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‘Dedh Ishqiyaan’ (2014) was a sequel to ‘Ishqiya’ (2010). Both the films were produced under the banner of V B Films of Vishal Bhardwaj along with Raman Maroo and were directed by Abhishek Choube. While the main actors, Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi and Salman Shahid were retained for the sequel, the lead actress, Vidya Balan was replaced with Madhuri Dixit. Other supporting actors were Huma Qureshi, Vijay Raaz, Manoj Pahwa, Mehmood Hashmi, Ravi Gosain etc.

The story of the film was written by Darab Farooqui. It is said that the film’s story has been partly influenced by Ismat Chughtai’s short story ‘Lihaaf’ which was published in a Lahore-based Urdu journal in 1942. ‘Lihaaf’ sets out the events following the sexual awakening in Begum Jan after her unhappy marriage with a Nawab. She gets into a romantic relationship with her female attendant. This became a big issue in 1942. A legal case was filed against Ismat Chughtai on charges of obscenity in the Lahore High Court. She was subsequently exonerated from the charges (Source: ‘The Feminist Voice of Ismat Chughtai’ – The DAWN, 27/11/2016). Probably, the director of ‘Dedh Ishqiyaan’ (2014) did not want to take that risk. So, in the film, the relationship between Begum Para (Madhuri Dixit) and Munniya (Huma Qureshi) were discreetly shown in the film.

I have seen this film 5-6 years back and again a few days back on YouTube. There are plenty of this film’s reviews available online. So, I will not go into the details. The film is a romantic comedy thriller. Everything about this film turned out to be right – the performances of the actors, a sleek screenplay, catchy dialogues in chaste Urdu, good cinematography, excellent lyrics, dance, and music compositions. The pair of Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi stole the show. Madhuri Dixit excelled in the role of Begum Para, depicting varied emotions apart from her excellent dances. Huma Qureshi acted well in pairing with Madhuri Dixit in the role of Munniya, her attendant. Vijay Raaz in the role of a politician and Nawab-in-waiting and Salman Shahid in the role of a gangster boss have been outstanding.

The film received very good reviews from the critics. But, as per box office report, upon the film’s release in early January 2014, it achieved the average collection at the box office. Based on the worldwide box office collections, the film barely recovered the cost of production. I am not surprised as this is not a mainstream Bollywood film. In my view, this film will attain the status of a classic film over time and all those associated with this film will feel proud.

I was curious to know as to why the film’s sequel title was chosen as ‘Dedh Ishqiyaan’. Why was the usual sequel title ‘Ishqiya-2’ (like Drishyam-2, the latest sequel film) not chosen? I tried to find out from some videos about the film, available online, but could not come across any formal explanation from the producer or director. There were a couple of videos available online on the making of the film in which actors and unit members tried to guess as to what the reason for this title could be. A unit member guessed that it could be a marketing gimmick. Madhuri Dixit pointed out that extra smart persons in Marathi are called ‘Deed Shahane’. She guessed that the film’s title may have reflected the main characters in the film, who are all conmen, who individually think that they are smarter to outwit the other conmen. The most interesting explanation of the title came from a reviewer of the film who felt that ‘Dedh Ishqiyaan’ means ‘one and a half passionate.’ Naseeruddin Shah, posing as a Nawab and Arshad Warsi, posing as his orderly are passionately in love with Madhuri Dixit and Huma Qureshi, respectively. This is ‘one’ type of love. On the other hand, Madhuri Dixit posing as a wealthy Begum of a deceased Nawab and Huma Qureshi as her attendant, have romantic relationship which the reviewer counts as half love.

‘Dedh Ishqiyaan’ (2014) had six songs, excluding remix versions, all written by Gulzar and set to music by Vishal Bhardwaj. None of the songs from the film has been covered in the Blog. My favourite 3 songs from the film are – (1) ‘hamaari atariya pe aaja re saanwariya’, (2) ‘jagaave saari raina’ and (3) ‘na bolun main to kaleja phoonkey’. The first two are semi-classical songs while Gulzar’s lyrics in third song has a Sufiana touch which influenced me to select this as the first song from the film to appear on the Blog. Let me attempt the translation of the song:

na boloon main to kaleja phoonkey
jo bol doon to zabaan jale hai
sulag na jaave agar sune wo
jo baat meri zabaan tale hain

If I don’t say, my heart puffs. If I say, my tongue burns. I hope she does not get angry if she hears what I have concealed below my tongue. [The lover is in catch-22 situation in disclosing his love to the beloved].

lage na phir youn ke rog laage
na saans aave na saans jaave
ye ishq hai namuraad aisa
ke jaan leve tabhi tale hain

Getting infected with love is like a disease. Neither one can inhale or exhale breath. This love is such a loser that it leaves only when it takes one’s life. [In Arabic literature, love has 7 stages. Death is the 7th and the last stage. The film also talks about the 7 stages of love. Hence Gulzar may have in mind the 7th stage of love while writing ‘ke jaan leve tabhi tale hain’] .

hamaari haalat pe kitta rove hai
aasmaan bhi tu dekh leejo
ke surkh ho jaave uski aankhen
jaise jaise din dhale hai

Looking at my condition, you see how much the sky has shed tears so much that even his eyes have become red as the day turns to dusk. [Gulzar has beautifully used the metaphor of the sky’s colour at the dusk as teary eyes turning red as the day ends].

I was under the impression that this song sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was in the film’s soundtrack. While watching the film, I was surprised to know that in the film, it was sung by Raju Singh for Naseeruddin Shah who recites the poem in a mushaira in tarannum (tune) without the accomplishment of music. The song sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan with orchestration has been released on audio. I do not think that the song sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is a version song because all the songs of the film, including that of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan were released a week before the release of the film in the theatres. This suggests that initially, the director had thought of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan singing for Naseeruddin Shah as a full-fledged song. Probably, on second thought the director may have felt that it would look authentic to render this song as a recitation of poetry without orchestration in a mushaira scene. Since Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was based in Pakistan, Raju Singh who is also the music director and singer in his own right, was roped in to sing this song sans the last antara.

Enjoy the song in Sufiana lyrics and melody with pop music orchestration, mainly with the string instruments.

Video Clip:

Audio Clip:

Song-Na boloon main to kaleja phoonkey (Dedh Ishqiyaan)(2014) Singer-Rahat Fateh Ali Khan/Raju Singh, Lyrics-Gulzar, MD-Vishal Bhardwaj

Lyrics(Based on Audio)

na boloon main to kaleja phoonkey
na boloon main to kaleja phoonkey
jo bol doon to zabaan jale hai
sulag na jaave agar sune wo….o o o o o o
sulag na jaave agar sune wo
jo baat meri zabaan tale hai ae ae ae
na boloon main to kaleja phoonkey
jo bol doon to zabaan jale hai ae ae ae ae

lage to phir youn ke rog laage ae ae
na saans aave na saans jaave ae ae ae ae
lage to phir youn ke rog laage
na saans aave na saans jaave
yeh ishq hai namuraad aisa….aa aa aa aa aa
yeh ishq hai namuraad aisa
ke jaan leve tabhi taley hai ae

hamaari haalat pe kitta rove hai
aasmaan bhi tu dekh leejo o o
hamaari haalat pe kitta rove hai
aasmaan bhi tu dekh leejo o o
ke surkh ho jaave uski aankhen aen aen aen
ke surkh ho jaave uski aankhen bhi
jaise jaise yeh din dhale hai ae ae
na boloon main to kaleja phoonkey
jo bol doon to zabaan jale hai ae ae

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