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Dile naadan ko sambhaaloon to chale jaayiyegaa

Posted on: May 12, 2011

Out of the three movies called “Faraar”, the 1965 movie is perhaps the most obscure one. I am barely aware about the identities of the lead actors of this movie.

Of course, that has not stopped me from discussing as many as three songs from this movie. Here is another song from this movie.

This song is sung by Lata. The superb lyrics are penned by Kaifi Azmi and music is composed by Hemant Kumar.

Picturisation of this song falls short of expectations though. The song is picturised on an actress called Shabnam, and she has got a wooden and expressionless face, unfortunately.

Nevertheless, the song is a nice one to listen to. The fact that the movie as well as its songs are not all that well known means that songs like this are required to be brought to the notice of music lovers. And I am pleased to bring this song to the notice of music lovers.



Song-Dil e nadaan ko sambhaaloon (Faraar) (1965) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Hemant Kumar


Dil-e-naadaan ko sambhaaloon to chale jaayiyegaa
dil-e-naadaan ko sambhaaloon to chale jaayiyegaa
ek zaraa hosh mein aa loon to chale jaaiyegaa
dil-e-naadaan ko sambhaaloon to chale jaayiyegaa

abhi raahon mein andheraa hi andheraa hogaa
abhi raahon mein andheraa hi andheraa hogaa
aur andhere mein chhupaa koii luteraa hogaa
har taraf deep jalaa loon to chale jaayiyegaa
ek zaraa hosh mein aa loon to chale jaaiyegaa
dil-e-naadaan ko sambhaaloon to chale jaayiyegaa

jaan pehchaan mulaaqaat huyi khoob huaa
meri duniyaa mein nayi baat huyi khoob huaa
baat se baat banaa loon to chale jaayiyegaa
ek zaraa hosh mein

6 Responses to "Dile naadan ko sambhaaloon to chale jaayiyegaa"

Atul ji,
Faraar(1965) was produced by Hemant Kumar under the banner of his own Geetanjali Pictures,Directed by Pinak Bhushan Mukherjee,and Music Director was,of course Hemant Kumar.
Anil Chatterjee was a well known Bengali film Hero,who unfortunately did not click in Bollywood movies.
The film was having majority Bengali actors,the technical staff was also Bengali and except Lata,the Playback was given by Hemant,Bela and Ranu Mukherjee.
The Heroine Shabnam,besides Faraar, acted in 41 Hindi and 1 Tamil Movie.She has acted in some hindi TV serials,like Miilee etc.
The film was a crime thriller,set in Calcutta.The Hero Shankar,who is staying with his Doctor Dad and Mom,one day brings home an injured man,Shekhar to be treated by his Doctor dad.Hero (naturally) falls in love with the sister of Shekhar,but soon shekhar is killed and based on a Hanky with letter S, shankar is suspected of the murder.As Shankar is a Naval Officer,a special Detective-Balraj Sahany-is appointed etc.etc……
The movie goes on the beaten track,without anything to write home about,and hence disappeared early from the theatres.
The music,however,was good-thanks to Hemant da !
I only remember the really funny scenes from the movie,featuring,Keshto Mukherjee,Maruti,Rashid khan(the compounder),Asit Sen and Indira Bansal.


Thanks a lot for this detailed information about this movie.


Lyrics of this song are very similar to “Thehriye hosh mien aa loon ” from “Mohabbat isko kehte hain”. Both songs are from 1965, lyrics for MIKH are Majrooh,s. Co-incidence or some mix up.







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