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Rain bhayi so jaa re panchhi

Posted on: June 12, 2011

“Ram Rajya” (1967) is a movie that had Bina Rai, Badri Prasad, Kumar Sen, Baby Farida, Anil Kumar, Narbada Shankar, Gopi Krishna in it. This movie was directed by Vijay Bhatt.

Here is a song from this movie. The song is sung by Lata. Bharat Vyas is the lyricist. Music is composed by Vasant Desai.

If one pays attention to the lyrics (and which reader going through the songs of this blog would not like to do so, if he/she is familiar with the language), the lyrics are quite effective and moving. They describe the reality of life quite tersely and succinctly. It is night, so go to sleep, o bird, for you have to fly away in the morning. Sleep peacefully tonight, because tomorrow you may have to look for some other shelter. And then Understand the language of life. There is disappointment hidden in hope. There may be a moment of happiness and long period of sorrow in store for you

Any idea who is the actress on whom this song is picturised ? She is too young to be BIna Rai, if this song is from 1967. So I am confused about the identity of this actress.

PS-The youtube audio link of this song describes it as a song from “Raaj Sinhaasan” and that had made me discuss this song as such. It shows that one should not always blindly believe what you read on internet. I thank reader Mr Suresh Maloo to bring me back to the right track by giving correct details of this song.

I thank Prakashchandra for identifying the actress as Snehlata.


Video (Longer)

Song-Rain bhayi so jaa re panchhi (Ram Rajya) (1967) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Vasant Desai


rain bhayi so jaa re panchhi
rain bhayi so jaa re panchhi
bhor bhaye ud jaanaa hai
aaj to so le sukh ki nindiyaa
aaj to so le sukh ki nindiyaa
kal kahin aur thhikaanaa hai
rain bhayi so jaa re panchhi
bhor bhaye ud jaanaa hai
rain bhayi so jaa re panchhi

samajh arre jeewan ki bhaashaa
samajh arre jeewan ki bhaashaa
aasha mein bhi chhipi niraashaa
aasha mein bhi chhipi niraashaa
jeewan bhar ka rona hai
aur pal bhar ka muskaanaa hai
rain bhayi so jaa re panchhi
rain bhayi so jaa re panchhi

is nagri ki reet hai jhooti
meet hai jhootaa preet hai jhoothhi
is nagri ki reet hai jhhooti
meet hai jhootaa preet hai jhoothhi
laut ke panchhi is nagri mein
laut ke panchhi is nagri mein
tujhko kabhi na aana hai
tujhko kabhi na aana hai

10 Responses to "Rain bhayi so jaa re panchhi"

The song pertains to the Movie Ram Rajya (1967) Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, Music – Vasant Desai, Directed by Vijay Bhatt

Cast:: Bina Rai, Badri Prasad, Kumar Sen, Baby Farida, Anil Kumar, Narbada Shankar, Gopi Krishna

I have seen the movie.


Thanks for pointing it out. Now I have rewritten the write up for the song.


I guess it is “Snehalata”, on whom the famous Khamoshi song(Humne dekhi hai, un aankhon ki khushboo”)picutrised. Snehalata was also there in Naatak(with Moushumi chatterjee),Tumse achcha kaun hai(shammi kapoor)Insaaf ka mandir(1969),Be-imaan(manoj kumar)


The singer is not Bina Rai (Seeta). A sevika is singing for her expressing her grief the destiny/dawn is to bring.


Atul ji,
What a strange coincidence.In the 1943 version of RAMRAJYA,Shobhana Samarth acted(as Seeta) and the 1967 version,her husband Kumarsen Samarth acted(as Rama).While Shobhana got fame and roles after her Ramrajya,Kumarsen Samarth(who acted in this film to earn money) did not benefit at all.
Basically,Kumarsen Samarth learnt Cinematography in Germany,but specialised in Directing Films.He was also a poet.When Shobana’s proposal was sent by her father,P.S.Shilotri and mother Rattan bai to Kumar,she was reluctant;but when she saw the tall,fair and handsome boy,she agreed immediately.They married and had 4 daughters: Nutan(actress),Tanuja(actress),Chatura(artist) and Reshma(Housewife in U.S.).They amicably separated but never divorced.Kumarsen died at age of 75.
he was a wellknown Director in Hindi and Marathi (Total 28 films).He acted only in 6 films.


While the contents of the comment are appreciable, the exclamation “What a strange coincidence” is not comprehensible.

Please clarify.


Dear Arun ji,
This has set up some sort of communication between us. You seem to be a person with profound knowledge about films/songs. May I propose you to please stay in direct touch by way of email ( for the sake of sharing specific knowledge about this common interest.
I am sure you will enjoy my staying in touch with you.
I am a retired Bank officer, staying in Ajmer mostly. My interests are vocal music, Brain Teasers, Fines arts, drama, Meditation and Spirituality,
Please respond if you genuinely wish to enjoy selfless acquaintance.

Suresh Maloo


Suresh ji,
There is hardly any clarification for using a casual word.Coincidence means circumstances without apparent casual connection.
Here the film names are same,artists are husband and wife in real life,but do the roles of husband and wife in different films 24 years apart.This was strange.


Name of the actress who plays the sevika(also who sings the song on screen) is “SNEHALATHA”, I think she is famous in Gujarathi Films.


Dear Prakash Chandra ji
Thanks for this information, which is of trivial importance, however.
Suresh Maloo


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