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Kisko pukaaroon tere siwaa

Posted on: May 24, 2011

It is popularly believed (and faithfully reproduced by most sites copying from each other) that “Rustam Sohrab” (1963) was the last movie of Sajjad Hussain as a music director. Fortunately for music lovers, Sajjad Hussain was active even later and he kept getting assignments till 1970s, even if they were few and far between.

The last movie of Sajjad Hussain as a music director was not “Rustam Sohrab” (1963) but “Aakhri Sajda” (1977). This was a B grade low budget movie whose cast consisted of small time actors like Maya Sinha, Tabrez, Murad,Veena ,Sapru,Jagdeep,Helen,Husn Banu etc.

Here is a song from “Aakhri Sajdaa” (1977). It is sung by Maya Sinha and it is picturised on Maya Sinha herself, with Murad Also visible in the picturisation. Jaan Nisaar akhtar is the lyricist.

I am thankful to Sudhir for providing the lyrics and other information about this movie.


Song-Kisko pukaaroon tere siwaa (Aakhri Sajdaa) (1977) Singer-Maya Sinha, Lyrics-Jaan Nisaar Akhtar, MD-Sajjad Hussain

Lyrics (Contributed by Sudhir)

kisko pukaaroon
kisko pukaaroon tere siwaa
sun mere maalik meri sadaa
kisko pukaaroon tere siwaa
sun mere maalik meri sadaa
kisko pukaaroon

duniya meri dushman kyun hai
dil ka veeraan gulshan kyun hai
duniya meri dushman kyun hai
dil ka veeraan gulshan kyun hai
ye to bataa de mere Khuda
sun mere maalik meri sadaa
kisko pukaaroon

jalte aansoon pee loongi mein
jaise bhi hoga jee loongi mein
jalte aansoon pee loongi mein
jaise bhi hoga jee loongi mein
jisne diye gham us ka bhalaa
sun mere maalik meri sadaa
kisko pukaaroon tere siwaa
sun mere maalik meri sadaa
kisko pukaaroon
kisko pukaaroon
kisko pukaaroon

4 Responses to "Kisko pukaaroon tere siwaa"

Atul ji,
It is true that even after 1963(Rustom Sohrab),Sajjad hussain gave music to some films like:
1973-Mera Shikar
1976-Farz aur Ishq and
1977-Aakhri Sajda
but the music given to these films was out of compulsion of compromise and need and hence,may be,not considered having the ‘sajjad’ spark.
Rubina films’ presentation,AAKHARI SAJDA,was directed by K.Malik who also wrote the dialogues with story and screenplay by A.L.Waheed.Lyrics were provided by
Jaan Nissar Akhtar and Mehboob Sarwar.
It was a story of Jeanie,the foreigner wife of Akbar,who gets paralysed while dancing against the wishes of Akbar and others.
The film goes on to detail how she recovers miraculously after learning and regularly reciting Holy Quran.


I hope that most Sajjad Hussain compositions will live up to the high standards that he set for himself.

I also hope that I will be able to discover songs from his earlier movies that are regarded as lost.


Atul ji, Arun ji,

A little more info on the later movies of Sajjaad Saab.

The 1970 production, Zeenat, was also known as Ziarat Gahe Hind. Sajjaad Saab is credited with the Music Supervision, and the music director is listed as Mustafa Yusuf. This movie has 4 songs, sung by Mubarak Begum, Mohammed Rafi, Sulakshana Pandit and Asha Bhosle.

The 1973 production Mera Shikaar, is Dara Singh, Ameeta starrer. Music is by Sajjaad Saab, lyrics by Shakeel Noomaani. This film has 3 songs, sung by Asha Bhosle, Usha Mangeshkar, and Mohammed Rafi. Unfortunately, no records were released for this movie. So unless the video print is available on discs, we may not get to hear them.

The movies Lajwanti is from 1950s. It was announced / launched but not completed. 10 songs were recorded for this movie, of which 8 were sung by Lata and 2 by Meena Kapoor. There is no information that the records were released or not.

Information on the movie Farz aur Ishq seems to completely lost.

There is one more unreleased movie, Shikwaa, for which Sajjaad Saab recorded one song “khushi dil ki barbaadiyaan”, in the voice of Talat Mehmood.



Sudhir ji,
Very good information on the music of Sajjad’s less known movies.
If I am not mistaken,Mustafa Yusuf is Sajjad’s son.
He is still around giving interviews to anybody who wants.


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