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Koi gaataa main so jaataa

Posted on: September 24, 2010

In Hindi movies, actors are often seen singing in front of a gathering while seated on a grand piano. This to my mind was rather unrealistic. For one, there may not have been too many households owning spacious houses with huge hall where such grand pianos were kept. Secondly, it is humanly not possible to play the piano and sing a song simultaneously.

It would be much more realistic if actors were shown playing sitar. But unfortunately there are very few songs where actors are shown playing sitar, which is an Indian string instument and even a few Indian gods are shown playing it in ancient sculptors.

One of the few songs where an actor was shown playing a sitar was an off beat movie called “Aalaap” (1977). This movie has Amitabh Bachchan playing an off beat role. The Indian audience, used to seeing Amitabh Bachchan as angry young man, were not matured enough to accept him in a different role and the movie flopped at the box office big time.

The song itself is quite a nice song. It is sung by Yesudas and picturised as a get together song/ stage song on Amitabh Bachchan and others. Jaidev is the music director. Lyricist was Hariwanshrai Bachchan, father of Amitabh Bachchan. Hariwanshrai Bachchan, it may be pertinent to add, was a colossus of Hindi literature who had become a legend of Hindi poetry as early as 1930s. That was a time when most present day Indian legends had not yet become legends.



song-Koi gaataa main so jaataa (Aalaap) (1977) Singer-Yesudas,Lyrics-Hariwanshrai Bachchan,MD-Jaidev


koi gaataa main so jaataa

koi gaataa main so jaataa
koi gaataa main so jaataa
koi gaataa

sansriti ke vistrit saagar par
sansriti ke
sansriti ke vistrit saagar par
sapnon ki naukaa ke andar
sukh dukh ki lahron par uth gir
bahtaa jaataa,
main so jaataa
koi gaataa main so jaataa
koi gaataa

aankhon mein bharkar pyaar amar
aankhon mein
aankhon mein bharkar pyaar amar
aashish hatheli mein bhar kar
koi meraa sir godi mein rakh
main so jaataa
koi gaataa main so jaataa
koi gaataa

mere jeewan kaa kaaraajal
mere jeewan kaa haalaahal
mere jeewan kaa kaaraajal
mere jeewan kaa haalaahal
koi apne swar mein madumay kar barsaataa
koi gaata main so jaataa
koi gaataa main so jaataa
koi gaataa main so jaataa
koi gaataa
main so jaataa
main so jaataa

10 Responses to "Koi gaataa main so jaataa"

Great lyrics. Hariwansh Rai Bachchan wrote the immortal “Madhushala” seventy five years ago. Some during late 60’s Madhushala was sung by Manna Dey, music composer: Jaidev. For those who like this song, I highly recommend the Madhushala CD. Manna Dey has done a fantastic job!

Apropos the last stanza (with the question marks).
Here is my version:

Koi apne swar mein madhumay kar barsaataa,
Koi gata mein so jaataa.

(madhumay= sweetened)


Thanks for these nuggets of information. Indeed Madhushala made him a legend in 1930s.


Santosh–since you appear to be a hindi expert, what is sansriti. I have never heard this before (only sanskriti).


The word in Hindi is “संसृति”. This means “sansaar”, the world. In English it could also be written as “sanstriti”. The first “t” would be soft.

Does it make sense now… “On the vast ocean that the world is”…. “sanstriti ke vistrit saagar per..”?

And I really am no Hindi expert! My father is a retired Hindi professor and I bask in his reflected glory!


Thanks–I consider you and Atul Hindi experts but I see why you wouldn’t want to advertise it. Someone like me will come along bothering you 😉


No issues there, be my guest!! 🙂


Santosh is an expert of “Bihari” too, so you can ask him about “Bihari” words too. 😀


The moment I saw this song I was reminded of Mata Saraswati Sharada and immensely satisfied to find my memory hadnt erred that it is in the same movie. All the songs in this movie are great.






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