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Abhi kyaa sunoge suna to hansoge

Posted on: December 8, 2010

Dharmendra and Sharmila Tagore, who share their birthday (8 october) also shared the screen space together in several movies. One of these movies was “Satyakaam” (1969).

This movie was based on a “boring” theme viz honesty in public life. So naturally this movie flopped at the box office, even though this movie won critical acclaim.

Here is a song from this movie which is picturised on the two bithday persons. Here Dharmendra (in true Hindi movie tradition) asks Sharmila Tagore to sing a song, and Sharmila Tagore tells her that she has nothing to tell him and if she told him he would laugh . Of course she tells this in the form of a song.

Here is this song, which is sung by Lata. Kaifi Azmi is the lyricist and music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.



Song-Abhi kyaa sunoge sunaa to hansoge (Satyakam) (1969) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


abhi kyaa sunoge sunaa to hansoge
ki hai geet adhooraa, taraanaa adhooraa
ki hai geet adhooraa, taraanaa adhooraa
jo tum chup rahoge jo kuchh na kahoge
rahegaa sadaa ye fasaanaa adhooraa
ki hai geet adhooraa, taraanaa adhooraa

zamaane se jo main ne seekhaa
nahin kuchh bhi wo mere kaam kaa
sikhaa do jo tum meet mere
mujhe naghmaa ik apne naam kaa
saje subah, chehraa khile shaam kaa
abhi kyaa sunoge sunaa to hansoge
ki hai geet adhooraa, taraanaa adhooraa
ki hai geet adhooraa, taraanaa adhooraa

qareeb aa ke bhi door rahnaa
tumhi jaano hai is mein raaz kyaa
jo kuchh hai to hai naaz gham par
karoon dil par main apne naaz kyaa
sadaa meri kyaa hai meraa saaz kyaa
abhi kyaa sunoge sunaa to hansoge
ki hai geet adhooraa, taraanaa adhooraa
ki hai geet adhooraa, taraanaa adhooraa

kisi kaa na ho jis pe saayaa
mujhe aise din aisi raat do
main manzil to khud dhoondh loongi
mere haathon mein apnaa haath do
qadam do qadam tum meraa saath do
abhi kyaa sunoge sunaa to hansoge
ki hai geet adhooraa, taraanaa adhooraa
ki hai geet adhooraa, taraanaa adhooraa

7 Responses to "Abhi kyaa sunoge suna to hansoge"

Mr. Dharmendra was a great actor 🙂 I remember him in “Yaadon Ki Baraat” and the way his face shows emotion is unparalleled. And what personality!


He is loved not for his acting but for the roles he played. Romantic hero (while dealing with his heroines) and a tough guy while dealing with villains. And he looked quite convincing in both these roles.


Dharam is one of my favourite heroes.
And this movie Satyakam may have flopped but it was a strong movie. I remember seeing it as a young boy and it left a major impact on my mind.

I saw it a few years ago. By now I was a reasonably cynical guy, more aware of how the world works. 🙂 I still absolutely loved the movie.

I remember Dharam in an interview many years ago saying that this was his favourite movie.


I read about the movie “Satyakam” in magazines in 1970s. I was not aware of any songs of this movie.


I love this song! Thanks, Atul!


Just consider my favourite song also, from “Satyakam”picturised on sharmila and manmohan(villain)

lataji`s sad solo:”Do din ki zindagi, kaisi hai zindagi, koi na ye jaane,oo.oo.,bheetar andhera hai, baahar hai roshani, dekhein na parwaane

lyrics by Kaifi azmi and music by laxmi pyare

great work, keep it up
lot`s of regards


love this song too. Dharm ji is super handsome in this movie and to date he carries the dhoti most elegantly here (Sunil Dutt was also good–its difficult to look good in dhoti). The close to last scene where Dharm acts with just his eyes is one of his finest acting moments.

Happy Birthday Dharm and thanks for many pleasurable viewing hours.


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