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Tum to pyaar ho sajna

Posted on: November 24, 2008

“Sehra” was a musical blockbuster whose music was created by a less known music director viz. Ramlal. Lata had sung some very fine songs in this movie.

Here is a duet sung by Lata and Rafi in this movie. This song was picturised on Sandhya and Prashant. I know Sandhya from her roles in V Shantaram movies, but I have no idea about this fellow Prashant. The song was picturised in sand dunes in the desert, as one can see from the picturisation.

I have no idea why this song is picturised in sand, but it must have been another tough assignment for Sandhya. Dancing barefeet on desert sand, where temperatures rise uncomfortably is not a cakewalk. But then Sandhya was a superwoman dancer, as I have come to realise by now.



Song-Tum to pyaar ho Sajna (Sehra) (1963) Singer-Lata, Rafi, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Ramlal


tum to
tum to pyaar ho sajnaa tum to pyaar ho
mujhe tumse pyaaraa aur na koyi
tum to pyaar ho sajnaa

tum to pyaar ho sajni tum to pyaar ho
mujhe tumse pyaaraa aur na koyi
tum to pyaar ho

aa kitnaa hai pyaar hamse itna bataa do
ambar pe taare jitne itnaa samajh lo
sach meri qasam
teri qasam teri yaad mujhe loote
qasmen to khaane waale hote hain jhoothe
chalo jaao hato jaao dil kaa daaman chhodo
tum to pyaar ho sajni
tum to pyar ho
mujhe tum se pyaara aur na koyi
tum to pyaar ho …

ho o aake na jaaye kabhi aisi bahaar ho
tum bhi hamaare liye jeewan singaar ho
sach meri qasam
teri qasam tu hai aankh ke til mein
tum bhi chhupi ho mere sheeshaa-e-dil mein
o mere hamdam mere hamdam meri baat to maano
tum to pyaar ho sajnaa
tum to pyaar ho
mujhe tum se pyaara aur na koyi
tum to pyar ho sajni
tum to pyaar ho sajna
o sajni…
tum to pyaar ho

8 Responses to "Tum to pyaar ho sajna"

LOL at your comments about Sandhya.

But you are right – does she even have one “normal” song ?

Why does every song become so demanding for her ? 🙂

But very good songs picturised on her, I will grant her that.

Like his particular one.


Just after the video, you wrote Lata’s name as a singer but forgot to write Rafi’s name, please include that. Also the video is outdated, it would be great if you can give a working link. Thank you very much for your comments.


तुम तो प्यार हो सजना …. ‘रामलाल हीरापन्ना’ की एक अनमोल कृति ।
‘रामलाल हीरापन्ना’ की एक खासियत थी कि उन्होनें अपने ज्यादातर गाने पहले ही टेक में रिकार्ड किये और ये उस जमाने में किसी अजूबे से कम नहीं था और ये उनकी छुपी हुई विशाल अनदेखी प्रतिभा को दर्शाता है ।
‘सेहरा’ में भी कुछ ऐसा ही हुआ था , हाँ लेकिन गीतों की रिकार्डिंग से पहले व्ही शांताराम ने ‘हीरापन्ना’ की बनाई विभिन्न धुने ३०-४० दिनों तक लगातार सुनी और उसके बाद पहले टेक का रसीला सिलसिला शुरू हुआ । ये भी गौर करने लायक रहा कि हसरत साहब ने सभी गीत पहले से तैयार धुनों पर ही लिखे और क्या खूब लिखे ।
तुम तो प्यार हो …. को रामलाल ने जिस प्यार, नाजुकता और रूमानियत से कंपोज किया है वो तो उनके हुनर की एक यादगार मिसाल ही बन गया ।


Thank you for this lovely song.One of my favourite song.I had been after this song for a long time.Remember listening to it back in Kenya.I belive this song was shot in a desert, because the story was of a Rajasthan family and as you might know of the desert area in ‘Rajasthan’. Please watch the film.


Sehra was a very poignant film. Set in a desert between two warring tribes. Sandhya is a tomboy at the start, hence the boy’s get up in Pankh hote to ud aati re. She becomes feminine after falling for Prashant. I think he played a hero in a few E grade movies, some with lovely music, as was common then.

The music was so sublime and the lyrics give me goosebumps. There is a bit of an echo in the song that makes it all the more effective.

Look at the simplicity of the lines:

Tum to pyar ho sajna,
mujhe tum se pyara aur na koi.


Indeed poignant.




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