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Aayine mein ek chaand si soorat nazar aayi

Posted on: March 4, 2011

This post is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor of write ups to this blog.

There are many ways in which I get to learn of songs that are new to me.
I discover them on youtube or I sometimes find them on a blog (Atul’s blog is a very rich source for this purpose 🙂 ).

Or I sometimes hear them on radio, though I must admit this is a much-reduced source now because I hardly listen to radio nowadays.

Or, since I still watch a lot of old movies, I sometimes catch some lovely songs in these movies that I’d never heard before.

The song I am presenting below was sourced in the last-mentioned manner.

It is from the film Elan (1947). I am not sure many would have heard of this movie – and I had also not heard of it till about a year ago. But that was about the time I saw Mehboob Khan’s Roti (1942). What a film! I fell instantly in love with the movie (it is still one of my all-time favourites) and I began looking for other Mehboob movies.

And that is how I came across Elan. Like most Mehboob movies, it has a social message. This one is about how education, and not wealth, is what needs to be encouraged if we want an enlightened society. It is a strong Muslim social – in fact it is one of the “purest” Urdu-based movies I have seen. I think it may have been made just at the cusp of partition, possibly even in now-Pakistan (there is no reference to any particular place in the film, none that I could make out at least).

The film stars Surendra and Munawar Sultana. This was the first time I was seeing both these actors in lead roles – I have seen Surendra as character actor in many later movies. Munawar Sultana had strong screen presence – I think she migrated to Pakistan a few years after partition (though she acted in Babul (1950) with Dilip Kumar, Nargis).
This song seems to have been sung by Ameerbai Karnataki (though Munawar Sultana was a quality singer in her own right) and Surendra. The first time I heard this song (while watching the movie) I fell in love with it. Naushad’s composition is lovely and the voices of Ameerbai and Surendra are clear and exude the spirit of romance. Considering the songs in the movie get increasingly serious and depressing as the movie takes a sad turn, I’d like this song to be my preferred song to remember the movie by (if I had to pick just one of its songs).

The scene is that Surendra and Munawar Sultana have just fallen in love with each other. And, as is common in movies then, they break into song as they bask in those moments immediately following the moment of falling in love.

Lyrics are by Zia Sarhadi.

I hope you enjoy this song. I think it is a gem. Like I said though, I don’t think it is a particularly well-known song of a well-known movie.

But that’s one of the reasons it belongs here on Atul’s blog, isn’t it?



Song-Aayine mein ek chaand si soorat nazar aayi (Elaan)(1947) Singers-Amirbai Karnataki, Surendra, Lyrics-Zia Sarhadi, MD-Naushad


Aaine mein ek chaand si soorat nazar aayi
aaine mein ek chaand si soorat nazar aayi
sau baar huyi jispe fidaa saari Khudaayi
ho soorat nazar aayi
sau baar huyi jispe fidaa saari Khudaayi
ho soorat nazar aayi

aankhon mein tamannaon ka aabaad zamaana
har baat kuchh aisi ki mohabbat ka fasaana
aankhon mein tamannaon ka aabaad zamaana
har baat kuchh aisi ki mohabbat ka fasaana
phoolon ne nazaaqat tere rukhsaar se paayi
ho soorat nazar aayi
aaine mein ek chaand si soorat nazar aayi

dhalka hua aanchal wo qayaamat ki adaayen
deta hai mera dil tujhe reh reh ke duaayen
dhalka hua aanchal wo qayaamat ki adaayen
deta hai mera dil tujhe reh reh ke duaayen
aye husn salaamat rahey aabaad rahey tu
aye husn salaamat rahey aabaad rahey tu
tu hai to tere dum se hai aabaad khudaayi
tu hai to tere dum se hai aabaad khudaayi
ho soorat nazar aayi
aaine mein ek chaand si soorat nazar aayi

5 Responses to "Aayine mein ek chaand si soorat nazar aayi"

Raja ji,
Munawar Sultana never left India for Pakistan.Many people mistake the other singer Munawar Sultana of Pakistan who became active after partition, with our M.Sultana.
Munawar Sultana,after acting in Babul with scintilating performance eclipsing the Hero and Heroine,somehow became lusterless and relegated to B grade movies.She acted in Babooji(1950),Tarang(1952),Apni Izzat(1952),Watan,Toofan,Ehsaan(all 1954) and finally Deewaar(1955).
She then married Mr.Saraf ali Bhagat a Jewellary Merchant and settled in Bombay(Mumbai),staying in a posh flat on Pedder Road.


Oh, thanks a lot for that information. I stand corrected.
You are indeed a treasure-house of knowledge, Sir.

It is a pity that our Munawar Sultana faded away like this. I quite liked her in this film, she had personality.


I learnt the following about Ailan: August 14, 1947, “Ailaan”was released all over India. The Director, Mehboob, had arrived in Lahore for its release. Because of riots, the reels could not be delivered from Lahore’s railway station. Yet, not to be deterred, Chaudhrey Eid Mohammed, owner of Rattan cinema, Lahore, somehow ignores all the trauma his city is experiencing, especially at the railway station where droves of families, some dead some alive, were arriving without homes to go to, smuggles out the reels and announced its opening at his cinema.
Do you know anything about this? Is the film available for download?


Am seeing this comment only now. Thank you so much for shedding more light on the circumstances in which this film was released. I watched it on youtube – and throughout the movie could not help wondering where it was based. Was it Lahore or Delhi or Lucknow or some other place?

Interesting to understand the political and social setting in which a film is made. This is a very good example of a film made in turbulent times.


great site. I have been able to share so many songs with my mother. thanks for this herculean task.


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