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Phir mujhe deedaa e taar yaad aayaa

Posted on: June 2, 2011

I had given up hopes of discussing any songs today seeing that I found myself internet deprived today. I managed to get hold of a computer, which, though falling short of the usual standards of a computer that one is normally used to, has at least a working internet connection. Taking advantage of my good fortune, I have posted discussion on one song just now, and here is another, which I need to discuss before the gift horse decides to bolt away. 🙂

This song is from Mirza Ghalib, and I have never heard of this song, even now when I am discussing this song. As it is, lyrics of this song is sent by nahm, and I am discussing this song before listening to it first, which must be some sort of a record, but that is what happens when situation becomes desperate. 🙂

Here is this song, which was obviously written by Ghalib himself. Music is composed by Ghulam Mohammad.



Song-Phir mujhe deedaa e taar yaad aayaa (Mirza Ghalib) (1954) Singer-Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Mirza Ghalib, MD-Ghulam Mohammad

Lyrics (Provided by nahm)

phir mujhe deeda-e-tar yaad aaya
dil, jigar tishna-e-faryaad aaya
phir mujhe deeda-e-tar yaad aaya

dam liya tha na qayamat ne hanoz
dam liya tha na qayamat ne hanoz
phir tera waqte safar yaad aaya
phir mujhe deeda-e-tar yaad aaya

zindagi yun bhi guzar hi jaati
zindagi yun bhi guzar hi jaati
kyun tera rahguzar yaad aaya
phir mujhe deeda-e-tar yaad aaya

phir tere kooche ko jaata hai khayal
phir tere kooche ko jaata hai khayal
dil-e-gumgashta, magar, yaad aaya
phir mujhe deeda-e-tar yaad aaya
dil, jigar tishna-e-faryaad aaya

5 Responses to "Phir mujhe deedaa e taar yaad aayaa"

Atul ji/Nahm ji,
I feel the following corrections are necessary in the lyrics;
line 2- Not tishna,but tashna-e-fariyaad

line 4- not hunuz,but hanoj(which means yet,still,hetherto)

line 14- not dile ghum gushta, but dil-e-gum gashta(which means lost heart).

the original gazal is a long one but only few lines from inbetween the original are used in this song.



I did refer to the original ghazal in urdu script while transcribing the above in roman script.

LIne 2 : In the absence of either zer or zabar on “te” it is bound to confuse. But the pronounce is ’tishna’. Even if i had written it from memory it would have been ’tishna’.

Line 4 : Same for ‘hunuz’, it is pronounced as such.

line 14 : here the word is ‘gum’ and not ghum. In the script there is nothing to join ‘dil’ & ‘gum’. Again here the pronounce is dil e gum. I think it would have been “dil hai gum gashta” (if meter permitted).

There is a youtube link with the ghazal in urdu on screen :



Nahm ji,
Agreed.Thanks !


Arun ji, Nahm Bhai,

Interesting discussion, :).

I referred to the Deewaan e Ghalib, transliterated into Hindi, an then checked the Urdu-English dictionary. My humble opinion is as follows.

Re item 2, in my opinion, the word is ‘hanoz’, as stated by Arun ji. The meaning, “till now, also flows well with rest of the verse.

Re item 3, the word is, ‘dil-e-gumgashta’, “a wandering heart that has lost its way, and is searching for direction”. (gum=lost, gasht=walking, wandering).



Thanks Nahm ji, Sudhir ji, Deshmukh Sir and Atul ji, for the post and the details !!
remembering the ‘silken voice’ Talat Saab !!


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