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Kahin ek maasoom naazuk si ladki

Posted on: June 10, 2009

This song is just the kind of song that I love to post in this blog, viz it is a nice song from an obscure movie and this song deserves to be better known among music fans.

“Shankar Hussain” (1976) was an obscure movie even in 1976 when this movie was released. Another movie with a similar name called “Shankar Shambhu” was also released at the same time. Both this movies sank without trace and no one remebers them now.

But “Shankar Hussain” had this song that became quite popular, and in fact, it is now regarded as among the most memorable songs of Rafi.

The wonderful lyrics were penned by Kamal Amrohi and the music was composed by Khayyam.

What about the picturisation ? I had no idea at that time. Now that I have discovered the video,I find that this song was picturised on Kanwaljeet and Madhuchanda, and apparently it was their debut movie. Kanwaljeet , after an indifferent career in Bollywood became a leading actor in TV serials. As far as Madhuchanda is concerned, I am not aware what happened to her.



Song-Kahin ek maasoom naazuk si ladki (Shankar Hussain) (1976) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Kamal Amrohi, MD- Khayyam


kahin ek maasoom naazuk si ladki
bahut khoobsoorat
bahut khoobsoorat magar saanwli si
bahut khoobsoorat

mujhe apne khwaabon ki baahon mein paakar
kabhi neend mein muskuraati to hogi
usi neend mein kasmasaa-kasmasaakar
sarhaane se takiye giraati to hogi
kahin ek maasoom naazuk si ladki

wahi khwaab din ki munderon pe aake
use man hi man mein lubhaate to honge
kayi saaz seene ki khaamoshiyon mein
meri yaad se jhanjhanaate to honge
wo besaakhtaa dheeme-dheeme suron mein
meri dhun mein kuchh gungunaati to hogi
kahin ek maasoom naazuk si ladki

chalo khat likhen ji mein aataa to hogaa
magar ungliyaan kanpkanpaati to hongi
kalam haath se chhoot jaataa to hogaa
umangen kalam phir uthaatin to hongi
meraa naam apni kitaabon pe likhkar
wo daanton mein ungli dabaati to hogi
kahin ek maasoom naazuk si ladki

zabaan se kabhi uff nikalti to hogi
badan dheeme dheeme sulagtaa to hogaa
kahin ke kahin paanv padte to honge
zameen par dupattaa lataktaa to hogaa
kabhi subah ko shaam kahti to hogi
kabhi raat ko din bataati to hogi
kahin ek maasoom naazuk si ladki

har ik cheez haathon se girti to hogi
tabeeyat se har kaam khalta to hoga
platen kabhi toot jaati to hogi
kabhi doodh choolhe pe jalta to hoga
garaz apni masoom nadaaniyon par
wo nazuk badan jhenp jaati to hogi
kahin ek maasoom naazuk si ladki
bahut khoobsoorat magar saanwli si
bahut khoobsoorat
mujhe apne khwaabon ki baahon mein paakar
kabhi neend mein muskuraati to hogi
usi neend mein kasmasaa-kasmasaakar
sarhaane se takiye giraati to hogi
kahin ek maasoom naazuk si ladki

6 Responses to "Kahin ek maasoom naazuk si ladki"

You FOUND the Video! Cool…

A year or so ago when I was discussing this song with a friend of mine, we looked everywhere for the video but had failed to find it.

Thank you so much for sharing it here!


This song is out of this world. At the time I got obsessed with this song and played it over and over again.

Now when I listen to it again, I can better understand the wonderful poetry brought to life just the right way y Rafi.

If you had a category called “Genius” songs, this one would be there on my list.


Wow…this is the first time I am seeing the video of this song. And it is fantastic, taking an already exceptional song to a different level altogether.

Everything about this song is perfect. Rafi saab’s voice, even by his own very high standards, is sublime. Khayyam saab’s composition is as soft as ever. Kamal Amrohi’s lyrics are so beautiful and visual, they totally stand out.

And to think that this was during Rafi saab’s lean period in the 70s.

This song has got to be one of his best. It is not an easy song to deliver and Rafi saab has done an absolutely outstanding job with this.


Rafi was making a grand comeback in the second half of 1970s, and this song was part of that comeback.


Mr. Atul,
U r right , this is an absolutely wonderful song, in its innocence. I remember seeing this movie on Doordarshan, long back. If u investigate further there is another gem of a song in the same movie sung by Lata Mangeshkar, which goes ” aap yun fasslon se guzarte rahe” , it is a typical khayyam compostion.

The movie had a hindu-muslim romance story. If it is indeed the tv actor kanwaljeet, he is lucky one to have lip synche the song on screen.

Here is a link to lata Gem :

Qatra Qatra pighalta raha aasmaa’n noor ki wadiyon mien na jaane kahan…..
ek nadi dilruba geet gaati rahi….
aap yun faaslon…..

wonderful lyrics, wonderful diction perfect rendition with each n every word clear, that is the dedication of all artists of the Golden Era.



FANTASTIC SONG. Pity Kanwaljeet’s Bollywood career could not take off in spite of this gem of a song picturised on him.

बहुत दिनों के बाद रफ़ी साहब का एक उमदा गाना सुनने का मौका मिला




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