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Kyaa kyaa na log chal base

Posted on: March 4, 2011

“Hyderabad ki Naazneen” (1952) is an obscure movie that few people remember or know much about today.

I have discussed one song from this movie in the past. Here is another song from this movie. This song is sung by Lata and it is picturised on Nigar Sultana. Incidentally, the earlier song discussed by me (Nazron mein samaane se qaraar aa na sakegaa ) was also picturised on Nigar Sultana but there the song was sung by Rajkumari.

Noor Lucknowi is the lyricist and music is composed by Vasant Desai.

Here is this rare song from an obscure movie.



Song-Kyaa kyaa na log chal base (Hyderabad Ki Naazneen) (1952) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Noor Lucknowi, MD-Vasant Desai


kyaa kyaa na log chal base
kyaa kyaa na log chal base
shauq-e-jamaal-e-yaar mein
hamse hazaaron mit gaye
hamse hazaaron mit gaye
haalat-e-intezaar mein

poori tarah khile na phool
rah gayin dil mein hasraten
rah gayin dil mein hasraten
baag hi saaraa jal gayaa
baag hi saaraa jal gayaa
aag lagi bahaar mein
kyaa kyaa na log chal base
shauq-e-jamaal-e-yaar mein

pheeki padi hai chaandni
taare bhi jhilmilaate hain
taare bhi jhilmilaate hain
sab hain nazar mein beqaraar
sab hain nazar mein beqaraar
dil jo nahin qaraar mein
kyaa kyaa na log chal base
shauq-e-jamaal-e-yaar mein

mit bhi gaye to kyaa huaa
maut hai ek zindagi
maut hai ek zindagi
ek naam aur badh gayaa
ek naam aur badh gayaa
duniyaa ki yaadgaar mein
kyaa kyaa na log chal base
shauq-e-jamaal-e-yaar mein

3 Responses to "Kyaa kyaa na log chal base"

I am hearing this song for the first time. What struck me was such a strong resemblance to Parul Ghosh’s Aye bhi wo gaye bhi wo from the film Namaste (1943), composed by Naushad. Even Lata seems to be making a conscious effort to imitate Parul Ghosh’s singing style, which makes this a truly unique song and a collector’s item. Such resemblance can not be a pure coincidence. I find this song is not there on your blog, which is kind of surprising, because this is one of the very well known gems of the vintage era. Naushad imitated this song later in Natak (1947) in Suraiya’s Jab se chale gaye hain wo zindagi zindagi nahin. (Natak also seems to be missing from your blog, which had besides several Suraiya songs, Uma Devi’s Dilwale jal kar yun hi mar jana). There is no moral problems with self-plagiarism, and Naushad was particularly known for this. You can just think of Lagan more mann ki sajan nahin jane from Babul, Ghunghat nahin kholun re saiyan tore aage from Maother India and Jogan ban jaungi saiyan tore kaaran from Shabaab – don’t they sound similar?

This brings me to the point I made earlier also. You are doing a great service to the music lovers. Now that you have over 3600 songs, it is time to add more systematically to fill obvious gaps. One can proceed in several ways, one is to proceed yearwise, the other could be proceed music directorwise – and many of us would be happy to spend time and effort to help you in doing it. This does not preclude your putting on the gems you stumble upon in your search.


AK ji,

I read your views about ‘self plagiarism’ of Naushad.
Both Vasant Desai and Naushad were known for their songs based on different Raagas.
Naushaud who based his songs in classical mode,using appropriate Ragas depending on the song situation in the film,took several days for one song.He had,however liking for few Ragas and many of his songs are based on Bhairavi,Darbari Kanada,Maand,Pahadi,Pilu and Yaman.
Raga is a very complex thing.It consists of characteristics like Swar,Thaat,Jaati,Aarohan,Vaadi and Swaroop.The use of any characteristic in greater measure changes the complexion of the song.
Similarly,Sur,Laya and Taal are parts of construction of a song.
In other words,Raga of the songs may be same,but any of the component used in excess makes the songs sound different and conversely,same components in same Raga in another song makes the other song sound similar,sometimes almost same tune.
This can happen in Mukhada and Antara,independently or both in the two songs.
That is why,some songs sound similar from differnt movies and even different composers.
Usually,this happens with composers who are Raga prone.
I think,this explains why Naushad’s own songs sound similar,sometimes !


Thanks for this invaluable insight into what consitutes a raag. Indeed, the variables involved in a raag are too many and being able to create songs based on so many variables, and being able to do justice to them, that too within three minutes or so, is a remarkable feat.


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