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Honey lagaa hai kyun dil beqaraar

Posted on: February 19, 2011

This post is written by Raja,a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor of write ups to this blog

I would not go so far as to say that I have learnt to appreciate art and culture as I have grown old. I am still very much a novice when it comes to appreciating these finer aspects of life.
What I will say though is that my taste in Hindi movies and songs has evolved considerably since my childhood or school days.

I remember in those days I would groan when a slow Lata Mangeshkar song would start, often in a Black and White movie, on a heroine I would not be able to recognize. There was no video (available to me) in those days otherwise this would be eminently fast-forwardable.

Today I listen to these very songs with great patience, listen carefully to the lyrics (which are usually good) and try to appreciate the meaning of the song, the setting etc.

Similarly , in those days, there would often be at least one classical dance if the movie had Padmini or Vyjanthimala or sometimes even Hema Malini. This would be another “groan” occasion for me while adults around me seemed to appreciate the music. I would wait for it to get over so that we could move on with the story.

Today I can say I quite like watching a Padmini or Vyjanthimala dance. I don’t fast forward the dance though, ironically, the technology today allows me to. I like the expressions on the face, the eye movements, the hand movements, the steps etc. I will not claim to understand anything about classical dance but it is certainly far from the boring images that I used to carry in my head in my school days. (I remember even attending a couple of live concerts of eminent Bharatnatyam dancers like Padma Subramaniam and Chitra Visweswaran with my parents. Though the concerts were good, I remember not being particularly unhappy when they got over).

Boy, have I come a long way from those days!

And there is no better evidence of that than the fact that I am writing this intro now.
For it is the intro for one of the greatest dance sequences EVER in Indian cinema. I feel extremely inadequate, extremely ill-equipped, extremely incompetent, extremely humbled and at the same time extremely honored to have the opportunity to write up this song.

This is a nine-minute dance sequence from the Hindi film Raj Tilak (1958) made by S.S. Vasan, the renowned Tamil producer/director of the time, under his banner Gemini Studios. It is a dance competition between the two prima donna Bharatnatyam dancers of the time, Padmini and Vyjanthimala.

The two are pitted against each other in an absolute classic, where their expressions, their eye movements and their graceful body movements are in full display. S.S. Vasan was always known for his lavish sets (he was often referred to as the Cecil De Mille of the Tamil film industry (now better known as Kollywood – since it is based in Kodambakkam in Madras (Chennai)). Here he does not disappoint – and one is only left to wistfully think about how grand the entire dance sequence would have been if only it had been in color. (Aside: Instead of making a film like “Hum Dono” in color, somebody should make Raj Tilak in color).

But the stars of the show are clearly Padmini and Vyjanthimala. Even in B&W, they are just awesome and it is my inability and inadequacy more than anything else that prevents me from discussing the nuances of the dance in greater detail. I do know however that there have been endless discussions amongst dance-lovers about who outdid whom. The majority (amongst people I’ve heard discussing this) seems to feel that Padmini might have been better but I’d rather keep my mouth shut on this. ?

And oh, one important thing! This intro would be completely incomplete if I did not mention one important fact (not to mention that Tamil readers of this piece will kill me ? ).
Raj Tilak is a remake of SS Vasan’s Vanjikottai Valiban, which has the same awesome song/dance sequence – in Tamil of course. That version is THE classic version that Tamil folk swear by. So the Tamil video is also attached herewith, for those who would like to see this version.
(Btw, both films have a year-stamp of 1958, so I cannot say with absolute authority which one was released earlier or whether they had simultaneous releases. My gut feel is that the Tamil version would have come out earlier and the Hindi would have followed immediately thereafter. Would be happy for a more knowledgeable person to enlighten me on this. Thanks).
Both versions star Gemini Ganesan (better known to Bollywood fans as Rekha’s father but a big star in Tamil cinema in his own right).

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge and thank Tom (tommydan1), not just for uploading the Hindi version onto youtube, but also for giving us this excellent quality to enjoy. Tom is an American who is interested in old Hindi classics but often finds himself frustrated by the quality of the videos/DVDs that he is confronted with. He then painstakingly sets about improving their quality, gets subtitles done, if missing – the end-result is something very special. And, on top of this, he shares his work freely for everybody to enjoy. We owe a lot to enthusiasts like Tom who take such pains to give us such heightened viewing pleasure. So a huge thanks to Tom for this!
Now, if you have also “evolved” a bit (like I have in the last 25 years), then sit back and enjoy this spectacle!

Audio – Hindi version:

Video – Hindi version:

Video – Tamil version:

Song-Hone lagaa hai kyun dil bekaraar (Raj Tilak) (1958) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Sudha Malhotra, Lyrics-P L Santoshi,MD-C Ramchandra


aa aa aa aa aa
hone lagaa hai haay
kyun ye dil beqaraar
kehtey hain aa raha hai
mausam bahaar ka

aaja tu raja aaja
mausamey bahaar hai
ambuaa ke neechhe
tera intezaar hai
aaja tu raja aaja
mausamey bahaar hai
ambuaa ke neeche
tera intezaar hai
abhi abhi dekho udi
koyaliya bol ke
bada mazaa hai
pehla pehla pyaar hai
aaja tu raja aaja
mausamey bahaar hai
ambua ke neeche
tera intezaar hai

ab bani baat!

arrey bach bach bach bach bachna
main to laayi hoon ik toofaan
arrey hat hat hat hat hatna
jalte hain dil mein armaan
arrey bach bach bach bach bachna
main to laayi hoon ek toofaan
arrey hat hat hat hat hatna
Jalte hain dil mein armaan

raahon mein naa tu aa
main tujhe doon mitaa
hain qayamat ki har ek adaa
tu bhi dekh zaraa
arrey sun sun sun sun sun ri
aag bhara mera raag hai
arrey hat hat pagli hatna
arrey doongi main tujh ko mitaa
arrey doongi main tujh ko jalaa

Ganga ki dhaara ko tu rok sakegi
rok sakegi
pyaar rukey na kisi ke bhi rokey
dekha na toone kisi ka bhi hokey
pyaar mein apna sab kuchh khokey
pyaar rukey na kisi ke bhi rokey

maidaan mein aa zaraa
tu baatein na kori banaa
saamne bhi to aa zaraa
kuchh kar ke dikhaa
kehtey hain kya sargam meri
jawaab de tu
kehti hai kya paayal meri
jawaab de tu
mere har geet ka
mere sangeet ka
meri har chaal ka
meri har taal ka
jawaab de tu

sainyaan ke man mein tujhe
aane na doongi main
meri preet ka pehra lagaa
man bharmaane na doongi main
koyal se seekha gaana maine
naachna ban ke mor se
seekha kamal se man ka lubhaana
dil ka churaana
seekha chanda chakor se

darti hoon teri akkad ye kahin
reh jaaye naa hai yahin ki yahin
darti hoon teri akkad ye kahin
reh jaaye naa hai yahin ki yahin
shaayad ye toone suna hi nahin
shaayad ye toone suna hi nahin
garajtey hain jo wo barastey nahin

bijlee hoon mujhko bataati hai kya
garajnaa hai kya aur barasnaa hai kya
bijlee hoon mujhko bataati hai kya
garajnaa hai kya aur barasnaa hai kya
tera kisi se na paala pada
jo aata hai tujh ko wo kar ke dikha

2 Responses to "Honey lagaa hai kyun dil beqaraar"

Hi Raja
Nice write up. ve heard from my dad that this movie was spectacular in all respects. and he saw both versions released simultaneously in Hindi and tamil. only thing was he saw the hindi version 1st @ Ahmedabad and the Tamil one the same year when on vacation in Chennai. also that both version were jubilee hits


Hi Raja,

What a spectacular dance sequence, and performed so well by two of the best exponents of this art form in Indian cinema. And the composition by C Ramchandra is so well crafted to distinguish between the pure classical (Padmini’s segment) and semi classical (Vijayantimala’s segment) threads running in tandem through the song.

Reminds me of one other similar instance in Hindi movies where two dancers have a face off. In the movie Amrapali (1966), Vijayantimala is involved in a similar competition with the Raj Nartaki of Vaishali. In a public performance by the Raj Nartaki, Vijayantimala points out an error in the dancer’s technique, and as a result, she is obliged to prove it on the dance floor. As a result of this competition, Amrapali is designated as the new Raj Nartaki of Vaishali. That dance sequence is not so long, plus it has only dance music, and not lyrics to accompany the competition.

Another such instance is in the movie Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon (1963), the famous dance sequence of Asha Parekh vs. another dancer (cannot recall right now), and song is ‘Dekho Bijli Dole Bin Baadal Ke’, composed by OP Nayyar.

I am sure there are other Jugalbandi dance sequences from other movies that are just wonderful.

Another comment on the video quality of the Hindi version. The quality is astounding (except at times the movements are somewhat faster than normal, although barely noticeable). Tom must be spending quite a bit of effort to get this quality for posting. Kudos to Tom.



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