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Aayi bahaar aaj aayi bahaar

Posted on: June 26, 2010

Watching this song is an education in history, I feel. This song is from “Doctor” (1941) which was a movie from an era when India was still under British rule and independence was still several years into the future. Even the “Quit India” movement by Indian leaders had yet to take place. This movie “Doctor” (1941) was produced by Calcutta’s New Theatre. Those were the days when even the landmark of Calcutta, viz the Howrah Bridge was not yet in existence !

Watching the picturisation makes it obvious that one is watching history. The song is a rail song. This song must be one of the very first rail songs picturised in a Hindi movie. And this train is not the usual train that one sees today. The train is a small (narrow guage) train hauled by a steam locomotive with EIR (East India Railway) written on the locomotive and the coaches. And the windows of the wooden bodied coaches are without bars, and passengers could merrily take their heads and other body parts out of the body. Nowadays there is no EIR nor do we have this narrow guage rail track. Yes, this movie is that old !

The picturisation shows Pankaj Mullick and others merrily singing away this feel good song, while seated or hanging out of the tiny coaches of the train.

Pankaj Mullick is the actor, singer as well as the music director of this song. Aarzoo Lucknowi is the lyricist. With this movie,Pankaj Mullick reached the zenith of his career, and this song has to be one of the most memorable songs sung by Pankaj Mullick.

As a kid, I was not much into old songs, but now I love listening to this song. The fact that the picturisation of this song allows us to go down the memory lane to some 70 years back is an experience of a lifetime.

It is a superb song in all respects. So here is this song. Enjoy !

Song-Aayi bahaar aaj aayi bahaar (Doctor) (1941) Singer-Pankaj Mallick, Lyrics-Aarzoo Lucknowi,MD-Pankaj Mallick


aayi bahaar aaj aayi bahaar
aa aa aa
bahaar aaj aayi bahaar
gulshan mein
gulshan mein liye phoolon ke haar
bahaar aaj aayi bahaar
aa aa aa
bahaar aaj aayi bahaar
aa haa haa

mere dil mein bhi taazaa umangen badhin
mere dil mein bhi taazaa umangen badhin
aarzuyen badhi aur kaisi badhin
liye phoolon ke haar
bahaar aaj aayi bahaar
bahaar aaj aayi bahaar
aa haa haa

masti se daali jo yoon jhoom uthin
is mast se inki aankhen laden
masti se daali jo yoon jhoom uthin
is mast se inki aankhen laden
aaj har phool par hai nayi taazgi
rang chookhaa anokhaa hai khushbu nayi
andleeben pukaarin jyun hi ye sunaa
liye phoolon ke haar
bahaar aaj aayi bahaar
aa haa haa
bahaar aaj aayi bahaar
aaa aaa

aaj phoolon kaa bulbul se byaah hone ko hai
aaj phoolon kaa bulbul se byaah hone ko hai
aaj thaalon mein chandan aane ko hai
aaj pyaalon mein ubtan aane ko hai
aaj thaalon mein chandan aane ko hai
aaj pyaalon mein ubtan aane ko hai
aao taraane chheden naye
aao mil-jul ke gaane gaayen naye
aao shaadi rachaayen shor ham sab naye
hai ye shaadi nayi
aao duniyaa badalne kaa din aa gayaa
liye phoolon ke haar
bahaar aaj aayi bahaar
bahaar aaj aayi bahaar


9 Responses to "Aayi bahaar aaj aayi bahaar"


Indeed, one cannot help but be impressed by this song.

I heard this song after a friend of mine gave me a youtube link to it, and I was mighty impressed. It sure is a very peppy and positive number, which is pretty haunting. I wanted to know more about the song, and here I am :). Your site has become like an Encyclopaedia :).

It is an absolutely wonderful song. The fact that the print of this movie still survives and we are able to watch the picturisation is nothing short of a minor miracle.

very true!!

Thank you, Atulji for the full works! I have been looking for the lyric for a long time, and you have so graciously obliged. This all time great of Pankaj’Da is ever young, ever fresh song. Thanks again for letting me live those divine moments of my childhood.

It is my pleasure !

hi atul
i happened to note that this song is already there bcoz of comments of Capt. Narendra and ur reply. this is one of the few pre-independence song my grandpa used to sing and play on our old Record Player(as the Turn Table was called).
just enlighten me aren’t the trains that ply to Darjeeling, Simla Ooty and Matheran similar to the one shown in this song?

Sizewise, this train is similar to the narrow guage trains of Darjeeling, Shimla etc.

The Narrow guage train in this picturisation is different. The picturisation takes place in plains of Bengal. There is no longer narrow gauge tracks in that area now. Now a days we have one government owned organisation called India Railway, but those days there were privately owned Railway companies. This train was owned by East India Railway company. This company is no longer in existence.

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