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Do panchhi do tinke kaho lekar chale hain kahaan

Posted on: January 11, 2009

The first time Ravindra Jain worked with Kishore Kumar was in “Chor machaaye shor”. What songs Kishore Kumar sang in that movie ! “Le jaayenge, le jaayenge” became an icon of an icon song and helped many careers. One was the career of Shashi Kapoor who capitalised on it by signing movies indiscriminately.

Another person whose career took off as a result was the music director Ravindra Jain, who then became a regular music director of Rajshri production movies for the entire 1970s.

Rajshri productions believed in making movies on shoestring budgets. Most people involved in these movies, including the actors and even singers were youngsters. One cannot find big name actors or singers singing for Rajshri productions movies in 1970s.

The only exception that one can think of is “Tapasya”. It was a relatively “big” budget movie by Rajshri production where they signed Parikshit Sahni and Rakhi for the lead roles. And surprise, surprise, they got Kishore Kumar to sing for Parikshit Sahni.

This led to a memorable song- “do panchhi do tinke kaho lek chale hain kahan”. Kishore Kumar sang this song with Aarti Mukherji (she was a new singer,not surprisingly). It is such a nice, feel good song full of aspirations and expectations for the future. The voice of Kishore Kumar conveys all these emotions of expectancy so beautifully and effectively that one wonders why this facet of Kishore Kumar’s singing was not exploited more.

If one needs a proof ( I do not need it) that Kishore Kumar could sing sentimental songs touching the heart strings of the listeners, then this song is a very good example.

And Aarti Mukherjee sings in her characteristic quivering voice ( much like a female version of Talat Mahmood). The lyricist M G Hashmat has written lyrics that are so appropriate to the situation of the song. Ravindra Jain gives the kind of music which were a major reason for the Rajshri production movies doing so well those days.



Song-Do panchhi do tinke (Tapasya) (1975) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Aarti Mukherjee, Lyrics-M G Hashmat, MD-Ravindra Jain


do panchhi do tinke kaho le ke chale hain kahaan
ho do panchhi do tinke kaho le ke chale hain kahaan
ye banaayenge ek aashiyaan
ye banaayenge ek aashiyaan
do panchhi do tinke kaho le ke chale hain kahaan
ye banaayenge ek aashiyaan
ye banaayenge ek aashiyaan

ye to apni hi dhun mein gaayen oonche-oonche udte jaayen
inki masti ko aur badhaayen saawan ki ye hawaayen
manzil ke matwaale dekho chhoone chale aasmaan
ho manzil ke matwaale dekho chhoone chale aasmaan
ye banaayenge ek aashiyaan
ye banaayenge ek aashiyaan

ek phoolon bhari ho daali aur us par ho baseraa
kuchh aisaa hi meethaa-meethaa hai sapnaa teraa meraa
ye sapnaa sach hogaa kah rahi dhadkanon ki zubaan
ho ye sapnaa sach hogaa kah rahi dhadkanon ki zubaan
ham banaayenge ek aashiyaan
ham banaayenge ek aashiyaan
ham banaayenge ek aashiyaan
ham banaayenge ek aashiyaan

6 Responses to "Do panchhi do tinke kaho lekar chale hain kahaan"

simply superb and melodius one


Pls correct the very first line…

The first time Ravindra Jain worked with Kishore Kumar was in Rajshri Production’s “Saudagar (1973)“ not in Chor machaaye shor”. And the song was “Har Haseen Cheez Ka Main Talabgaar Hoon” which has been already covered here


Sir, this song has a sad version too which is a slow and single stanza part sung by Kishore Da

Here is the YT Link

Lyrics of this version is as below :

Yahaan dil ki nahi koi keemat jo chaahe tod jaaye
Jab tak naa bane koi rishta ham rahte hain paraaye
Manzil kya, manzil ke ab to mitne lage hain nishaan
Ham bana naa sake aashiyaan….
Haay ban naa saka aashiyaan….



Tapasya was a big success and comeback vehicle for Raakhee who was rejoining films after marriage and divorce to lyricist Gulzar. It had good music. But Arati Mukherjee couldn’t get over the Bengali accent at times – if you listen to the first line, you will understand what I am saying. Instead of kaho, she says kahu.
Tapasya was remade in Tamil with Rajnikant playing the protagonist. It was a big hit down south and gave an opportunity to Rajni to display his histrionic skills.
Parikshit Sahni did one more movie with Raakhee (don’t know which one) where he plays an unemployed and frustrated husband, Sadly, Sahni could not capitalise on the success of Tapasya as he drifted towards character roles sooner in his career. [Desh Premee, etc]


If my memory serves me right, Parikshit Sahni/Ajay/Parikshat Sahni acted(it is a small role of Rakhee`s one sided lover) in 1977 Doosra Aadmi

And in Rajshre Productions Anil Ganguly directed Humkadam(1980)(Bappi Lahiri) Parikshit Sahni acted as husband of Rakhee. Humkadam was a very good movie …… I liked a lot it has also got another Aarthi Mukherjee/Shailendra Singh duet “Ai mere humkadam, mere dil ki dhadkan mein,sangeet tumhara hai”(M.G.Hashmat)




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