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Kabhi tanhaayion me yoon hamari yaad aayegi

Posted on: August 17, 2008

This song is one which defined the career of Mubarak Begum. She is still remembered for this one song from the movie “hamari yaad aayegi”. It was not a song to appeal to the masses, but it still carried enough popular appeal to appear in the Binaca geetmala final of 1961 at 20th position. Discerning music lovers, however, regarded this song highly, and continue to do so.

It is difficult to point out the exact reason for the popularity of this song. Perhaps it was the freshness of the voice, or may be the old style singing dating to 1940s appealed to the audience. The lyrics themselves are simple and only run to two paras. The creators of this song all belonged to the days gone by- Lyricist was Kidar Sharma, music director was Snehal Bhatkar, and both of them had their heydays in 1940s.

The beauty of this song is that it still retains the ability to move its audience, such is the power of this song. And in a way, it tells the story of Mubarak Begum too, who was spending her days in anonymity and penury last time one heard about her.

Song- Kabhi tanhaayion mein yoon hamari yaad aayegi (Hamari Yaad aayegi ) (1961) Singer-Mubarak Begum, Lyrics-Kidar Sharma, MD-Snehal Bhatkar


kabhi tanahaaiyon mein yoon
hamaari yaad aayegi
kabhi tanahaaiyon mein yoon
hamaari yaad aayegi
andhere chhaa rahe honge
ke bijli kaundh jaayegi
andhere chhaa rahe honge

ye bijli raakh kar jayegi tere pyaar ki duniyaa
ye bijli raakh kar jayegi tere pyaar ki duniyaa
naa phir too jee sakegaa aur, naa tujhko maut aayegi
kabhi tanahaaiyon mein yoon
hamaari yaad aayegi
andhere chhaa rahe honge
ke bijli kaundh jaayegi
kabhi tanahaaiyon mein yoon


In your loneliness
you may sometimes be reminded of me
While it would be getting dark,
lightening may suddenly strike

That lightening may burn down your world of love
Then you will neither be able to live nor will you be able to die
In your loneliness
you may sometimes be reminded of me


10 Responses to "Kabhi tanhaayion me yoon hamari yaad aayegi"

Oh, I looooove this song….that voice is so different and so rich….part of the beauty of the song is also the haunting music…it definitely enriches the song.

Indeed, this song was so different from others.

i dont know how to say… that much i like it…. if anybody have the male version (mukesh) of this song.. please please please.. i beg… … send me .. or tel me … where i can find it.. please please please please please

Nice idea for a blog. I was looking for information on the movie, but i got linked to this page. But you’ve put in a lot of hardwork in this blog, and it shows in the work :). All the best!

Thanks for your nice words, Adithya.

Awesome voice of Mubarak Begum.She had this ‘innocense and kashish’ in her voice and I think the song reminds everyone of their inner thoughts/fears. On top of that, the stormy type scene of black and white (and grey). All these factors together make this song very effective in engaging the audience. Sometimes, this song keeps running in my head even in my sleep.Many thanks.

What a unique voice ! Such a time unbound masterpiece ! Could not understand why Mubarak Beghamji and the composers could not get the popularity , they deserved .She might be bogged down by politics ever existing in Bollywood . This category of artists , like Mubarakji never reach stardom , but always reverred by music lovers , in centuries to follow . Will Atulji or anyone of the knowledgable reader ( s ) can tell , apart from Tanujaji , who is the male artist ( Hrithik Roshan look alike ) is seen in the video ?

Director Kidar Nath Sharma’s son had acted in this movie. Well… Ashok is the leading boy who looks like Hritik.

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