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Ae ri jaane na doongi

Posted on: March 29, 2010

I have listened to this song a few times in the past, but I was not aware about the details of this song.

Now I have come to know that this song is from “Chitralekha” (1964). This movie was a big musical magnum opus but unfortunately the movie itself turned out to be a damp squib. That way, Roshan, the music director of this movie, had the feeling of heart break that Madan Mohan was so familiar with, where great music would go waste in flop movies.

The songs of this movie are immortal, though and quite deservingly so. Take this song for example. Sahir Ludianvi, normally known as a Shaayar, has turned a kavi in this song where he has penned a song full of Sanskrit words as befits a song being sung by characters portraying historical characters of bygone era. Lata has sung this song with feeling too.

Overall, this song, like the rest of songs of this movie, is a labour of love.

The song is picturised on Meena Kumari, Pradeep Kumar and others. I came to know about this song being a “Chitralekha” song from a post on Bela Bose in Memsaabstory . Yes, this song also has Bela Bose as one of the dancers. Do not ask me which one. As it is, I am very poor when it comes to identifying lesser known actresses of that era.



Song-Ae ri jaane naa doongi (Chitralekha) (1964) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi,MD-Roshan


ae ri jaane na doongi, ae ri jaane na doongi
main to apne rasik ko nainon mein rakh loongi
palken moond moond,
ae ri jaane na doongi
ae ri jaane na doongi

alakon mein kundal daalo aur deh sugandh basaao
jo dekhe mohit ho jaaye aisaa roop sajaao
aaj sakhi
dha pa ma re pa
ma pa dha ni dha,
pa dha pa pa saa dha
re saa dha
pa re
aaa aaa
aaj sakhi pi daaloongi
main darshan-jal ki boond boond
ae ri jaane na doongi
ae ri jaane na doongi

madhur milan ki durlabh belaa yoon hi beet na jaaye
aisi rain jo vyarth ganvaaye, jeewan bhar pachhtaaye
sej sajaao,
dha pa ma re pa
ma pa dha ni dha
pa dha pa pa saa dha
re saa dha,
pa re
aaa aaa
sej sajaao mere saajan ki
le aao kaliyaan goondh goondh
ae ri jaane na doongi
ae ri jaane na doongi
main to apne rasik ko nainon mein rakh loongi
palken moond moond,
ae ri jaane na doongi
ae ri jaane na doongi

6 Responses to "Ae ri jaane na doongi"

Chitralekha (1964) may have flopped but as you have said, all the songs of this movie are immortals. Whoever writes the definitive history of the Hindi film songs, these songs like many other immortal songs can not be bypassed. So I will say that labour of love is not at all lost.

Songs of this film in sanskritised’ Hindi are as pleasing to the ears as that of songs in Hindustani (Urdu+Hindi words) such as TAJ MAHAL (1963) songs. Both these films had Sahir-Roshan combination.

This song precedes with few lines of ‘vilambit’ (slow tempo) not included in the lyrics. So here are those lines :

aali ri
roko naa koi
karne do mujhko manmaani
aaj mere
ghar aaye wo pritam
jinke liye
sab nagri chhaani
aaj koi bandhan naa bhaaye
aaj hai khool khelan ki thaani

The video clip with slow tempo lines :


And translation please…?


I love this song, it flows so naturally.
Yes the language is exiqisite and so is Lata’s singing!
and btw I know Which dancer is Bela Bose


At last, I found out the origin of this song.
The mukhda of the song is based on the bandish probably written by Mughal emperor Mohammed Shah ‘Rangeele’. The original mukhda is:

kaare jaane na doongi ari main
apne baalam ko nainan mein
kar raakho palkan moond moond



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