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Baagon mein kaise ye phool khilte hain

Posted on: December 8, 2010

One of most memorable Dharmendra-Sharmila Tagore pairing was in the lovely family comedy “Chupke Chupke” (1975) where everyone, including the movie watchers have fun at the expense of Om Prakash, who plays Sharmila Tagore’s omniscient jeejaaji.

In this movie, Dharmendra, who is married to Sharmila Tagore but Om Prakash has never seen him. Dharmendra finds employment with Om Prakash, posing as a Hindi loving car driver (or “Vaahan Chaalak” as he likes to describe himself). He of course flirts with his wife in presence of Om Prakash making him uncomfortable.

Here in this song, Dharmendra and Sharmila Tagore go to a park, with a kid. There, they leave the kid in the car (apparently it was a safe thing to do those days) while Dharmendra suggests that they should sing a duet.So, it must be the first planned song in Hindi movies, since most other songs happen at the spur of the moment, with the characters bursting into songs without any prior notice.

This song is sung by Lata and Mukesh. Anand Bakshi is the lyricist (or is it Majrooh Sultanpuri. I have seen both being credited as lyricist for this song). S D Burman is the music director.

So here is this song, on the occasion of their birthday. Yes, both of them were born on 8 december, though in different years.



Song-Baagon mein kaise ye phool khilte hain (Chupke Chupke) (1975) Singer-Lata,Mukesh, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-S D Burman


aaa aaa aaa
baagon mein kaise
ye phool khilte hain
khilte hain
milte hain bhanwron se
jab phool milte hain
ho milte hain
ho ho ho
baagon mein

o o o
o o
aa haa
aa aa
mausam bahaaron ke
lagte hain kyun pyaare
mausam bahaaron ke
lagte hain kyun pyaare
hanste hain rote hain
kaliyon ke sang saare
kaliyon ke
kaliyon ke khilne se
dil bhi khilte hain
ho khilte hain
baagon mein

achchhaa ab tum bolo
aisaa kab hotaa hai
achchhaa ab tum bolo
aisaa kab hotaa hai
bade wo ho
mat chhedo
aisaa tab hotaa hai
jab tere
jab tere nainon se
mere nain milte hain
milte hain
baagon mein kaise ye phool khilte hain
ho khilte hain
khilte hain
bhanwron se jab phool milte hain
ho milte hain
ho ho ho
baagon mein

5 Responses to "Baagon mein kaise ye phool khilte hain"

Atul ji

The lyricist is Anand Bakshi, as per the credits listing in the movie.



Thanks for this information.


I love this song even though both Dharm and Sharmila have looked much better elsewhere.
I also like the kid. At one point in my distant kid-hood I looked just like that kid. And my mom used to leave me in the car all the time (shocking but true).






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