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Ab do dilon ki mushqil

Posted on: September 2, 2010

These days I am posting songs from “Pooja Ke Phool” (1964). I have noticed that this movie has some wonderful songs in it. So far I have posted two songs from this movie which were sung by Lata. These songs are easily among the best songs that the Lata-Madan Mohan combination gave us in their long association.

But Madan Mohan was equally adept in working with other singers as well. He has also created some memorable songs with Talat Mehmood,Manna Dey,Mukesh,Kishore Kumar, Rafi, Asha Bhonsle etc etc.

Here is a song from “Pooja Ke Phool” (1964) which is sung by Rafi and Asha Bhonsle. This is a romantic song which is picturised on Dharmendra and Mala Sinha. It is interesting to note that Mala Sinha sang in the voice of Lata in the earlier two songs from this movie that were posted in this blog and here she is found singing in Asha Bhonsle’s voice. I wonder what was the reason. Can someone give us the reason why different voices were used for the same actress in the same movie.

Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist.

This is a very nice song to listen to and watch to. It is a pity that the movie, like most Madan Mohan movies, failed at the box office. The songs of the movie are of course all time classics.



Song-Ab do dilon ki mushqil (Pooja Ke Phool) (1964) Singers-Rafi,Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan


aa haa haa aa aa
aa haa haa haa aa aa

ab do dilon ki mushqil
aasaan ho gayi hai
duniyaa ko mohabbat ki
pehchaan ho gayi hai
ab pyaar ki har manzil
aasaan ho gayi hai
aapas mein do dilon ki
pehchaan ho gayi hai
ab do dilon ki mushkil

is raaste se guzraa
ek dil koyi bechaaraa
naa jaane kis adaa se
tumne use pukaaraa
aisaa kiyaa ishaaraa
kuchh soch kar bechaaraa
wo ho gayaa tumhaaraa
duniyaa bhi dekhkar ye
hairaan ho gayi hai
aapas mein do dilon ki
pehchaan ho gayi hai
ab do dilon ki mushqil

aa aa haa haa haa haa
aa aa aa aa
o o o o
aa aa aa aa

kab se tumhaari khaatir
ham raah mein pade the
ik roz phir ye dekhaa
tum saamne khade the
aisi nazar milaayi
duniyaa mujhe bhulaayi
kuchh soch bhi na paayi
jaise ki rooh meri
bejaan ho gayi hai
aapas mein do dilon ki
pehchaan ho gayi hai
ab do dilon ki mushkil

milnaa thaa jinko ab wo
deewaane mil gaye hain
teri daastaan se mere
afsaane mil gaye hain
ab ek hi kahaani
ab ek hi fasaanaa
ab ek hi taraanaa
do jism to hain lekin
ik jaan ho gayi hai
aapas mein do dilon ki
pehchaan ho gayi hai
ab do dilon ki mushqil
aasaan ho gayi hai
duniya ko muhabbat ki
pehchaan ho gayi hai
ab do dilon ki mushqil

4 Responses to "Ab do dilon ki mushqil"

Love the song too. Dharam is awkward and takes his cues from Mala Sinha but when you are super cute does it really matter? Oh and that location has been the backdrop of many a song including a Helen B-movie song you posted a while back.


Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammed Rafi had differences from the late 50s to 60s. Due to this, they rarely sang duets during this period. It was only from Aradhana (1969) that they resolved their differences and got back to singing duets.

Hence in this duet, we have Asha Bhonsle singing for Mala Sinha. Where’s my prize, Atul? 🙂




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