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Ae mere pyaare watan

Posted on: August 31, 2008

A very moving tale of an Afghani Pathan living in Calcutta, leaving his wife and young daughter behind in Afghanistan. This story was written by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, and I had read it in my Hindi textbook during my school days.

It was the first time I read such a moving tale. I could fully empathise with the feelings of the Afghan towards the young Calcutta girl who reminds him of his daughter.

How he misses his family and his land is coveyed so beautifully in this song that has since become an unforgettable song. Written by Prem Dhawan and composed by Salil Chowdhury, this song has been sung with such feeling by Manna Dey. An immortal song, even if it was not considerd so by the lay public at that time. Such a nostalgic masterpiece of a song this is !

PS-And another fantastic revelation (thanks to our inhouse walking encyclopaedia, Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh).The actor on whom this song is picturised is Wazeer Mohammad Khan. This is the very same actor who sang the first ever song in an Hindi movie in “Aalam Ara” (1931). He also holds the distinction of acting in the two remakes of “Aalam Ara” as well, which were released in 1956 and 1973.

Song- Ae mere pyare watan (Kabuliwala) (1961) Singer-Manna Dey , Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-Salil Chowdhari


ae mere pyaare watan, ae mere bichhde chaman
tujh ko dil qurbaan
tu hi meri aarzuu, tuu hi meri aabroo
tu hi meri jaan
ae mere pyaare watan, ae mere bichhde chaman
tujh ko dil qurbaan

tere daaman se jo aaye un hawaaon ko salaam
tere daaman se jo aaye un hawaaon ko salaam
choom loon main us zubaan ko jispe aaye teraa naam
sabse pyaari subah teri
sabase rangeen teri shaam
tujh ko dil qurbaan
tu hi meri aarzoo, tu hi meri aabroo
tu hi meri jaan

maan kaa dil banke kabhi seene se lag jaataa hai tu
maan kaa dil banke kabhii seene se lag jaataa hai tu
aur kabhi nanhin si beti ban ke yaad aataa hai tu
jitnaa yaad aataa hai mujhko
utanaa tadpaataa hai tu
tujh ko dil qurbaan
tu hi meri aarzoo, tu hi meri aabroo
tu hi meri jaan

chhod kar teri zameen ko door aa pahunche hain ham
chhod kar teri zameen ko door aa pahunche hain ham
phir bhi hai ye hi tamannaa tere zarron ki qasam
ham jahaan paidaa huye
us jagah hi nikale dam
tujh ko dil qurabaan
tu hi meri aarzoo, tu hi meri aabroo
tu hi meri jaan
ae mere pyaare watan, ae mere bichhde chaman
tujh ko dil qurbaan

14 Responses to "Ae mere pyaare watan"

I don’t think there is much I can say about this song. Its just beautiful.

And quite special for me. I am one of those thousands who left my watan to live abroad and this song holds a lot of power.


Indeed, when one thinks about it that way, you too are like a Kabuliwala, Shalini.


Is the lyrics “tujh pe dil qurbaan” ?


Yes, it is the same song.


Atul ji,
This is a very nostalgic song indeed.It evokes memories of one’s hometown when one is far of from it,like NRIs or people who have migrated to make careers or money.
You will be surprised to know that this song is ,on screen,sung by none other than WAZIR MOHAMMED KHAN.
He is the same person who goes into history pages because he sang Indian Filmdom’s FIRST song in the FIRST talkie film AALAM AARA in 1931.
He has another FIRST to his credit. He is,so far,the only actor who has acted in 3 makes of a film by the same name AALAM AARA.The original one in 1931,a remake by Nanubhai Bhatt in 1956 and yet another remake by again Nanubhai Bhatt in 1973.
W.M.Khan acted in about 60 films.He was a close friend of Prithviraj Kapoor and was at his bedside alone when Kapoor died in the 70s.Kapoor told all his secrets only to him.Both of them were very proud of their roots in Pakhtoonistan.


It is a fantastic revelation. It is nice to know that this well known nostalgic song is picturised on a man who sang the very first song of Hindi movies.


Always moves me to tears because my mother provided me with this analogy in the late ’70s – just because your mother(land) is in tatters (poverty), would you refuse to acknowledge her as your mother? I don’t know if she was explaining a dialogue from this film or had read it somewhere and wanted to share it with me. Having watched this movie ages ago, the cinematic details are blurred but superb acting by Balraj Sahni.
The Kabuliwallah was a lesson in our English `Radiant Reader’ text ook in two or three parts and I loved reading it.


just beautiful breath taking song


Kudos to Prem Dhawan, Manna Dey and Salilda for this creation. They will always be remembered especially on National Days when the patriotic songs are played.


Manna Dey passed away today! A really sad day for music in india. What a legend! Let his sould RIP.


A very sad news. Just saw the news in mail. May his soul rest in eternal peace.


Working link :


What an iconic song.. had heard music expert Anuja Kamat mention that Salil Chaudhary, to give that local flavour of Afghanisthan.. added that innotation, shake in the voice at certain places which was representative of the rhubarb instrument used in those areas. Music is just so beautiful and fascinating :).


audio working:


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