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Kya mausam hai

Posted on: September 17, 2008

Yash Chopra had made a nice and different kind of movie called “Doosra Aadmi” in 1977. Rakhi had played the central character, whereas Shashi Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor played the two men in her life. It was a daring and controversial topic for a movie in those days, where Rakhi, whose boyfriend Shashi Kapoor dies, take up a job in Rishi Kapoor’s firm because he resembles Shashi and she sees Shashi in Rishi and wants to own him, even though Rishi ( much younger to her) is already married.

This song, sung by three legends (Kishore Kumar, Lata and Rafi) is a superb song. In fact, this song very nicely captures the essence of the movie, that is how well this song has been written, composed, sung and picturised.

Rajesh Roshan, who was just cutting his teeth as a music director came up with an outstanding score so early in his career. This song must go down as one of his greatest and nicest song that he composed.

It is a song that one cannot help but love. It is a serious song, and Majrooh has captured the complexity of the situation so elegantly in his lyrics, that one cannot help but admire his ability to come up with such nice lyrics to sum up the situation.

And what does one say to the trio of singing legends? Bringing them together in one song and getting the best out of them- Rajesh Roshan certainly pulled off a major musical coup so early in his fledgeling career.
Hats off to all the legends who helped create this song.

Song-Kya mausam hai (Doosra Aadmi) (1977) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Lata, Rafi, Lyrics-Majrooh, MD-Rajesh Roshan


kyaa mausam hai
ai deewaane dil
are chal kahin door nikal jaayen
chal kahin door nikal jaayen
koi hamdam hai
chaahat ke qaabil
to kis liye ham sambhal jaayen
chal kahin door nikal jaayen

jhoom ke jab jab kabhi do dil gaate hain
chaar kadam chalte hain phir kho jaate hain
he he he he
aisaa hai to kho jaane do mujh ko bhi aaj
ye kyaa kam hai
do pal ko raahi
are, mil jaayen bahal jaayen
chal kahin door nikal jaayen

ye mastiyaan, ye bahaar dil ho chalaa beqaraar
main girtaa hoon mujhe thaam lo
bheege labon se meraa naam lo
duniyaa ko ab do nazar kyun aayen ham
itne qareeb aao ke ek ho jaayen ham
ke ek ho jaayen ham
ke ek ho jaayen ham
ke ek ho jaayen ham

khoye se ham, khoyi si manzil
achchhaa hai sambhal jaayen
chal kahin door nikal jaayen
achchhaa hai sambhal jaayen
chal kahin door nikal jaayen
achchhaa hai sambhal jaayen

6 Responses to "Kya mausam hai"

Another song that brings back memories of childhood radio listening!


Yes, it has that effect on people who were growing up those days.


Thank you for posting this song, Atuljee. M a hardcore Rafisaab fan and this being one of my favorite song of his. The way Rafisaab has started this song is really mind-blowing.


Hey You haven’t posted themost romantic song ever written and picturised, it and mile do badan are twoof the most sensuous songs ever please post that- aao manaye jashan-e-mohabbat jaam uthaye jaam ke baad, sham se pehle kaun ye soche kya hona hai sham ke baad.


The song does not ring a bell. This song is from which movie ?


aao manaye jashan-e-mohabbat is form the same film- Doosara Aadmi


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