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Tere nainon ke main deep jalaaungaa

Posted on: August 31, 2009

“Anuraag” (1972) was not a movie that stood much of a chance at the box office, given its serious topic (blind heroine) kept majority of movie watchers away from this movie. The songs of this movie had no such handicap, however, and the songs were all runaway hits.

Here is a lovely duet sung by Rafi and Lata. it is picturised on Vinod Mehra and Mausami Chatterji, who soon became poor producers’ romantic pair of choice.

Anand Bakshi wrote the song and this heart touching music was composed by S D Burman.

Song-Tere nainon ke main deep jalaaungaa (Anuraag) (1972) singers-Rafi, Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-S D Burman


ho o
tere nainon ke main deep jalaaungaa
tere nainon ke main deep jalaaungaa
apni aankhon se duniyaa dikhlaaungaa
wo kyaa hai
ik mandir hai
us mandir mein
ik moorat hai
ye moorat kaisi hoti hai
teri soorat jaisi hoti hai
wo kyaa hai
ik mandir hai

main kyaa jaanun chhaanv hai kyaa aur dhoop hai kyaa
main kyaa jaanun chhaanv hai kyaa aur dhoop hai kyaa
rang-birangi is duniyaa kaa roop hai kyaa
wo kyaa hai
ik parwat hai
us parwat pe
ik baadal hai
ye baadal kaisaa hotaa hai
tere aanchal jaisaa hotaa hai
wo kyaa hai
ik parwat hai

mast hawaa ne ghoonghat kholaa kaliyon kaa
mast hawaa ne ghoonghat kholaa kaliyon kaa
jhoom ke mausam aayaa hai rang-raliyon kaa
wo kyaa hai
ik bagiyaa hai
us bagiyaa mein
kayi bhanwre hai
bhanwre kyaa jogi hote hain
nahin dil ke rogi hote hain
wo kyaa hai
ik bagiyaa hai

aisi bhi anjaan nahin main ab sajnaa
bin dekhe mujhko dikhtaa hai sab sajnaa
wo kyaa hai
wo saagar hai
us saagar mein
ik naiyaa hai
arre toone kaise naam liyaa
man ki aankhon se kaam liyaa
wo kyaa hai
wo saagar hai


6 Responses to "Tere nainon ke main deep jalaaungaa"

i saw this film abut a week ago and i totally knew they were going to attempt raping me emotionally, i was ready for it thougn and i refused to shed any

The songs are beautiful though i like Nutans mera Raja beta

Oh, the ultimate tear-jerker. 🙂

Was this movie a flop ? I thought it was a hit – the songs were definitely very popular at that time.

This particular song is the most famous song of the movie and is better known as “wo kya hai…ek mandir hai”. 🙂

I am sure most people must have gone to the movie after listening to its songs. Vinod Mehra and Mausami Chatterji were very boring. No charisma at all.

Anuraag was actually a pretty big hit, in the cities especially, and fetched Shakti Samanta the Filmfare award for best film of the year. Don’t know whether that was deserved–1973 was a very good year with some rather good films. In any event, don’t forget Kaka’s turn as the Bihari flower seller 🙂 and that great song of his “Ram kare babua”. Kaka and Ashok Kumar have all the chemistry that’s missing between Vinod and Moushumi 🙂

In fact, I think that the music of this song carried the movie, the way music of 1960s were responsible for the success of most movies of that time.

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