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Jaate ho to jaao ham bhi yahaan

Posted on: October 19, 2010

I have mentioned in the past that I intend to discuss all Sajjad Hussain songs in this blog that I could locate. Out of about 100 Hindi movie songs that Sajjad Hussain composed in his career, I have already discussed 27 songs. Searching for the remainder of the songs is turning out to be rather more difficult than expected (or perhaps I should have expected that) because many of the songs are quite obscure (as are the movies that these songs belong to). Even the information pertaining to these songs is difficult to find.

I request my readers, who may have information about these songs including the songs themselves, to share information about them, so that we are able to place all that information in one place, which would be quite convenient for the music lovers who may like to search for the songs of this musical genius.

Here is the 28th song of Sajjad Hussain in this blog. This song is from “Khel” (1950). It is a rare to find song. It is sung by Lata. Lyrics are by someone called Saghar Nizaami and he has written a superb song. The song itself is a gem, and I am sure music lovers will enjoy listening to this song, even though the audio quality is not as good as one would like. We are thankful that we are able to listen to this song.

I am not aware about the actor on whom this song is picturised, but seeing that this movie had Nargis in it, this song could well have been picturised on her.

Here is this rare gem from “Khel” (1950) for the readers to savour.

song-Jaate ho to jaao ham bhi yahaan(Khel) (1950) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Saghar Nizaami, MD-Sajjad Hussain


jaate ho to jaao
ham bhi yahaan
waadon ke sahaare jee lenge
jaate ho to jaao
ham bhi yahaan
waadon ke sahaare jee lenge
khud de ke kisi ko dil apnaa
kuchh khel nahin jeenaa lekin
khud de ke kisi ko dil apnaa
kuchh khel nahin jeenaa lekin
ghut ghut ke sahi mar mar ke sahi
ghut ghut ke sahi mar mar ke sahi
jaise bhi banegaa jee lenge

ruswaa na karenge ham tum ko
seene se lagaa lenge gham ko
ho ho
umde jo kabhi dil se aansoo
ham dil hi dil mein pi lenge
jaate ho to jaao
ham bhi yahaan waadon ke sahaare ji lenge

seene se lagaa kar yaadon ko
khaamosh rahenge raaton ko
shikwe jo zabaan par aaye kabhi
hothon se zabaan ko see lenge
jaate ho to jaao
ham bhi yahaan waadon ke sahaare ji lenge

3 Responses to "Jaate ho to jaao ham bhi yahaan"

Sinciarly, the song is one of the best. as you have said he was the most brilliant music director. His comment on “Mushkil hai bahut mushkil mushkil”, was “There is no mushkil”.


Very soothing.
Sajjad Hussain had used Lata’s voice to it’s best in ths song.
Lata in this song is very good.
Khel,Sangdil,Hulchul,Magroor,Sainyyan posted by you seems to be his best work in that time(1950/51/52).
Maybe that time was his downfall also (commercially) because his arrogance stories which we read these days only belong to that time.


What a compound complex composition from one & only one ”Sajjad Hussain Sahab” with Lata Mangeshkar (her maiden venture with the legend in ‘KHEL’.) !!

Sajjad sahab gave 2 songs each to Geeta Dutt, Shamshad Begum & Lata Mangeshkar in Khel & the 2 he alloted to Lata were the most complex of the all. … ‘Bhool ja aye dil …’ was the best popular by Lata in that decade & the other was ”jaate ho to jaao …” which was a highly complex composition with huge variations of SUR in the the mukhda itself & what beautiful Taans, Sajjad managed to vocalise from Lata’s vocals ….. mesmerizing !
It’s such a complex composition & yet the final outcome was so refreshing & melodious to the ears …. typical Sajjad + Lata’s magic always !!

Here is a better audio version ….
[audio src="" /]


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