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tumhaaraa pyaar chaahiye mujhe jeene ke liye

Posted on: March 26, 2011

When Bappi Lahiri began his career as a music director in mid 1970s, I thought that he was a music director in the sameleague as R D Burman. Considering that I, as well as the rest of India was totally in love with R D Burman’s music, that was high praise indeed.

Bappi Lahiri created some wonderful music in his earlier movies, viz “Zakhmee” (1975), “Chalte Chalte” (1976) etc. but then one fine day in 1979-80, he decided that he did not want to create great compositions, rather he wanted to create chaalu songs that would help him get cheap popularity and instant stardom. He succeeded in his mission, and inadvertently, that spelled the end for the glorious era of hindi movie music that we all describe as the golden era of Hindi movie music.

Bappi Lahiri made his career choice and he succeeded. Now, some three decades later, music followers like me remember him with mixed fellings. I dislike the kind of music he created in 198s, but at the same time, I am also remided of the great songs that he created. He had the ability to create great songs, but he decided to take an alternative and short cut route to success. For that reason, he will not be regarded as highly as R D Burman and other greats of the golden era, not that it matters to him or to his fans.

Like r d Burman and s d Burman, Bappi Lahiri too would foray in the field of singing. But while the others did their singing in moderation, Bappi Lahiri decided to go the whole hog in singing. He in fact decided to become the playback singers for actors like Mithun Chakravorty etc. That was certainly overkill.

In his early days, when he was still creating great music and was singing in moderation, he was coming up with some lovely songs.

Here is a wonderful example of a Bappi Lahiri creation where he gets the things right.

This lovely song is sung by Bappi Lahiri and it is picturised on Raj Kiran and Kalpana Aiyyar. Kalpana Aiyyar, who was mainly seem dancing cabarat dances in skimpy clothes, was the leading lady in this movie where she played a sari clad Bhartiya Nari.

Here is this romantic song, which is picturised as a motorbike song in the movie. Indeewar is the lyricist and music is composed by Bappi Lahiri. when one listens to this song, one cannot help thinking of “what could have been” scenarios for Bappi Lahiri as well as Hindi movie music. But then this movie did not do well and great songs like this also did not help his cause, and as a result, Bappi Lahiri decided to jump the bandwagon of cheap songs. so may be the public choice too should be held responsible for thedeterioration in the quality of songs that followed.

Rant over ! Let us forget everything and enjoy this wonderful song.



Song-Tumhaaraa pyaar chaahiye mujhe jeene ke liye (Manokaamna) (1979) Singer-Bappi Lahiri, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Bappi Lahiri


pyaar chaahiye
mujhe jeene ke liye
tumhaaraa pyaar chaahiye
mujhe jeene ke liye
mujh ko har ghadi
deedaar chaahiye
tumhaaraa pyaar chaahiye
mujhe jeene ke liye

roop rang par martaa aayaa,
sadiyon se ye zamaanaa
main man ki sundartaa dekhoon,
pyaar kaa main deewaanaa
tumhaaraa pyaar chaahiye
mujhe jeene ke liye
toofaan mein baahon ki
patwaar chaahiye
tumhaaraa pyaar chaahiye
mujhe jeene ke liye

mere siwaa tum aur kisi ko,
dil mein na aane dogi
phoolon ki to baat hi kyaa hai,
kaanton ke saath chalogi
tumhaaraa pyaar chaahiye
mujhe jeene ke liye
din raat wafaa kaa
iqraar chaahiye
tumhaaraa pyaar chaahiye
mujhe jeene ke liye
mujh ko har ghadi
deedaar chaahiye
tumhaaraa pyaar chaahiye
mujhe jeene ke liye

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