ji,

The song you mentioned may be this song,which I have heard in the early 60s and I feel the lyrics were almost what you have mentioned,though I am only 75 % sure.

Song- Samay Badalata Jaaye re…Non Film Song
Singer- Manna Dey
Lyricist- Chandra Bhushan Trivedi
MD- Murli Manohar Swaroop

I too tried to get this song,but looks a difficult task. You may try this song.



There is a very melodious song in the film ‘SHIRIN FARHAD’ sung by Lata Mangeshakar, MD-Ghulam Mohammad ( and not Mohinder!)-“Aasamanwale bata de–“. Please include this in the list.


In your blog I would like to see “Kabhi Tanhayiyon mein yun” from the film “Hamaari Yaad Aayegi” sung by Mubarak Begam

pl. add song from film Roshni singer Chitalkar “Dil mere udja Mohobat ka paigam leke….

Narendra ji,

This song was posted on this Blog 4 years ago.
Please go to this link to enjoy this song-


Can you upload ” Jaago re Prabhat aaya”
please. I think it was from Sant Dynaneshwar and sung by the legendary Manna da.

is there a seperate section showing movies released month-wise?

Prakash chandraji,
Thank you so very much for giving the much sought after song ( by me ).I am so grateful to this blog. Now please educate me as to how to write the reply immediately below the post concerned.
I have to come at the end of all blogs i.e. at the bottom of the page to write my comment or reply by which time I will have forgotten the name of the person whose post I want to comment upon. Still, I am enjoying anyway.
Dilip Mujumdar

Dilip ji

You have to click for the word on “reply”,like you have done for D.Samant ji`s comment, again you have to click on D.Samant ji`s comment/post,then your comment/reply will be posted automatically under that comment. I will do that procedure for you again.

Dear Sir, There was a popular duet chillaya mein punjab se, kitna hai pyar gori mujhe tere naam se, chillayi mein rajasthan se, kitna hai pyar mujhe tere naam se, a duet probably sung by Rafi and Lata in 60s.I had this song in my collection but somehow it was lost by me.Kindly let me know to which movie the song belongs.
Sitendra Kumar

Dear Sir, There was a popular duet chillaya mein punjab se, kitna hai pyar gori mujhe tere naam se, chillayi mein rajasthan se, kitna hai pyar mujhe tere naam se, a duet probably sung by Rafi and Lata in 60s.I had this song in my collection but somehow it was lost by me.Kindly let me know to which movie the song belongs.

Sitendra Kumar
e mail

Sitender Kumar ji,

The correct lines for this song are
Dil Laaya Mein Bachaa Ke Punjab Se
Kitna Hai Pyaar Dekho Mujhko Janaab Se

Roop Laayi Main Bachaa Ke Rajasthan Se
Kitna Hai Pyaar Dekho Mujhko Srimaan Se

This is from the 1964 film ‘Aandhi Aur Toofaan’. The lady singer’s voice is that of Suman Kalyanpur.

The audio of the song is available online at

The complete film is also available on YouTube.


Dear Shri Sudhirji, It is really wonderful and amazing that you located not only the song but correct wording as well.I was hit by nostalgia and yearned to hear long back forgotten songs.A great relief you have given me.
Sitendra Kumar

Dear Sir,
There was a very melodious duet in late 60s or early 70s which was probably sung by Kishore Kumar and Lata.I am not able to recollect the “Mukhda” but in “Antra” the line was ” piya chhod to bairaag bano sansari” sung by the female singer. The male singer continued to insist on being “brahmachari” i.e. after some words the male voice said “main hoon brahmachari”.
I shall be thankful for this song, deluding me for years.


Sitendra Kumar.

Sun baal brahmchaari main hoon kanya kumaari (Sanyasi)(1976) could be the song you may be looking for.

it cannot be this song as this is a Mukesh – Lata song and Sitendra Kumarji has asked for a Lata Kishore song

He says singer is “probably” Kishore Kumar. He is not sure. In his previous query, he had mentioned that the female singer was Lata, but it turned out to be Suman Kalyanpur.

Shri Atulji,
While thanking you, let me say this is not the song requested for.In this song, the female insists to the male to become sansari i.e.”piya chhod to bairaag bano sansar”, while the male replies “Main hoon——-brahmachari”.Perhaps they are a couple who take exactly opposite stand i.e.while male wishes to abdicate the world, the female presses him to remain a family man.
Perhaps the song belonging to late 60s era may be in your knowledge domain .

I vaguely recollect that a song with lyrics like this has been posted in the blog in the past. But searching through so many posted songs is a tall order.

Sitendra Kumar ji

I may have the song you are looking for. However, this is not a duet, and the female voice is that of Suman Kalyanpur. The words you mentioned are present in this song.

The song is
Kar Singaar
Aayi Hoon Dwaar
Main Dulhan Ban Ke Tumhaari
Piya Chhod Ke Jog Bairaag Bano Sansaari

Film is ‘Kailashpati’ from 1962.
Link is at

Please check and let us know if this is the song you are searching for.


Dear Sudhirji,

I have got a marvellous song from you but it is not the same. There is no doubt that the wording is correct in female voice “Main Dulhan Ban Ke Tumhaari Piya Chhod Ke Jog Bairaag Bano Sansaari” but my song is a duet one.Immediately this para is countered by the male voice expressing disgust with the Naari “———–Naari (first line)
main hoon brahmachari”
The female voice jeers at the male and says “Oh brahmachari———-Dulhan ban ke ayee hoon tumhari, Piya Chhod Ke Jog Bairaag Bano Sansaari”
This I remember vaguely.

I think the location of song is very much in your domain and about to come in your grip.


Sitendra Kumar

Dear Sir,
There was a movie called MAA of 50s in which Dev Anand was a hero and his MAA was Leela Chitnis.Dev Anand as a younger son used to send money by Money Order to his MAA but it was misappropriated by his elder brother. In the end on his visit to his MAA he comes to know about this, gets all MO receipts examined by a hand writing expert and finds that his elder brother was the culprit.Leela Chitnis as MAA forgives her elder son.
Sir,Imy request is to kindly locate the movie.

Sitendra Kumar

Hero is Bharat Bhushan ??

I may be wrong, please correct me, if I am wrong:

Dear Shri Prakashchandra,
Thanks for your efforts but I could not get the DVD of MAA. It is not in stock. There is no site from where I could download the same.


Sitendra Kumar

Dear Sir,
Can you please upload the movie DELHI IN A DAY, It came about two years back. Victor Bannerjee,Kulbhushan Kharbhanda, Lillete Dubey, Anjali Patil etc; were the stars.
In case it is not possible to upload,kindly let me know as to where the disk of the movie would be available or from where I could download the same.
Sitendra Kumar

I am looking for a song-Nanandiya mori, ho main to dekhoon sapne hazaar.Song is in female voice with chorus and possibly from the movie-Toofan mein Pyar Kahan.Can anyone provide the link pl.?

I recently watched the forgotten suspenseful movie, “Lal Kothi” (1978)
on youtube.
It starred Tanuja, Ranjit Mullick, Utpal Dutt and Danny.
There is one lovely song by Kishore Kumar with a catchy tune & lyrics.
“Kya Kahun Kaun Hoon Main, Jaanu na Main Yaar” picturised on screen
on Danny. Would it be possible if it can be uploaded in the movie songs

audio link:

There is one old song ” Hum Apne ghum ko sajakar bahar kar lenge , tere khayal ko thodasa pyar kar lenge ” , I think the singer is Sudha Malhotra .I searched for this song on Youtube but its new version from the movie Gentleman ( Juhi Chawla ,Chiranjivi) is available .
Is it possible to search this song , lyrics ? Can anyone provide the link .
It is a very beautiful song . …Thanks

The song you are looking for is from “Madan Manjari”(1961). It is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Hasrat Jaipuri is the lyricist and music is composed by Sardar Malik. This song does not seem to be available on youtube as of now.

I have looked for this one in your yearwise list and on youtube, but failed to find it. I am sure you are one person who can give it to me. I am talking about the song, ‘Boom booma boom, karega kutum, jo dekhega jawaniyon ko milte …’ from ‘Girlfriend’ 1960, starring Kishore Kumar and Waheeda Rehman. Can you please help me find it? Thanks for the million other songs that you have already put on your blog. Its a musical joyride!

This song is already discussed>

Dear Atulji,

The song is discussed before but when you click on the video, it shows the message, ‘the song is not available!’ It did the same when I had looked for it on youtube before asking you for it. Please help me get it, if you can. Thanks.

Dear Sir,
Wish to know about a very popular song whose wordings I can’t recall,probably belongs to 80s, sung by at least two female singers—Gore badal,hoga anchal,jahan se kehde—. I can’t recall the words but jahan se kehde is definitely part of the stanza.
The song is sung in boistrous tones (shokh ada se gaya gaya hai)

Sitendra Kumar

Could you get one 1930’s bhajan:
Radhe Govind, Radhey… Govind, Bolo re Panchhi Raa..dhey.. Govind; Ye jag Char Dino ka Mela…..
When I was young, my uncle used to softly hum this bhajan before himself going to bed. For me it was like a lullaby. Thanks

Vibhakar ji,

Radhey Govind bolo re panchhi,ye jag chaar dinon ka mela is a bhajan sung by Vishnupant Pagnis in film Narsi Bhagat-1940.
Unfortunately this song is not available on Internet or You Tube in this form. What is available is only a recitation of ‘Bhajo Radhey Govind’ spread in 3 short parts.
You can visit You Tube, type Narsi Bhagat-1940 and you will get the 3 part recitation.


Apropos farmaish 38 above.Not heard anything !!

Dear Sir,There was a heroine who acted in 70s with Vinod Mehra.She belonged to Panipat.What was her name?She appeared in a very few movies.

Dear Sir,The movie of 70s whose name I wanted to know has Vinod Mehra in the lead and there is a character actor UMA DUTT also. UMA DUTT plays the role of a railway official who gives the job of a station master to Vinod Mehra for some time.The heroine is a girl who belonged to Panipat. What was her name?She appeared in a very few movies.

Dear Sir,
The name of the star is Priyadarshinee.
She had acted in various movies Trikon Ka Chauta Kon
1984Captain Barry
1983Raaste Aur Rishte
1979Aakhri Kasam
1979Griha Pravesh
Shashi’s wife (as Priya Darshini)
1975Toofan (as Priya Darshini)
She belongs to Panipat.


Thanks Sitendra ji
for information about Priyadarshinee, I wanted to answer regarding your comment, but failed to trace her name……….,that`s why I haven`t replied for your comment…..Sorry…

Thanks again for updating me, about the name of actress

Film Aasman Mahal-1965 is yet to find place in this blog.

how to find a perticular song ?

Atul Sir,
Please post a link to the VIDEO of the song “Laal Laal Gal” from the movie, “Mr. X” 1957. We have tried in so many links but it is not available anywhere
This was perhaps the first Rock ‘n Roll song on Bollywood screen.
anywhere. Only Audio is available. It would be possible to see who is the actor singing on screen, if we can see the video. Thanks!

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