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Dil to hai dil dil ka aitbaar kyaa keejai

Posted on: February 20, 2010

“Muqaddar Ka Sikandar” (1978) was one movie which was a very popular movie of its time. It was one of the biggest hits of Amitabh Bachchan post “Sholay” and its music was ofcourse one of the biggest attractions.

I, on the other hand disagreed with the aam jantaa. I did not like the movie because I found the story far fetched. The movie began with baby Amitabh and baby Rakhi growing up as kids, and baby Amitabh having crush (one sided) on Rakhi. Not just that, the baby Amitabh wore the same hairstyle as a kid that he would sport as a grown up in this (and every other) movie of his. Same was the case with baby Rakhi’s hairstyle. In fact, the young Amitabh and young Rakhi were shown dressing in the same style in which they would dress as grown ups.

The entire movie showed Amitabh Bachchan having one sided crush on Rakhi and not able to express it to her. And we had a three hour plus long movie on it which people thronged to see ! So much so that I needed to buy tickets in black in case I wanted to be part of the “haves” who had seen this movie. There was in fact a news item in papers describing how a movie watcher had watched this movie in night shows continuously for some one hundred day or so. This movie certainly managed to take people for a ride.

The songs of this movie cushioned this ride. The songs were quite popular, even when people had no clue what the lyrics meant.

Take this song, for example. This song, “dil to hai dil” has lyrics (by Anjaan) which are just too pompous to my mind but then the aam janta did not bother. This song, like the other songs (equally pompous) from this movie were the craze at that time.

So here is this piano song, which is sung by Lata and it is picturised on Rakhi seated on piano and watched by Amitabh Bachchan and Vinod Khanna.

I said that it is a piano song, but one can notice that Rakhi is just seated on the piano, she is not really playing the keyboard. But the music of piano (and other instruments) is heard nevertheless. Such lack of attention to details really drives me crazy sometimes.

Music is by Kalyanji Anandji.

Song-Dil to hai dil (Muqaddar ka Sikandar) (1978) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


aaa aaa aaa aaa

dil to hai dil, dil kaa aitbaar, kyaa keejai
dil to hai dil, dil kaa aitbaar, kyaa keejai
aa gayaa jo, kisi pe pyaar, kyaa keejai
aa gayaa jo, kisi pe pyaar, kyaa keejai
dil to hai dil, dil kaa aitbaar, kyaa keejai

yaadon mein teri khoyi, raaton ko main naa soyi
haalat ye mere man ki, jaane naa jaane koyi
barson hi tarsin aankhen, jaagin hain pyaasi raaten
aayi hain aate aate hothon pe dil ki baaten
pyaar mein tere, dil kaa meraa
kuchh bhi ho anjaam
beqaraari mein hai qaraar, kyaa keejai
aa gayaa jo, kisi pe pyaar, kyaa keejai
aa gayaa jo, kisi pe pyaar, kyaa keejai

chhaye hain man me mere, madhosh nainaa tere
ghere hain tan ko mere teri baahon ke ghere
doori sahi naa jaaye,
chain kahin naa aaye
chalnaa hai ab to teri palkon ke saaye saaye
bas naa chale re, shaam sawere
le ke teraa naam

dil dhadaktaa hai baar baar kyaa keejai
aa gayaa jo, kisi pe pyaar, kyaa keejai
aa gayaa jo, kisi pe pyaar, kyaa keejai
dil to hai dil, dil kaa aitbaar, kyaa keejai


6 Responses to "Dil to hai dil dil ka aitbaar kyaa keejai"

I am also in that (small) group that did not like this movie.
Firstly I refused to see this movie when it was released – because it was a super-duper hit.
In those days I did not like Rekha or Raakhee, I thought Amitabh was a bit melodramatic. Vinod Khanna would have been the only reason I would have watched the movie anyway.
When I did see the movie 15 years after it was released, I still did not like it. Anyday give me a “Trishul” or an “A A A” to this movie.

Oh, it is good to have company in my dislike for this movie. 😉

Its love song for divine love not for any materiliastic wish

The film may not be that good !! But, still its songs brings back memories as we also watched it during those days as we were growing … and i like this song very much (may be because of that one sided crush 🙂 going on in personal life too)
and the new video link is here; (hope it keeps working)

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