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Ham aapki mehfil mein bhoole se chale aaye

Posted on: November 18, 2010

Songs in which actors, especially male actors would accuse female actors of “bewafaayi” were quite common in Hindi movies. Such songs would often be sung in isolation, but often such songs would be sung in get together/ parties too. The male actor would go on with his accusation and the female would feel embarrased as well as guilty in full public view. The public, viz the other participants in the party would consist of people standing/ sitting in their positions like statues.

Here is one such song from “Jabse Tumhe Dekha Hai” (1963). This song is sung by Rafi. It is picturised on Pradeep Kumar (the accuser), Geeta Bali (the accusee) and others. Those days, movie watchers must have empathised with them both, but now, with the benefit of hindsight, I can only feel amused at such a picturisation.

Shailendra is the lyricist and Dattaram is the music director.

It is a nice song to listen to.



Song-Ham aapki mehfil mein (Jabse Tumhe Dekha Hai) (1963) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Dattaram


ham aapki mehfil mein
ham aapki mehfil mein
bhoole se chale aaye
ham aapki mehfil mein
bhoole se chale aaye
ho maaf khataa apni
gardish ke hain bahkaaye
ham aapki mehfil mein

kabhi dekhaa thaa ik sapnaa
unhen samjhe thhe ham apnaa
paraaye ho gaye hain wo
bichhad kar kho gaye hain wo
ajab saa wo zamaanaa thaa
wo dhokhaa bhi suhaanaa thaa
magar ab yaad kyaa keeje
bhalaa fariyaad kyaa keeje
ham aapki mehfil mein
bhoole se chale aaye
ham aapki mehfil mein

wafaa ka dam jo bharte thhe
muhabbat pe jo marte thhe
wo har waadaa bhulaa baithhe
naye mehfil mein jaa baithhe
hamin ne bhhool ki hogi
hamin mein kuchh kami hogi
jab wo aankhen churaate hain
hamaara dil jalaate hain
ham aapki mehfil mein
bhoole se chale aaye
ham aapki mehfil mein

gilaa karne se kyaa haasil
nahin chaahat ke main qaabil
samajhnaa main thaa deewaanaa
bhulaa denaa ye afsaanaa
na ab tumko sataaungaa
idhar mudkar na aaungaa
main kar ke dil ke sau tukde
bichhaa jaataa hoon is dar pe
ham aapki mehfil mein
bhoole se chale aaye
ham aapki mehfil mein
bhoole se chale aaye
ho maaf khataa apni
gardish ke hain bahkaaye
ham aapki mehfil mein

3 Responses to "Ham aapki mehfil mein bhoole se chale aaye"

Who is the MD of this song?? Dattaram Wadkar or Datta Naik. I have seen Atul Ji’s comment on memsaab blog wherein you discussed this issue and mentioned the mistakes on other sites like However as per that blog post Datta Naik should be the MD. So the question remains: who is the MD of this movie?? Any conclusive answer??


“Jabse Tumhe Dekha Hai” (1963) has music by Dattaram, aka Dattaram Wadekar. So the information contained in the writeup is correct.
Look at the cast of the movie and that would give you the conclusive answer.


just fantastic song.Rafi the great.


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