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Zulf ki chhaaon mein chehre kaa ujaalaa lekar

Posted on: June 17, 2010

Music plays a very important part in Bollywood movies. In many movies of the past, it is the music that helped these movies and their actors get popular with the public. That way, most of the popular actors of those days owe much of their popularity to the music of the movies they acted in.

Most songs that are created for a movie are generally included in the movie. After that, it is upto the movie and its music to swim or sink. Often, the music of a movie may fail to take off because the movie would flop and as a result its music would be considered economically unviable to create and market by the recording company.

Then there are occasions when certain songs, after being recorded, are excluded from the movie because they cannot be fitted into the movie. These songs thus tend to be forgotten because of their non inclusion from the movie. One such example in a Mukesh song from “Andaaz” (1949) Kyun pheri nazar(Andaaz) or this Asha Bhonsle song Chain se hamko kabhi(Pran Jaaye par vachan na jaaye)(1973). Mukesh song was excluded because it could not be accomodated in the movie. Asha Bhonsle song was excluded because (if grape vines are to be believed), Asha Bhonsle, who had got estranged from O P Nayyar by that time , used her clout to get this song excluded from the movie. This song ironically won Filmfare award for being the best song of the year 1973.

Then there have been occasions where censors ordered the deletion of certain songs. There have been occasions when the censors, after passing the song fit for public viewing, had a change of heart and they ordered the deletion of the song from the movie. A classic example is this song from “Kashmir Ki kali” Balmaa khuli hawaa mein (Kashmir Ki Kali) which was ordered to be deleted by censor one week after the movie was already released in movie halls. As a result, only those lucky enough to watch the movie in the first week were able to watch this song. And we can no longer savour the video of this song, because the video of this song may no longer be in existence.

If you thought that these were the only ways in which a movie song can be lost to the public, think again ! Even after a song has emerged unscathed from the clutches of the producers and censors and has managed to become popular, a song cannot be assured of survival forever. One new and cruel way in which songs are being lost is at the hands of DVD/ VCD makers. They are often releasing DVD/VCD of these movies after deleting several scenes, including songs. It is obvious that the makers of these DVD/VCD are in this business for making money, and not because they love these old movies and their songs.

Here is a classic example. The movie “Phir Wohi Dil Laayaa Hoon” (1963) is a musical blockbuster starring Joy Mukherji and Asha Parekh. The real star of this movie (as of many movies of that era) is its lilting music. So just imagine the shock of music fans when they realise that one of the most popular songs of this movie is missing from the latest DVD/VCD of this movie available in the market. Shocking is the word that comes to mind.

This song is “Zulf ki chhaaon mein chehre kaa ujaalaa lekar”. When I came to know of this song missing from the DVD/VCD, I searched desperately and I was relieved to find that the video of this song is available on internet, thanks to some kind soul who has uploaded it.

Here is this superb duet from “Phir Wohi Dil Laayaa Hoon” (1963). It is sung by Asha Bhonsle and Rafi. It is a stage song, which is picturised on Asha Parekh and Joy Mukherji. Majrooh Sultanpuri is the lyricist and O P Nayyar is the composer.

Here is this song, which, despite being such an outstanding song is unfortunately missing from latest DVD/VCDs being marketed.



Song-Zulf ki chhaon mein chehre ka ujaalaa lekar (Phir Wohi Dil Laayaa Hoon) (1963) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Rafi, Lyrics- Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD- O P Nayyar


chand sher arz karti hoon
lekin dar yehi hai
kahin koi saud ye na samajh baithe
ke ???
khair koi kuchh samjhe
jo kuch kah rahi hoon baat wo sachchi hai
aur mera har ek ko challenge hai
ki ho sake to jawaab den
arz karti hoon

kab ke dil waale to bhanwre hain bhatakne waale
wo hamin the ke mohabbat ko nibhaayaa hamne
wo jo kahte hain ke lo phir wohi dil laayaa hoon
wo bhi sun le ke unhen pyaar sikhaayaa hamne

janaabe sadar
ye khoobsoorat sher sunkar mujhe bhi chand sher yaad aa gaye hain
izaazat ho to kahoon

izaazat hai

arz karta hoon
zaraa gaur se suniyegaa

wo bhi lab khol rahe hain ye tamaasaa dekho
jinke hothon pe lahu lagaayaa(???) hamne
meri aankhon mein zara daal ke aankhen to kaho
pyaar seekhaa ke tumhen pyaar sikhaayaa hamne

zulf ki chhaaon mein chehre kaa ujaalaa lekar
teri weeraan si raaton ko sajaayaa hamne
meri raaton mein jalaaye tere jalwon ne charaagh
teri raaton ke liye dil ko jalaayaa hamne

ye tere garm se lab ye tere jalte rukhsaar
ye tere garm se lab ye tere jalte rukhsaar
dekh hamko ke banaayaa hai inhen dil kaa karaar
kaise angaaron ko seene se lagaayaa hamne
teri raaton ke liye dil ko jalaayaa hamne

hamne har dil ko sikhaayaa hai dhadakne kaa chalan
hamne har dil ko sikhaayaa hai dhadakne kaa chalan
de ke ulfat ki tadap de ke mohabbat ki jalan
tujh se deewaane ko insaan banaayaa hamne
teri weeraan si raaton ko sajaayaa hamne

seekh le rasm-e-wafaa husn bhi deewaanon se
seekh le rasm-e-wafaa husn bhi deewaanon se
daastaan apni bhari hai inhin afsaanon se
rakh diyaa sar ko jahaan phir na uthaayaa hamne
teri raaton ke liye dil ko jalaayaa hamne

zulf ki chhaaon mein chehre kaa ujaalaa lekar
teri weeraan si raaton ko sajaayaa hamne
meri raaton mein jalaaye tere jalwon ne charaagh
teri raaton ke liye dil ko jalaayaa hamne
teri raaton ke liye dil ko jalaayaa hamne

7 Responses to "Zulf ki chhaaon mein chehre kaa ujaalaa lekar"

Thank you for searching this one out—had never heard it and it is just lovely 😦

I used to wonder why Mumtaz or Helen and similar actresses/actors would appear on dvd covers and in movie credits and then not be seen anywhere in the film itself. Now I understand it’s because their scenes/songs have been cut. I wonder if a complete Hindi movie even exists anywhere on vcd/dvd? SIGH.


I too had never heard this song before. I became aware of the existence of this song only after I read about it in your blog. And ever since I was feeling restless till I finally managed to locate this song.


I do faintly recollect hearing this song. Could have been on VHS or radio. if you had asked me what the name of the song or the movie was, I would not have known. That’s because I ‘ve seen and heard many songs and I think you’ll agree that some stay in your memory. Now, thanks to your blog and Memsaab’s, we recollect the good old movies and songs. Like you say, some B/C grade movies are remembered for their songs only.



Your blog is absolutely great!

This song is there in the HMV cassette.

Keep up the great work,


Thanks for your encouraging words.





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